Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'd Like To Pass It Along

Is there anyone in a financial bind who could use GIRL summer clothes size 18 months (or thereabouts)?

As I have mentioned before (and I'm sure you have gleaned based on her personality) Baby wears clothes. I have plenty of play quality clothes (if you don't mind the occasional stain here and there) that I'd be happy to pass on to someone in need of them.

Let me know.

I've got things that range from 12-18, 18, and 18-24 from last spring & summer.


Feener said...

i don't need teh clothes but wanted to comment on your comment to me ...funny u should mention baby getting all the comments....your baby looks like my younger one. everytime i see aphoto of her she reminds me of my younger one (she gets CUTE comments) but older gets the beauty comments. i agree - i get scared on how it will affect the sister.

we have friends who are jewish and when they first meet my older they seemed to be floored on how beautiful she the point of insulting hubby and i, as if we could not have produced such a beauty. feck em

Feener said...

my point of teh jewish was they said oh mazel tov to us about 20 times bc of her beauty

Mrs Furious said...

"as if we could not have produced such a beauty"

That is hilarious.

Kira's journal said...

Henry WEARS his clothes too. It's no use trying all the stain removal stuff in the wash. On the plus side, I don't mind buying those 10 cent 'just get rid of' clothes at a garage sale!

Mrs Furious said...

Kira's Journal,
Oh I am 100% with you. I have actually bought (25 cents a pound) clothes with some holes in them for her... she's going to ruin it the 1st time she wears it anyway ;)

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