Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Great Spring Cleaning Is Underway

Here's hoping I can keep Mr F on track (it has been a challenge).

"Please tell me you are not going to waste a whole bunch of timing doing that." Mrs F says to Mr F upon catching him culling the magazines by his desk.

"I think this will make a big difference." Mr F replies.

"You have got to be kidding me. That would make a big difference." Mrs F says as she points to the HUGE pile (a 6 x 6 foot disaster area) of art supplies and toys not 2 feet away from him.

"Please use your time wisely." Mrs F implores.


Julie said...

What the hell?!?! Is is ADD or MADD..Men husband is the exact same way...I do not understand what they are thinking when they do things like frustrating!!!

Mrs Furious said...

it was hilarious... he was being completely sincere... and yet RIGHT next to him was the real problem area and it was like he couldn't even see it.

Later he told me he was going to clean off the top of the fridge... wtf?... the FLOORS are covered in toys and clothes... the fridge?! ... no one can even see that.

Julie said...

We must be married to the same man! That is exactly what my husband would do!

Andrea said...

men I wish mine would just pick up after himself. you'd think after hearing me bicth about its me against three he'd wake up, not so much. I told my sister the other day I need a wife!

Mrs Furious said...

I feel for you ;)

OH we had a huge "discussion" about the house and cleaning last night. I was almost in tears I was so frustrated and I just said "you need to help me more." Because like you said I just cannot keep up with all of them. He never thought about his not finishing stuff actually effecting me but I was like "the 20% you don't do is an instant 120% I have to do the next day"... which means... I can't get other stuff done. But, alas, we've had this discussion many times... we'll see.

lucinda said...

Here is what happens at my house that drives me insane. "Where are the binoculars? I left them on the table." "I put them in the drawer against the window where they belong." "It's not convenient to take them out all the time. I want to leave them on the table." Substitute: cereal, nail scizzors, glue, screwdriver, measuring spoons, bird seed, aspirin. How is it convenient to paw through piles of things to find what you want? How is it convenient to listen to me bitch about it?

Rah said...

Hi-I am a bit late. I read your blog every now and then. It's so interesting and as I am beginning meal planning and calorie counting, I use your tips often! Anyway, I am actually commenting on the video/discussion about Kid's weight and exercise. I am a teacher and have also organized and led tons healthy habit programs for kids. I usually do not focus a lot on foods with the kids because they will learn the "good" food habits from the parents. Each time we meet, we do give them a "healthy snack" that tastes good. This just helps them to know that tasting good does not mean only snickers, french fries, etc.
For the exercise, we do fun things also. We use hool-a-hoops, the big exercise balls, and the things that you put around your ankle that has a long stick with a ball on the end of it (have no idea the name of this!!). The girls LOVE the hool-a-hoops. They can do it around their waist, arm, feet, and jump rope with it. We have contests and use charts. Each time, they place a sticker or check on the chart to show that they have done 10-20-30-etc. "hoolas" in a row. The point of this is to make "exercise" fun. We use the exercise ball to show them different activities they can do with the ball and they love it. Another thing I do, is download songs from I-Tunes(cha-cha slide, YMCA, chicken dance, electric slide, and other just favorite "kid songs") and make a CD. They love to have their own CD and dance. Usually on Friday, I have a "performance" and they show everyone their dance or routine or whatever they want to share. Usually we give the audience water and popcorn so it is really like they are watching a show. A lot of the parents do this on Fri nights or Sun evenings and say it is fun for their family. The parents have also started the charts for the hool-a-hoop (or whatever their child enjoys) at home. They obviously don't get punished if they don't reach a certain number-it is just for reinforcement. Also, we have a place, Ed McKay's, in Winston Salem. It is a used bookstore and has TONS of used DVDs, VHS, CDs-I have found a lot of things there I use with the kids in my classes. Sometimes I can find old kid's exercise or dance videos and soundtracks for Disney movies that they use for dance time. I have bought things as low as 25 cents! So, this is a lot of jumbled up info but I thought it may help. If you want more organized info, feel free to let me know:) I'd be glad to give ideas. These are usually the ideas that work best at home with parents because it is not something they have to monitor or lead. While dinner is being prepared, Kid could do any of this. Hope some of this helped!

Good luck with the spring cleaning. My husband and I have also been doing the same today. He has spent ALL day organizing DVD's and his golf "stuff". Needless to say, I am the one putting a dent in this place and not him!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you for all the tips! I will go to the used bookstore near us and look through their dvds... good tip!

" I want to leave them on the table."

Christy said...

OMG I must have ADD.........I find myself doing that all the time. **bites nails**

Amy said...

My dh would have headed straight to the garage to clean it up. I swear, he can't set foot inside his closet, but the garage gets cleaned every 2 weeks.

julie said...

My husband would simply throw everything out than go through any of it. It is a total pain in the ass because I can't NOT go through the stuff. There might be something important in there. His take is that if I don't know it's there, then it is not important. It's a good point. But still...

Lucinda, my husband would just assume leave everything out, too. He is just like that. He can't understand why I keep putting the cell phone charger (or whatever) away in the drawer when we are just going to use it again. So if it is not in front of his face, he has no idea where anything is. I really am the keeper of all in this damn house.

Kelly said...

When our house is a complete and total wreck and I ask my husband to help, he actually has nerve enough to ask me "what mess?" and asks what do I want him to clean! I always just tell him to pick a dirty spot and clean it. I think he has his man blinders on.

Mrs Furious said...

"he actually has nerve enough to ask me "what mess?""
Hmm... I have a sneaking feeling that your house cannot be as messy as mine ;)

"I find myself doing that all the time. "
I do it too (shh) but for me it's procrastination.

" he can't set foot inside his closet"
Do not get me started on the closet!!!

"My husband would simply throw everything out than go through any of it."
Mr F does this too! Or he'll just jumble a whole bunch of unrelated stuff in a bin and NOT LABEL it and shove it in the basement. It drives me crazy. How many times have a discovered a weird cache of shit that had something I had been searching for (for years!) in it?!! A lot.

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