Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Here's where it's at:
Yesterday the movers came and packed up everything we hadn't been able to/weren't intending to do ourselves. It was a father and son team (both named Dave)and they were incredibly efficient. So much so that they packed some stuff that shouldn't have been packed (check back soon for a "moving lessons" post sometime soon).

This weekend (after not receiving the informative final move call from "Heather" at Atlas... so therefore assuming everything was still on target) I decided against my crazy "I'm going to drive with the kids from Asheville to Traverse City (15 hours) by myself so we can relax while Mr F unpacks" trip. Having had some reasonable success Pricelining a ticket for Mr F's return I tried for Traverse City and BINGO I scored two tickets for less than $400/each (down from $1200 mind you).

So the plan was to load up today, clean (grrr), go to the closing, drive to Asheville. Then on Thursday we close on our new house and the stuff arrives Friday. Unpack the beds and stuff and enjoy it a little and then fly Up North on Sunday. Unfortunately we found out yesterday(not Friday when they should have called) that our stuff isn't coming until MONDAY. Great. I could have just as easily flown up on Friday after the closing... but NO... now I've got to mill around an EMPTY house with NOTHING in it for an extra couple of days. Did I mention that they have already packed ALL our linens, pots & pans, PILLOWS, toys (and yes these will feature prominently on the "moving lessons" post don't you worry).


angie said...

Hugs to you. I have an important question. What would your movers do if I (a visibly pregnant woman) padlocked myself to the truck? Would they just not move you? I almost threw up walking to Potter seeing the van. I guess I knew you were moving (hard not to when i have to see that damn for sale sign 50 times a day). But now it's real. And i am espresso royale crying writing this so i look like a total loser chick. Anyway, Heather at Atlas fucking sucks. But also you might not have gotten as good of a price leaving fri vs sun...Crossing my toes for you.

Torey said...

Oh. . .this is too sad.

Everyone is sad that you are going, but you'll LOVE Asheville too. I promise. And we'll come visit whenever we can!!

Sorry that things are not going as planned, but if anyone can handle it, it's you!

Deb said...

More than one moving coordinator has been on my shit list in the past few years, so I know exactly where you're at. Is a cheap motel a possibility?

Fly safely.

P.O.M. said...

Wah. I'm sad for you Mrs. F. Like Deb said, maybe you can cheap motel it and hang by grungy pool with the kiddos. I'm sure you'd meet some awesome people there! ha. At least awesome to blog about.

Heather said...

What I don't understand about moving coordinators is THIS is their job -- to coordinate things. How the details get missed is beyond me. I'm grouchy today, can you tell?

I hope everything else goes swimmingly! Good luck!

Amy said...

you needed new pillows and toys right? moving is always a nightmare; there is always something that goes horribly wrong. just think, now you'll have more time to think about where all the furniture is going to go. yes, find a pool and hang. why not, right?

"see" you in Asheville! have a safe trip!

Mr Furious said...

The company has an apartment above the magazine offices that we are staying in for the weeknights, but it might be booked for the weekend...we'll see—they can put us in a hotel if we need it.

It's not really child safe up there in the apartment, but neither is a pool at the Holiday Inn with only one parent.

We might try and make a camping adventure in the empty house Fri and Sat nights...we'll keep you posted.

Mr Furious said...

"one parent" meaning when I'm a work...

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