Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Week The Plan

Last week was great. We had a really good time and maxed out our route to visit with as many people as possible. More on the trip (cause I know you're all riveted ;) later... for now I'm focusing on getting back on track.

#1 We left the house in a pretty clean state... but... you'd never know it now. It is like the car contents (and we were packed to the gills) has exploded all over the floor. It's a bit overwhelming... and somewhat dangerous.

#2 I am getting back on track with the weight loss/fitness goals. And yes after the trip I have weight loss goals. It's ridiculous that I gained that much. But it really was the push I needed to get back to 100% on doing what I need to do. It's funny how much easier it is for me to stay focused now that I have further to go.

#3 Laundry.

This week...


Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Monday - Salmon Noodle Casserole (did I tell you I've changed this recipe to be organic... and it's better?), mixed veg

Tuesday - Fried rice w/ broccoli & seared tilapia

Wednesday - ? (still need to go to the store... I'll update tomorrow)

Thursday -?

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - ?

Kid's lunches:
For those of you that actually enjoyed this feature... I've stream lined our lunches and it is almost always leftover dinner, fruit, hard boiled egg or smoked salmon & milk. When we make dinner Baby usually eats a half portion and the other half is the perfect lunch portion for Kid. We have a small Thermos brand hot lunch carafe... we just heat it up and put it in and it's still hot at lunch. It's made lunch prep a lot faster. Yes it helps that Kid actually likes dinner food. ;)

P.S. Do you all give your kids 2% milk or do you think I should get skim or 1/2 % ? Mr F would have a cow if he came home to skim milk (bwahahaha).

Errands & Chores:

I really just need to PICK UP THE DAMN HOUSE... it's going to take all week.

Oh and the lawn looks like an undulating field... and so... maybe I'll try and mow it.

Diet & Exercise:
I am seriously sticking to actually weighing and measuring my portions. I'm shooting for around 1650 calories. AND working out for 60 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. AND I'm walking to get Kid from school and to do our little errands.

Please let me know if you are in need of some extra positive thoughts, energy, prayers (or whatever you call it) this week.


Smoochiefrog said...

If you're already doing 2%, going to 1% is like a walk in the park. You don't want to change to far too quickly. Everyone in our family drinks 1%, even K.

I think R & C would be fine with 1%, but that's just my .02.

Christy said...

Stella, my 2 year old, is really the only one who regularly "drinks" milk. So I buy skim because she is affectionately called Baby Godzilla, if you get my drift :)

Mrs Furious said...

Alright ladies I'm going to step it down on the milk. I used to buy skim for myself but Mr F is a food pussy ... but ... he can suck it up. It seems like an easy way to cut fat/calories without it being noticeable.

Staci said...

We all drink skim & for a treat I get 1% chocolate milk.

I believe that skim milk has more calcium in it than whole milk too.

It's worth the switch to skim.

Jennifer said...

I get skim. Takes about week and you never even remember you used to drink full fat milk.

Robin said...

We drink 1%. I honestly can't tell the difference between it and the 2%. I can't do skim. Gross.

Kent and Kara still drink whole. Kent doesn't eat and has zero body fat. I'm keeping him on whole until he starts plumping up. I'll probably switch Kara to 1% before I switch him. She eats better than he does.

julie said...

We do 1%.

Robin, I used to have to do whole for Murphy because he was underweight...we were even told to mix it with half and half! This was when he was a really young guy though.

2kids&tired said...

My first post, but felt compelled to comment. I am a therapist who works with eating disorders (kids and teens). Fisrt good for your for talking. It is the things unsaid which create bigger problems. I think you can switch milks easy but weaning everyone slowly... like 1/4 of the cup skim and 3/4 2% and slowly increase. you could do this over a period of 2 weeks. I would also suggest setting scheduled eating times, meals and snacks. I woudl never control Kid's intake of food, just control what you offer. "You cannot control how much they eat, only what they eat". My son has food allergies and an esinophilc disorder so for the first 2 yera sof life all we focused on was food and eating something, anything! Now I am undoing that because he also suffers from the eat because you are bored thing. My older daughter who we taught to listen to her body and stop eating when her stomach says she is full now also favors broccoli, cheese, fruit, healthy tings. Some is personality but some is also a result I am sure of us overcompensating for what son couldnt have. I bake too, it is a careftake thing, but because my son cannot have dairy I use applesauce etc for the butter etc... which I hope counteracts my "need to feed!" Also, noone mentioned yet that our bodies sometimes misinterpret thirts for hunger. Make sure you make drinking water easy and regular part of her day! God Bless.

