Wednesday, September 17, 2008

While We Wait For The Mormons....

I urge you to go check out my good friend Mary Poppins.
I think you'll find her an enjoyable read since she is smart and witty... plus since she knows me in real life you never know what kind of inside scoop you might glean from her... and that might be worth it in and of itself (might).

Ever wonder who I went on those "Craft Dates" with? Mary Poppins.
How about who taught Baby's "Baby Class"? Mary Poppins.
What about Kid's dance class? You guessed it.
She's a jack of all trades that one.
She's also the first mom to ask me out. Not me and my kids.... just me. It's hardly ever done I assure you. It took a sassy confidence you don't see much of around the playground these days.

Now be OFF!


Mary Poppins said...

well after that intro, my self esteem is sky-high. you certainly delivered mrs. f. to prove my french speaking abilities, i'll sign off by saying "merci mille fois!"

Mrs Furious said...

Well it's all true. Of course I failed to mention that you introduced me to the Chocolate Croissants...

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