Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekend Update


P.O.M. said...

I think you're being a little hard on yourself, but I get it. Regarding exercise, since you can't hook up the dreadmill, can you do some other type of cardio in the meantime. Like a cheesey workout video or something? Or jump roping? That burns mucho calories. Just something to "tide" you over.

Julie said...

I love the chandelar (how the heck do you spell it?)! When you are feeling down, just look back and forth at the light fixture and the lovely cabinet.

Heather said...

Remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition/food so it seems like it's a good idea to work on food until the treadmill is in. But for me, it's hard for me to buckle down without a kickass workout to motivate me.

The house looks like it's coming along great! I'm so jealous of the french toast for breakfast -- SOBBBBB.

Nutmeg said...

No cardio workout + stress/moving/isolation + eating crap = depression.

Cardio workout = feeling better

I hope you can figure it out because I'm sure it would help you feel better (totally separate from how you feel about how you look).

good luck. the light fixture and cabinet do look great... and I can't imagine how having your bedroom like that must make you feel. My bedroom is kind of a mess all the time, but at least I have a bed.

Mrs Furious said...

jump roping... Yes! I have one and actually know where it is (too bad it is so hard).

I also love it, which is why we didn't replace it with our other one.

Okay maybe I'll stop sabotaging and really stick to the calorie counting.

the bedroom is making me insane... putting that bed together is my top priority tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

You know me, I always LOVE the vids! Makes me feel like I know you! :) It's hard to eat well and even calorie count when you don't have the basic essentials of home set up. Everything is out of whack. Just do the best that you can. It will eventually fall into place. It WILL.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at your boxes, wishing that my boxes were piled up in my new house, LOL!! I have so much to do still...we haven't even listed our house and I feel burned out, LOL!

I am just striving to pack two boxes a day--maybe your goal could be to UNpack two per day! Slowly chip away at it--it will all come together!

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