Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Calling All Cardio Buffs

I got an email from a friend in dire need of an elliptical trainer. I don't have one myself but I've got a feeling more than a few of you do.
Who here has an at home elliptical?
Would you all let me know what kind and how you've like it. Prices too would be great.

Oh and just in case you can't go a day without a video update... this one's for YOU!


Ms. Flusterate said...

I have a Horizon elliptical (
which I bought at Dick's sporting goods. It was about $1000, not the $2100 the website says, so mid-range, I guess. I am a runner and use it for cross-training and at the higher levels/incline it's an incredible workout. I like it fine (love the iPod dock) but I'm not fussy as long as I can get my sweat on.

Hope you are feeling better!

Mrs Furious said...


Oddly (since I usually rebound much faster) I still feel like shit. It really took a lot out of me ... literally ;)
I really think I would have benefitted from some IV hydration.

Heather said...

Our new curtains from Ikea look exactly the same. There's like a yard of fabric on the ground. Oh well.

Hillbillies obsession = hysterically funny.

Smoochiefrog said...

Well if they do bounce off the bed, that'll learn them and they won't do it again. :)

Haley said...

I have a Fitness Quest elliptical (not sure of the exact model) that I got for cheap -- I think it was $300. However, the electric display just last week (after working for about 6 months) blew a fuse or something, so the company had to send me a replacement -- it was under warranty and they were nice so no biggie, but still, not exactly a high end piece of equipment... I'd advise your friend to invest a bit more if she plans on being a real workout person -- since I'm just a workout tourist I didn't want to invest too much scratch.

Colleen said...

I do have a Morman question! Tell me about the underwear. I have only heard rumors. Is it believed to be magical? Spiritual?

Andrea said...

I want to hear more about hillbillies, its crazy when I lived in TN and worked in a hospital I remeber admiting an actual hillbillie no teeth lived in the mountains had no electricity anD actually had an outhouse he was such a character too!

Mary Poppins said...

you avoid interacting with the hillbillies because you "don't want to destroy the mystique?" classic! such a great line.

on another note, although i have an elliptical prominantly displayed on my blog, i'm no expert and it was a hand me down from someone husband (bert? i guess it's better than the other obvious choice--dick, as in van dyke) worked with, so i can offer you no worthwhile assistance on that front. how's that for the world's best run-on sentence?!?!

Mrs Furious said...

Ok I actually feel fairly confident about my laymen's Mormon underwear comprehension!
Yes they have *special* underwear. It's basically like knee length silky long underwear with a short sleeve crew neck shirt for men and a camisole for women.
It is not *magical* but it is spiritual.
In my understanding it represents "the cloth" that ministers and priest wear... they do not have ordained ministers the preaching and other church management are taken on by members of the church in each district so in that way they all wear "the cloth". It is also a daily reminder of their faith. Plus it keeps their clothing a bit more modest.
They don't wear it until they join the church as adults and they don't wear it when you wouldn't wear *normal* underwear (ie working out, swimming, etc)

So did I do a good job?!

Mrs Furious said...

here's a LINK

I think I did pretty well on that one ;)

"you avoid interacting with the hillbillies because you "don't want to destroy the mystique?""
Believe it.

I'm just always trying to keep things fresh ;)

Hey that's what I figure... if one of 'em cracks their head open that will sure teach the other one to be more careful!... right?!

Oh that is just the kind of story I like to hear :)

"since I'm just a workout tourist"
Shut your mouth!
You wouldn't be saying that if you saw Gwenie on Oprah today ;)

katieo said...

So I was just about to ask about a good recommendation for some hillbilly romance novels...

but saw Colleen's question
and yes Mrs. F. Good job!

Kiki said...

Mrs. F, Please take care of yourself, we can't have you getting sick!
I am fascinated by Catholicism, I love all the Saints and the beautiful ceremony of it all. Nothing like what I grew up with in church....

Suzy said...

Mrs. F, I'm impressed. You are in fact "schooled" on the subject and are representing an unbiased and concise thanks for that. There's so many haters out there that try to make things seem crazy and bad and I was really hoping this wouldn't go there. It's nice to have somebody approach something "new" or "different" with a clear mind, intelligence, and fairness.

Happy to "chime in".

Mrs Furious said...

something about toothless lovin' just doesn't have the same romantic vibe...

Yay! I'm so glad I could come through for you :)

I think I'm on the mend.

Dana said...

I hope you feel better! We got sick with colds here and are feeling miserable. I hate this part of fall.

I don't have an elliptical, but I've always wanted one. I have a treadmill that I rarely use, because I prefer the elliptical at the YMCA. Love it! Hope your friend finds one she will love.

Gigs said...

My aunt and her family are all Mormon. My cousins did their missions all over - one even in Mongolia. I think it's always interesting to try to understand other views on any subject, so kudos to your exploration into Mormonism, hillbillyism and any other ism that strikes your fancy. It's obvious where kid gets her spiritual and cultural curiosity!

I've got nothing on ellipticals, but I think the curtains will be an easy fix. The color with the chair and pillows is perfect!

Elizabeth said...

Interestingly, one of the opera singers where I worked two years ago was mormon.

They changed her costume so she could still wear the special underwear.

Anonymous said...

Something to think about...I am tall and I would advise trying out whatever you get because the length of the stride is short on most for me.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the curtains at that length!

And, I learned something new about the underwear--very interesting!

inkelywinkely said...

Just to let you know, alot of southerners who don't live in like the mountains, don't like being called hillbillies. My husband would shoot It annoys me too. We prefer to be called rednecks.

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