Monday, March 2, 2009

Miracle Of Miracles

Unfortunately I failed to snap a true "Before" picture... I only remembered to document my progress once I was in the initial stages of sorting. Also it would have been impossible to truly document since art supplies were scattered in every room of the house (and closet, drawer, crevice under the fridge, etc).

Anyway I stuck at this all day.... and managed to take this job to completion (a huge undertaking as it is a snow day and my efforts were constantly being undermined by both kids).


Robin said...

Whoo hoo! Good job. I love getting a little organizing done.

I have another pizza question. Apparently, the dough cycle on my bread machine has the dough rise in the machine. I didn't realize this was going on until it had already started to rise. Can I freeze half of the already risen dough? Or put it in the fridge and make more pizza in a couple of days? Or am I going to have to toss it? Next time, I will know to take it out.


Mrs Furious said...

Yeah mine does that too and it took me the first go round to remember to take it out.
Don't toss it. For sure you could go ahead and do the 5 minute prebake and then freeze it ala frozen pizza. If you don't want to do that or if it wouldn't fit in your freezer then for right now put it in your fridge.

I'll do a little research and get back in a couple minutes!

Mrs Furious said...

Alright it looks like some people do freeze risen dough. I would punch it down a little then pop in the freezer. Then let it thaw and rise again the day of.

Robin said...

Thanks a bunch! You are my cooking guru. ;)

Kiki said...

Good Job Mrs. F...the first step is always the looks fantastic and orderly!!!

I have a problem putting away the folded clothes...tonight I might tackle that....can you stop by and get me started?? Heehee!

Excited for the working out for you and the Plan...

Mrs Furious said...

"I have a problem putting away the folded clothes"
Oh we have that same problem over here. Clothes often get folded and then left in the laundry room or a basket where they get dug through (and unfolded) all week long until I need to clear them out to do more laundry.

Kiki said...

Amen to that....working at Gap has only added to the

Going to tread

Mrs Furious said...

I just got back. I am loving working out to Millionaire Matchmaker!! If you've got Tivo I recommend taping it. The 60 mins flies by!

Amy said...

i HATE art supplies! you organize them and the next day, they are all over again!

Kiki said...

Oh yeah, Millionaire Matchmaker is the perfect trainwreck, almost anything on Bravo will do....I love that channel.

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