Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Week The Plan

I'm back. I think it is a very good sign that I am even attempting to get back in the organizational saddle.
I'd give you the week in review but lets be real you know what it was... hell.


Monday - hamburgers

Tuesday - quiche & bagged salad

Wednesday - chicken & pasta primevera

Thursday - ?

Friday - go out to eat

Saturday - pizza, potluck brunch... hmmm

Sunday - tomato & meatball soup

Diet & Exercise:

This week I'm going to stop freaking lying to myself and start doing something.
6 days this week I am going to do some kind of exercise. You can track it along with me in my left hand sidebar.
I'm going to go for 1600 calories 5 days and have 2 slightly higher days. I'm doing it.

Move Related Tasks:

Monday - take obviously basement items down, finish kitchen, assemble kids beds

Tuesday - get stove delivered, hopefully get stove & dryer hooked up!

Wednesday - Do laundry, get master bedroom set up

Thursday -Target run, hang curtains

Friday - unpack clothes

Saturday - Kid's Kindergarten potluck! Yay!


Jayna Shaye said...

I seriously need to quit lying to myself, too.

I have managed, entirely through the power of my delusions, that walking from my chair to the kitchen IS exercise.

Julie said...

Woo hoo! Great plan!

I decided I am focusing on the food and will be more active, but for me right now, let's face it, you can't lose weight if you are still eating way too many calorie. My one hour workout (which by the way I have not been doing at all with any frequency) does not negate all the shit I ate.

Hey, you are seriously getting your bad ass on with the weekly plan. Yay!

Robin said...

Good for you for making a plan. It's the first step, right? You will be back in bad ass shape before you know it.

Thanks for your input on my blog. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... I just went to your husband's blog. Oh god Mr F is your husband's soul mate ;)
Does he ever read Wizard magazine? Mr F does the covers for that.

gooddog said...

good for you. i am really impressed that you came up with a plan. hang in there- there's always target run on thursday to look forward too! (or at least, that's what i would be living for...)maybe you'll meet some people at the potluck?

also, my 2YO's bug bites look just like you describe. I'll be interested to hear what your MD says. mine said what you have alluded to before- that it takes a couple of years for them to get acclimated. My 4YO's don't do that anymore. but yeah, they're brutal here, aren't they?

hang in there. your house is on the way and hopefully you'll connect with someone outside the house soon!

Heather said...

Awesome plan! It must feel good to be back!

Suzy said...

But don't you just love Twix? totally made me crave one (or three) now.

My girls and I all have mosquitoe bite allergies. Exactly like you described. For my girls, I always use the Benadryl cream cause it stops the itching (eventually) without knocking them out like the antihistamine is known to do. I hate mosquitoes, they are the plague of my existance.

This part of moving definitely sucks, but you're soon as school starts and you get a schedule and some regular social contact, you will feel tons better. Love the plan!!

Heather said...

Ok now I just watched the video and have more to comment on re: meeting people and feeling like a fish out of water. Is there a local food co-op or whole foods? Sometimes there's a bulletin board with activities, events, etc. listed for like-minded people.

Nutmeg said...

Mrs. F. you guys may be dealing with a different mosquito in NC than you had in Michigan, the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus. There is an aggressive day-biting anthropophilic introduced mosquito which I think isn't in Michigan (Yet). It also seems to cause somewhat worse allergic reaction in many people.

They are all the rage here in NJ.

They suck.

Meg, your punny neighborhood entomologist.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm totally looking forward to the potluck. Now what to bring?!

I'll report back on the bug bite situation. We're going on Wed.

I'm with you... I've just been eating way too much.

you are welcome. I really do believe that nothing could improve your quality of life more than a kid friendly neighborhood.

I do actually feel a lot more in control this week. I feel like I'm SOOOO close to actually being somewhat normal again.

Twix are my downfall... they never disappoint ;)
I'll ask the Dr about the cream.

I'll check. There is a co-op right up the street.

interesting. They are definitely different ... visibly so... and MUCH itchier.
Ever heard of Mosquito Barrier? It's a garlic derivative. Would that work?

Liz said...

I am glad you're back. I am going to try to keep up with you on the exercising front, specifically lengthening and sticking to my cardio workouts. I am not up for calorie counting but I have got to do something to stop the snacking while I make dinner!! (See food diary blog.) I searched your old entries and saw mention of chewing gum . . . I might try that.

Mrs Furious said...

gum... YES... it is truly a lifesaver. I just went to Target specifically to stock up. I have a piece as soon as I'm done with my meal and I stop picking & don't need a treat, etc. I think it saves me about 300 cal a day on totally needless food.

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