Monday, November 17, 2008

Warning!... If You're Married This May Sound Familiar


Kiki said...

Oh boy...that sounds like our conversations over here at the Beehive, but instead of a chore chart for our kid, Ken keeps trying to make a chore chart for me....yeah, like I might cotton to that!

(cotton...I think I used that right...its late and I'm still laughing so hard I can barely type.)

Marie said...

Hysterical!! This is EXACTLY the kind of deep, philisophical conversations that occur over here too!! I was literally laughing out loud!

Lori said...

OMG! Too funny.
I have missed my daily doses of The Furious family. Life has been so busy lately.
Thanks so much for the great laugh.
I have so many memories of the exact discussions on "cleaning" at my house!
Good to see your humor about it!

Mrs Furious said...

Exactly what kind of chores would Ken assign to you?... might help me make Kid's ;)

and yeah I think cotton is right... I say that all the time.

Mr F said "I don't think that one will be entertaining"... I guess he was wrong ;)

If you can't laugh... you'll cry ;)

I'll have everyone know that he moved ONE of the bins out of the hallway and into the basement. One down 2 to go.... (why he couldn't do them all at once I do not know)

angie said...

Tell Mr F that even Nate can squirt a spray bottle (they have that petoskey stone at Hands On Museum you can clean) :-)

Piper said...

Mr. F. may not be perfect, but he totally rocks - kudos for rinsing the dishes in the sink. (Seriously!) And kudos for being willing to try to make a chore chart even though he may have different ideas. I giggled at the humor behind this - we all have these kinds of conversations with our spouses. I could definitely relate to and appreciated your transparancy. You are real and genuine; I think that makes you and your blog extra special. <3 (p.s. thank you for sharing your life with the crazy people you don't know online!)

I know some people that would kill to have a spouse who wanted to be involved in the running of the household, even if it weren't to some exacting standards they might envision. ;) I have perfectionism tendencies and sometimes I have to literally stop and remind myself that at the end of the day, if the towels under the sink are imperfectly folded (thanks to DH or my 6 year olds helping hands) or the books were put on the wrong bookcase or the dishes weren't put in the right place...someone cared enough to try. That helps me alot. <3

Dana said...

I'm sorry but this had me laughing. You guys are adorable when you "fight" errr....ummm.. discuss, I mean. :)

Kiki said...

Everyday chores might include:
Make bed
Load of wash
Clean the cat litter (by far the worst job in the house)
Vacuum (sp?,I never am quite sure)

Weekly basis chores:
Eight thousand more loads of wash since we change 5 times a day
More cat litter
More cooking
Some baking

I am being silly of course, because Ken does more than his fair share of the work, since he works from home...

My mom had a chore chart for us when we were kids and we all rotated, we had to make our beds made, keep our rooms picked up...then there was kitchen, garbage and vacuum/dust. Kitchen entailed setting the table (she drew a picture of how it should look and we had to copy it) and clean up after dinner. Garbage meant emptying all the bins and putting it out the night before, vacuum/dust was pretty clear and then there was Free, that was a week off...we liked that!

The best thing about the chores was the table setting, to this day I love a well set table, with pretty china and linen...

Good luck, let us know how it turns out!!!

Staci said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh! :)
Been there, done that...over & OVER & OVER! :P

I love the chore chart idea for Kid! My boys have that too.
We started them at about Kids age. They started asking us to help out and we took that and RAN! :P

Still to this day, they fight over who's turn it is to take out the trash! :) We actually have to keep track so no fights erupt. LOL!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... thank you. I have no idea what he was thinking when he said that!

Thanks for that comment... I'm sure Mr F will appreciate it ;)

The difference between a fight and a discussion is the number of times we drop the f bomb... I think we only said it twice in the video ;)

I made her chart. I'll put it up later.
I can remember really liking to clean the windows and clean the toilet. Was that just me?!!! Or did everyone like cleaning the toilet (not up close scrubbing!)?
I need to draw a picture of how to set the table for Mr F.. . he never remembers what goes where. It has become such a joke that I almost got him a kid's place mat with the plate and silverware drawn on for him to copy!!

It must be an age thing. She is suddenly interested and has said she wants things to do around the house. I'm with you... I'm capitalizing on it ASAP!
I think it is hilarious that your boys argue about taking out the trash!

Kiki said...

Ken is the same way...he doesn't know where the napkin goes and he never puts spoons out, my mom always insisted on spoons, even though we rarely used I continue that...

My mom drew a cute pic and we would always refer to was super cute.

Did you draw the chart yourself or something you did in excel?? I kind of can't wait to see that dorky??

If I never had to clean another toilet again it would be too soon....always hated the toilets...being close to the bowl reminds me of throwing up and that starts my gag reflex going...I do it now, but begrudgingly...lucky for me Ken is the only man in this house and he pees very neatly... that might be too much, don't tell him I outed him as a "neat pee-er"!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, the table setting drama.

For some reason I remember mom and dad being veeery particular about how I set the table.

When it came C's tim to learn... not so much.

I must say it angered me!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh please... don't even get me started on the parenting differences that went down between me and ML! It's like we were raised on different planets.
(sorry Mom but you know it is true!).

As for table setting Mr F can't remember which side the fork goes on. It drives me crazy yet makes me laugh hysterically every time. It's not just that he wasn't taught how (obviously he wasn't) but the man is 40 and has eaten in restaurants his whole life. I'm always yelling "How can you not know this?!!! Every time you go to a restaurant the fork is on the left!"

Mr Furious said...

It's not the fork on the left I blow—it's the napkin!

Fork on left, knife on right—I got it—but which side gets the napkin?

Add to that the fact that I am setting the table sans dishes, because you plate the food at the stove and then bring them setting a fork off to one side by itself just seems retarded—so they both go on the napkin on the right.

Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Girl, y'all should have been having sex instead of that conversation, LOL!!!!

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