Monday, March 2, 2009

This Week The Plan

Well today is another Snow Day. Snow Day's are more fun (for the parent) when they are a surprise mid-week.

Things are turning around. Not at a quick pace... but... I they are indeed turning. This week I started working out again. I'm going to do 7 days a week for the entire month of March. No days off. It has been a long time for me and I really need to just throw myself into the routine of it. I'm still too susceptible to sabotage if I give myself a rest day. Also I'm not able to really challenge myself in my workouts and I know that in order to see the results I want to see I need to put in some serious time.
I also recommitted to both daily food journaling and calorie counting. Both of which are harder to start doing than to actually do them. I would really like to get back to where I was last year in terms of fitness and body composition and I'm giving myself a 4 months to do it. I'll be putting up progression shots for that soon.

On the financial front I feel like we are finally moving through this little by little. We are successfully not failing. And that is an accomplishment. Medical bills keep on coming and I'm starting to get confused about what I've paid and what I owe and to whom. I seem to have gotten billed for every aspect of my ER visit by every conceivable specialist separately... but also combined by the hospital. So this week I'm going to organize all the medical bills and see if I can't figure out what is going on. Then I'm calling the hospital billing department and asking what kind of discount they can give me if I can settle it in cash. My goal is to have it sorted out and paid by March 17th (which is when we get our next pay check and I'll have the cash in hand necessary).

Menu Planning:

Sunday - Steak bites, mashed potatoes & peas, jam thumb print cookies

Monday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia, garlic sauteed broccoli, brownies

Tuesday - Chicken & Dumplings Soup, crusty bread, brownies

Wednesday - Turkey & Black Bean Tacos w/ avocado, brownies

Thursday - Tomato & Meatball Soup, lemon cookies

Friday - Pizza, Salad, lemon cookies

Saturday - Black Bean Quesadillas, ice cream sundaes

Errands & Chores:
Our house is actually in such a state that I can't even do a normal house cleaning. I have some goals for long term functioning but I plan on doing baby steps to get there and just acknowledge that when I don't and I get all extreme "all or nothing" I end up with nothing. Case in point my desk. So I am going to attempt to a 15 minute clean up with the kids each night at 5 PM. While they clean up toys I am going to spend that time picking up the kitchen. I'm also going to reward their 15 minutes with 15 minutes of book time before I start dinner. Oh and a quarter. I am also going to spend 15 minutes working on cleaning off my desk each night once the kids are in bed. JUST 15.

Sunday - groceries
Monday - organize art supplies (still haven't done this)
Tuesday - put away clothes
Wednesday - laundry
Thursday - put away clothes


The Other Susan said...

I'm trying to commit to working out 5 hours a week--3 hours of stationary bike cardio, and 2 Pilates classes. I'll be reading to see how you are keeping to your everyday workout schedule--that is very ambitious of you!

My goal is to lose another 15 pounds; I lost 17 over 2 years by adding Pilates to my workout routine and modifying my diet to include healthier foods and eliminate most of the bad stuff.
But now it gets harder--I've made the changes that are pretty easy; now I have to get serious. Thanks for helping me to keep on track!

Mrs Furious said...

The Other Susan,
Well I felt like I really needed to prove to myself that I could overcome the day to day obstacles that I use as outs when it's time to exercise. Since I workout after dinner is it really easy for me to get sidetracked (if I want to) and then say it isn't my fault that I didn't exercise.

And I agree. The closer you get to your goal the harder it is. Good luck!! I think 5 hours is good. Once I get back down to my body fat goal I'm going to switch down to 3 cardio and 2 pilates. That was a good balance for me that allowed me to maintain and not worry about my food intake.

Christy said...

Have you made the steak bites before?

Mrs Furious said...

Nope. I made them last night and they were delicious. I did buy steak tips (pre cut) and I pretty much followed her directions. I did use red wine at the end to deglaze the pan and added 1 T butter to make a sauce. I used half as much better as she called for using 1 T at a time in the pan instead of 2T.

Mrs Furious said...


better = butter ;)

Slick Willie said...

set another plate for dindin on sun, wed, thurs, fri and sat... hehehe

Christy said...

Thanks for the thumbs up! I have liked some of her recipes and not others, so I was curious.

Mrs Furious said...

That is good to know. This is her first recipe that I've tired... I saw it on someone else's blog.

Slick Willie,
We'll set a place for you. ;)

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