Friday, August 22, 2008

Coincidence or Voice of God... You Decide


Julie said...

Just curious, do you know why the woman who called you home schools? There's a group of homeschoolers who do it because of religious they don't believe in evolution and such. Just an FYI...not that it matters either way to me, but I tend to not agree with those folks on too many issues.

Mrs Furious said...

That's not why. Episcopalians are not usually big on the creationism ;)

She kept saying "it's about your family and your lifestyle choice"... which is exactly why I would do it. It was weird.

Julie said...

Oh, very cool. That is fantastic that you got this call from her. Quite possibly kismet:)

hicktowndiva said...

All Souls is pretty, isn't it? (I'm assuming that's the church...)

I live in Sewanee, TN, which is an Episcopal college and home to an Episcopal seminary. Most of the rectors of the Epis. churches in your area have very likely studied here or have been here at one time or another, in fact, I'm pretty sure the bishop of All Souls is a Sewanee School of Theology grad.

Anyway, I'm glad that the church did such a good job welcoming you.

Heather said...

Freaky Deaky!! I love BabyFit's Natural Mother stuff -- so very very relevant.

I got so excited when you said HLH -- hey it's the little things these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Just so's you know, in the South they do that when people visit a church. Especially if they're new in the area, or they stand out b/c they're in the wrong service. ;)

It sounds to me (not that I'm an expert or anything) like you're looking for validation that HSing is what you should do. Only you know that.

IMHO, if you've already paid for Kid to go to school, stick with it and see what happens. If it doesn't work out for you ,you can always HS next year, or after Christmas break.

Take a break and breathe. You've been under a lot of weight recently and too many changes may do more harm than good.


lucinda said...

What is HLH?

Mrs Furious said...

HLH is Heather... that's her blog name.

how did I know this would draw you out? ;)

Yes even the churches up North will call... but... I'd never had them make the effort to have someone of my actual demographic call me.

Kid is going to the school for the whole year... unless something bad happens... it's paid for and I think overall she'll get something out of it. I am going to take this year to think more about HSing and such... and of course wait and see how the school turns out before I make a judgment about continuing.

Yes it was All Souls. Kid kept asking "why do they have colorful windows?" It's not like she hasn't seen stain glass before... but I guess not to that level. Reminded me of European cathedrals (on a smaller scale). Beautiful.

I can't even get out in the video the true freak level. I was already feeling wigged that so many things were crossing paths and then to have him call while I was doing the video about all of that was just crazy. I love when that stuff happens! ;)

Dinah Soar said...

I've heard nothing but good about homeschooling. And the concerns about children not being socialized are unfounded. Many famous Americans have been home-schooled. You can google it and find listings.

"Home school students do exceptionally well when compared with the nationwide average. In every subject and at every grade level of the ITBS and TAP batteries, home school students scored significantly higher than their public and private school counterparts " from:

Dinah Soar said...

Also--meant to add...I don't believe in coincidence...firm believer in Providence.

I'd think as you, that you are being nudged to homeschool.

Jennifer said...

I think that there are no such things as coincidence. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Good or bad. God has a plan for each and every soul. Therefore things that happen in your world happen for a reason. I also think that tuition was paid for a reason. There will be no doubt next year with what you choose to do. Keep an open mind on BOTH fronts and you will know what to do. Besides, it is only kg. They will just have fun and learn some stuff along the way. 1st grade is MAJOR for learning. Reading, writing, math etc. They learn SO much in 1st grade.

You are so very lucky to have the choice. :)

Heather said...

Me too. It was like that with me one day when I was looking into chakra healing -- all of the sudden it was emails, blog posts and reading about chakra healings. Which I didn't do, btw. I figured with a fetus it wasn't the best idea. I didn't want LG to have bad juju.

Oh and whole foods here doesn't have NB diapers. Damn. And Target doesn't have 7th Gen. Double damn.

Andrea said...

Im so happy to hear youve made a connection with somebody there even if it was over the phone and as far as homeschooling, I only have good things to say as I was homeschooled myself. I say definently let kid go to school then ask her if she wants to homeschool next year when the time comes.
She seems like a child who knows what she wants and has an opinion. love all the videos, gotta go walk now this baby just wont come out!

Smoochiefrog said...

Lucky guess I suppose. :)

Marilyn said...

I became pretty involved in a Lutheran church when my kids were in elementary school, and the church was extremely kid-focused. They always had lots things for the kids to do and a great teen program. It was wonderful (and I'm not "religious" either) and we were pretty involved for many years. Hope it works out -- it would be a great way to create your new community!

Anonymous said...

That is really wild--I also love it when that happens in my life!

I'm a former teacher, and when we started homeschooling, it was supposed to be for one year--but we are going on our 6th year now, because it suits our lifestyle SO well!

emmyjw said...

I have been reading though not commenting due to crazy life of late, but you can so rock the homeschooling! I know what you mean about the "feeling" that it is just right. Plus it will be way cheaper even if you do every awesome cool thing you can think up.

Mrs Furious said...

I've been thinking about you a lot lately and was actually going to write a post asking if you were still out there! :)
How is your house situation?

Mrs Furious said...

I'm here... I gotten all your comments... I'll return them later tonight. I can't put that cheesy Amish book down!!

angie said...

Totally unrelated, but the second Nate heard your voice he said "Putty, Putty, Putty." :-) Can you post a video of Putty for him. I truly think he misses him.

I don't envy your position. Glad you might find a good church with good pastor and good peeps.

Mrs Furious said...

Dinah Soar,
"I'd think as you, that you are being nudged to homeschool."
I agree. Thank you :)

" I also think that tuition was paid for a reason."

Yes. But is the reason to teach me a lesson... as in not to always agree to things so quickly?!

FYI you can always print out 7th gen coupons online for $2 off.

I will make a Canine video for Nate and send it to you guys.

Did I know you were homeschooled before? I love it.
Hope that baby comes out for you really soon!
I went 12 days over with Kid so I know what it feels like to be *done*! ;)

Oh thank you for this comment. I like to hear that I'm not the only one who is going to church for somewhat less than *religious* reasons. Although I figure what do they care... what's the worst thing that happens... they convert me? ;)

I have to say that right off the bat going to school does not fit our current lifestyle and I'm actually very nervous about how it will ripple through our way of life. But we'll try it and see... for now.

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