Monday, August 18, 2008

This Week The Plan

Okay so last week went straight in the crapper. I did not do a weekly plan and I ended up totally sabotaging myself and gaining back the 2 pounds I had lost the week before! How many times do I need to go through this before I just suck it up and get back on board? The truth is I just HATE having to do one more thing. And I hate that I can't succeed without it. And I hate being told what to do... even by myself... and I just resist doing it.... even though I know I'm hurting myself in the process.

This week will be different... right?! Yes. I'm serious now. I'm pissed at myself and I'm going to channel it back into my weight loss efforts. Plus I finally got my treadmill hooked up last night and was already able to get a workout in. Now to break the peanut butter cookie habit I've picked up the last few weeks...


Monday - Pasta (back to the GI portion control!), turkey meatballs, sauteed squash & peppers

Tuesday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia, garlic & sherry steamed carrots

Wednesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, spring rolls, veggie stirfry

Thursday - pork tenderloin, green beans & rice

Friday - pancake night

Saturday - pizza

Sunday - Tomato & Basil Quiche, salad

Diet & Exercise:
Still calorie counting on the food diary blog. Now that I've got the treadmill I'm going for 6 - 30 minute hill interval walks. I haven't worked out in nearly 3 months so I'm starting with 30 minutes and hopefully by next week I'll get that back up to 60 minutes.


P.O.M. said...

And - She's Back!

(I thought of you when I was at Trader Joes this weekend)

carrie said...

Garlic and Sherry steamed carrots?? Yummmmm! How do we try that one at home!? :-)

Haley said...

Totally off topic, I love the Barnum canister!

Cindy said...

Mrs. F,
Not sure if you're having reception issues or what? There are several NPR affiliates in the region. 89.5 WETS; 88.1 WCQS from Hendersonville; WNCW 88.7 from Boone, which is home to Appalachian State University. Go online and check; if you can't get any of these stations through your home stereo, you can listen to most any NPR station through real player or windows media. You can probably listen to your Ann Arbor NPR station through your laptop for a taste of something familiar.

Sorry you're having such a hard time adjusting. I'd offer to come over and visit - I'm just an hour away - but since you don't know me from Adam, don't know if that'd be much help to you.

dasnowz said...

ohhhh I love your new oven!!!!!! I know how tough it is to relocate. We have done it more times then I can count. I hope you can get out and explore the area some more. I am looking forward to seeing the area via your pictures. Hopefully once kid starts school you can meet more people?

Mrs Furious said...

oh I'm back ;)

oh yes... Sherry is really under utilized in the kitchen and it takes simple things to a whole new taste level. Doesn't have to be good sherry the cooking kind is totally fine. I use it to steam up all sorts of vegetables. I usually put a little olive oil in the pan and heat up the garlic for a few seconds put in the vegetables and cook for a minute and splash in some Sherry to finish steaming them. Delicious.

Ah! You and me both. I actually clipped the UPC labels on animal crackers back in the day and sent away for it!

okay I'll have to check all of those. I've been listening to 88.7 and really like it but I miss my day time talk shows!

I waited long enough for that thing... but I do love it. gas top electric double ovens with convection on the bottom... best of all worlds rolled into one!

Missives From Suburbia said...

"I hate being told what to do... even by myself". Sorry, that cracked me up. I am the same way.

You'll make it happen. You've just been distracted.

Maybe all the readers should take turns sending you Trader Joe care packages.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh you know I'm missing my Friday morning chocolate croissant something fierce right about now!

Julie said...

They don't have the Kashi go lean bars at the local grocery store? I just bought some individual ones at a regular supermarket.

Out of Hand said...

Alright---You are my friend whether you know it or not...I get to through my sister's blog (kikbee) and I love to follow along through your life. Go ahead. Get creeped out. I swear I'm normal. Give yourself a break girl. I moved into my house 5 years ago...from big city to little town on a river. I have been freakin' out since. Two kids and a husband that gets to travel back to city every day to be with big people. A GERMAN SHEPARD (HUGE, SHEDDING, DROOLING,BARKING) puppy that wasn't my idea. (Today alone I had to take to vet and watch as they expressed her anal gland.) Good doesn't take much to make me want to pick up and move back to city. It will never be the same and that's where I leave it. Hang in there. There is no way that you will go for long without making friends. You crack me up. If it's any consolation.

Kiki said...

Mrs. Furious, Your hair looks super cute, your new girl did a great job...and I just read one of my bloggers directions on how to make "chocolate croissants" your self, using crescent rolls and chocolate chips...I'm trying it this week!!!

So, should I e mail you about the food diary, I need some help and this might be the answer???

My scale is creeping up...and I'm always hungry!

Mrs Furious said...

email me... it'll be fun to have you on it!

ps I did workout... nudge nudge ;)

Mrs Furious said...

no they don't have them. I might just order a case online.

Out of Hand,
I do not think you are weird!
Oh I do feel your pain. We moved from B'klyn 7 years ago... and I've never gotten over it. BIGGEST mistake of our lives and we both feel that way. I just said to Mr F "I want to go back to NY!". It was the only place I've ever felt 100% myself. I can only hope that maybe this job can parlay into something back there eventually. But then of course we'll have 2 kids and won't be able to afford to feed them ;)

Kiki said...

