Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Well we made it... after getting off to a somewhat rocky start... Kid woke us up a half hour earlier than necessary by wetting her bed (awesome!). It wasn't all bad because it did ensure we were UP in time. After squeezing the urine out of Kid's foam mattress I showered, made my coffee, and packed the kids' breakfast. Then we loaded up in our pre-warmed van (it was in the teens in Asheville... believe it!). We got to the airport in no time and zipped through security (I do have it down to a science which is actually much easier without Mr F in tow... sorry Mr F but it's true)... which is saying something considering all the shoes, coats, and medications, not to mention the computer and the stroller. Kid was actually super helpful and didn't complain when I asked her to take off and put on Baby's shoes. Baby did pretty well during the flight although I will say thank God the flight is under 2 hours... and that my computer plays DVDs. I'm also thankful we are all small enough that we can actually sit three in a row in two seats.

Here's our day (so far) in pictures...

One of the side benefits of flying out of a small regional airport:

A nice little play area... completely germ free since we were the only kids to have come through this morning!

Thanks to modern technology this is how the kids looked during most of the flight:

Remind me to get a second set of earphones so that they don't have to share a set of earbuds (which surprisingly fit in both of their ears... even Baby's tiny elfen ones).

Here are our accommodations:

Unfortunately what you can't tell from the photo is how *squishy* (read: unsupportive) the 50 year old mattresses are. Somehow I fear I won't exactly be making up for my lack of sleep while we're here...

Baby took instantly to a random old phone, scary fake Cabbage Patch Kid, and a cane:

The kids enjoy a weird hodge podge, decidedly unorganic, lunch on the best "Baby proof-est" dining arrangement I could come up with:

Kid captains the old-school inch worm:
Go Fisher Price! This little guy has made it through all the grandchildren and 5 great grands (so far)!

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Kiki said...

so glad you got there safe and sound!! Baby and Kid looked like they enjoyed the flight...hope you get some rest, despite the bed. Sometimes being somewhere where you have history helps with the actual least that's what I'll be hoping for you this week!! Have fun!!!

Me, Myself and I said...

I am so so so happy that you all made it safe and sound! Enjoy the vacation!

Mary Poppins said...

welcome home! una is currently bundled playing outside by herself (i don't want to go out in that weather) and i'm thinking she'll be happy to have kid as a playmate again. so excited to see you soon!

julie said...

Happy to hear you got there without too much trouble!

Good luck this week...I hope it is fantastic! At least some of the time:)

Elizabeth said...

Awww, the pictures at Mame's bring back memories! The inch worm!!

And I think Carolyn and I may have had a hand in making those mattresses unsupported. There was a WHOLE lot of jumping on those beds growing up.

Heather said...

"decidedly unorganic" = hysterical!

Would LOVE for you to share your travel tips -- we're flying direct (thankgod) to the East Coast for Christmas and I'm not sure if we should bring the stroller or sling or what. HELP!!

And have a great trip! I'm really hoping it's not too sad for you and instead it's more bittersweet, leaning more towards the sweet side.

Anonymous said...

They look like they are having so much fun! I like that airplane set-up, too--I am filing that away for future plane trips... :)

Dana said...

That photo of the kids on the worm with the fireplace in the background reminds me of Thanksgivings at my Great Aunt Hannah's house. She had a similar fireplace in her house and I loved sitting by it because she always had a fire going.

Gigs said...

Okay, the scary fake Cabbage Patch doll totally cracked me up. What's up with that?

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