Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Question

"Do you know who the children of the Earth are?" Kid asks from the back seat.

"Animals?" I reply.

"Animals and us." Kid corrected.

"Humans are animals." I say.

"Yeah I know." Kid says.

After a moments pause Kid adds...

"If we are animals how come foxes can't drive?"


Haley said...

Pshaw, I'm a total fox and an excellent driver.

Staci said...


gooddog said...

TOO funny... kid and haley!

julie said...

good point, Kid.

Mrs Furious said...

I'll be back to returning comments tomorrow morning... today was a LONG ass day and there were lots of bizarre evolution questions to keep me on my toes all night ;)

Elizabeth said...

Yay bizarre evolution questions!

That is so cute!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh it has been an interesting progression throughout the evening and I just had to go there ... she asked if all gods were people and I asked if she meant Ancient Greek gods or what and she said like Zeus so I told her that people had to come up with ways to make sense of the world and all of the hard to understand things about how animals and plants have evolved, why our planet is the only one with living things, etc and they created gods for each element so that it *made sense*. That made perfect sense to her (for now).

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