Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Dedication Looks Like

That's me getting ready to workout. ON. MY. TREADMILL. It was 18 degrees down there the last two nights.


Torey said...

I am impressed!! Do you spend the whole workout stripping off clothes?? We should see progression shots! hah!

Glad you're back in the game. Is it helping in other areas?

Feener said...

i honestly got nothing to say to this. i just am smiling

Kiki said...

Would a space heater help? I'm in awe of your bad assedness!!! (Not sure that is a word, but it fits!). Keep going girl!!!

Sarah said...

You need a space heater :)

P/F said...

I would be dragging that treadmill upstairs with my teeth if it meant I didn't have to work out in subfreezing temps. I'm too wimpy to treadmill when it gets below 60 degrees downstairs.

A++ for dedication!

Shirls said...

your adorable! its -7 c, in your basement? doesn't that seem wrong? how are your pipes not freezing and bursting?

Mrs Furious said...

our basement had these weird short doors and we couldn't get the treadmill in... so it's in the garage. Which doesn't even have a real roof... it's just a deck on top. So it's cold. I think if Mr F was the one who worked out we might have managed to fit that thing in the basement somehow ;)

Oh dude... it was so cold I did not shed. Usually I do.

When it's a it cold the space heater helps... but it is such a big space and so cold it doesn't make a difference.... plus all the lights dim when I plug it in... which makes me nervous ;)

like I told Kiki since the garage isn't even actually air tight... it just doesn't improve things. Usually I would have given myself the night off for the weather (atypical here... thank God) but I had just made that 7day/week pledge!


lucinda said...

I too am worried about the pipe freezing situation.

megO said...

I declare you an honorary Alaskan. Check the pipes, seriously.

Mrs Furious said...

No pipe worries!! The treadmill is in the unheated garage. Which while built along our house is not part of the original structure. Our basement is plenty warm.
"I declare you an honorary Alaskan. "
Ooh badass

Staci said...

I love hearing you so upbeat & ready to kick ass!

I guess I need to put a few thoughts out into the universe. Hope it works as well for me. :P

Good luck to you!

P.O.M. said...

Please please please send some of that motivation and dedication this way.

wootini said...

The inner saboteur... I have the SAME problem. So frustrating. I'm inspired by you though - glad you have your groove back! 18 degree treadmill workout, that is impressive.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm happy to finally be on the other side of the funk.

It'll work. Send that energy out.

I have faith that you'll get yours back. Enjoy your trip!

"18 degree treadmill workout, that is impressive."
3rd day in a row!

Heather said...


1. You're a badass. For reals.
2. WORD on making a promise to yourself. I realized that I never, ever skip a workout if I schedule it. Why should eating be any different? Now I schedule what I'm eating, and that's what I eat.
4. Universey weirdness -- check out my post today...

BsOnlyToots said...

YAY for you getting back into the upbeat positive you! And you are CRAZY dedicated! 18 degrees????? I would have soooo not done it! lol And as for the video part YIPEE for Disney! Maybe we'll see ya there!

Haley said...

Nice, lady -- very nice.

And screw Des Moines. I'm pulling for NY!

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