I am stalking the treadmills at Sears right now...waiting for the one I like to get a little cheaper...but we did find one at Costco that is a commercial (sp?, it looks weird) version Nordic Trac treadmill. I am hoping that I will own one by the end of the month...until then working out is what I do at work, running around the store chasing the shoplifters and getting the "back-to-schoolers" what they need.

I'll email you tonight...I'm getting desperate. ( That was said in sing song)

P.S. You know Out Of Hand is my younger sister who moved from Brooklyn too???

Mrs Furious said...

I've got a Nordic Trac treadmill from Sears and I love it!

And I had a feeling that was Heather and I remember you saying she lived in B'klyn on your blog when you recently went to visit her.
Where does she live now? I have a funny feeling she might be by my dad... he's in PA.

Rebecca said...

Mrs. F – I’m coming out of lurking here – trying to be short, but I have so much to say.
Been there, done that. My last move was 3 years ago, and three years before that, and I’m waiting to move again. DH is working a new job in Tampa, and I’m stuck in Ohio with 3 school age kids until the house sells. My last move led me to experience panic attacks – shortness of breath, chest pain and palpitations. I’m a little nervous this time, as you can imagine.

Check out Just It’s a Christian ministry for women that have just relocated. Everyone that you meet there would have been in your shoes or going through it right now. (They’d need friends too). Arden, NC seems to be the closest one to you. I’ve not been involved in it yet, but will when I move to Fl. I hope this might help, and give you an easy way to meet people.

carrie said...

Fresh carrots or frozen? Do you cover the pan to steam? I need recipes for dummies...I always think I'll screw stuff up.

Mrs Furious said...

I use fresh carrots cut into 2"x1/4" sticks and yes I cover it to steam them. If the sherry cooks off before they are done you can add a little water or stock.

thank you so much for delurking :)
Arden isn't that far and I will look into it. Thank you!
I hope you next move isn't as bad as the last.

Jennifer said...

Ok, what the heck is NPR?

Look at you with your menu! And the treadmill all set up. You go girl.

Kiki .. I got a Nordic Trac from Sears too that I love as well. Although it has been lonely for the past oh ... 5 months. lol.

carrie said...

Thank you! I'll report back...


Mrs Furious said...

National Public Radio... you can go to and see & hear what the shows are like.
In AA we had a station that ran a full day & night of programming. Every station is different. Here it is a classical music station during the day with shows at night.

gooddog said...

1. it's so good to see you smile, mrs f. hang in there. here's to hoping for more mommy connections soon (AND NPR w/o musac in the middle of the day;) )
2. is your microwave BLUE? that thing looks cool!
3. watching you and listening to you get back on the train just encouarged me to get off the computer and go yoga. THANK YOU!

Out of Hand said...

I moved to Bucks County,PA from Brooklyn Heights...5 years wouldn't believe the rents now...I lived on 15th on the Park in my early Brooklyn years. I loved it..miss it and we also have the same haircut. I am wierd but good wierd. Trust 8 person BBQ this Saturday has turned into more than 50 coming...Iand I love it. That is wierd.

Suzy said...

Crossing over to the dark side for Kashi??? ARE desperate!! If it helps you avoid the Oreo's, I guess it's okay, but other than that fight the Wal-Mart, fight it!!

You gave me a good giggle today, thanks!!

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
We got engaged in Bucks County. My dad recently moved to a converted barn near Easton.
Hey I wish we knew 50 people to have over to BBQ! ;)

I'm actually curious to see what it's like inside a Walmart... ah sad but true... that's what my life has come to ;)

oh yes that is a bright blue cube shaped microwave... it's from Mr F's old office. I will be getting a stainless microwave/hood soon so it'll be up for grabs ;)

Kid Art said...

Mrs F - check out That's a DC NPR station (the one where Diane Rhem actually broadcasts from). You can listen with Real Player or Windows Media Player on your laptop. I do all the time at work.

You must have NPR... I would have died without it when I was at home with my kids. Diane Rhem was a LIFESAVER!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Funny psychic connection... I was actually listening to her online today. Did you happen to catch her show today?! It was all about the harmful chemicals in kid's stuff... fascinating.

Out of Hand said...

I live right on the Delaware and I am close to Easton. I also should mention after your post that you were 100% organic now that I went ahead and purchased only organic my last trip and I will use up whatever I have and make the switch too. I sent my son to school with a poisonous thermos all last year. I never thought about it before all of the stories...hang in there. I can't believe I know 50 people here.

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
and your husband commutes to the city from there? I actually was listening to something on NPR awhile back about the Easton area becoming a commuter area... that's quite a commute ;)
So has your house been flooded?! That seems like a SERIOUS problem near my dad's place.

Good luck making the switch. When in doubt by Newman's Os ;)
Oh the poison I've inadvertently filled Kid's life with over the years is mind boggling... how about the entire set of vinyl tumbling blocks... hmm... PVC up the wazoo!

Out of Hand said...

We have the highest point on the we get water in the basement. Our neighbors get 4 feet in the first floor. My husbands commute is 15 min. to train in NJ and 1 hr. on train. He works across from Penn Station so he is there in no time. We started looking in NJ and ended up here with MUCh better taxes and not too bad of a commute. There are so many people that commute to NY from here. It has taken me 5 years to start to make this home. I just wish I was closer to family. And in the city or Brooklyn. I'm not a mall girl and it has taken me time to find friends that I have something other than kids in common with. Once your kids start school you'll meet peeople. Get involved at their school or a church or something. Don't give yourself too much time to sit around and think about what you miss or want or don't have...That is my worst enemy.

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