Marie said...

We do skim here. Switched to 1% at 2yrs old, then somewhere along the line started skim. The girls never noticed.. (of course, they take their milk w/ a tsp of chocolate milk powder, so that may help! its just enough to "tint" the milk and give a hint of flavor without being the whole 2T that the carton says to put in!)

Torey said...

We just switched from Whole to 2% since Gup just turned 2. Should I be worried about the fat content? He drinks a little big of milk and has milk on his cereal every morning.

Can I get some positive thoughts? Beta is 11 days old and is not gaining weight properly and is still jaundiced. We have to go back on Friday (at 2 weeks old) to have her weight checked again. I'm a nervous wreck because she is a preemie, and I don't want to give her formula. So send her some "fat" thoughts, k?

Mrs Furious said...

Two Kids & Tired,
"Also, noone mentioned yet that our bodies sometimes misinterpret thirts for hunger."
Wow... that really could be a part of this. I didn't know that. She has always had really low levels of fluid intake. I am going to pay attention to that.
And I agree with the set snack times. I actually thought to just preempt her today and have them sit at the table and have snack... it did seem to work. She ate her banana and yogurt and there was no more coming in and constantly asking for food. A huge difference over yesterday.
Thanks for commenting!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about Beta! I know how stressful the early weeks can be... and I didn't even have a preemie. I will definitely send fat thoughts.

Mr F has always had 2% so I just have given that to Kid without really thinking about it. But I was at my cousins house and noticed she gave her boys skim and then I was thinking "hmm... maybe we're supposed to be giving skim."

I went to the store and I bought a gallon of 1% and I think I'm going to put 1/2 in with the remaining 1/2 gallon of 2% and then by next week I'll just go straight up 1%.
Mr F is going to be the one who gives me grief about it. I might have to buy him his own...

2kidsandtired said...

If it helps my daughter picked out a very pretty water bottle that she must drink several of per day (fewer when she is at school obviously although I still send water there.. the teachers are awesome about pushing fluids... but she still drinks less there than home.) We used to make a game of it, so when she finished a bottle she got a treat (were were fighting constipation when she was about 2-3 years old). Then we weaned to a chart or sticker, now it is just habit. My son is so enthralled with the water dispenser on the frig he drinks just to use it (although our floor is always wet!)Milk with lunch and dinner only, water any other time. Milk fills her up to much so she would never eat a full meal. Now my son, that's another story...

Nutmeg said...

Torey, sending thoughts. Don't forget, two weeks to regain birth weight is normal. Eli was jaundiced and it definitely made nursing him difficult because jaundice = sleepy = fall asleep eating... and small meant I was supposed to keep him warm so he didn't burn calories to keep his temperature up, but warm meant sleep which meant no eating... so I feel the pain on that front.

Good luck.

Mrs. F... we drink two percent because, well... Eli is skinny and I can't drink much milk anyway, (lactose) so we don't worry about the calories, though did make the switch from whole to 2 at 2 years, primarily to put more food into him and less milk. He didn't seem to notice in the least. I guess if your options are water or milk, milk, no matter how thin is still delicious.

Haley said...

I don't drink milk anymore because I don't like to "waste" the calories on a beverage, and I eat TONS of yogurt and lowfat cheese to get my calcium.

BUT, as a kid I remember when my mom switched us all from 1% to skim. I thought it was sort of strange at first -- like milky water -- but we all got used to it really quickly, and then drinking anything else tasted disgusting -- like drinking cream.

I'm with you on the motivation! I'm off to work out!

Mrs Furious said...

"I guess if your options are water or milk, milk, no matter how thin is still delicious."
Good point.

2 kids & tired,
I like the reward idea... she's got a chore chart and earns star that equal her allowance... I think earning more stars for water would greatly increase her consumption.

yeah I'm lactose intolerant my ownself and just don't drink it.

BsOnlyToots said...

We do skim, due to bigger baby's health issues (looong story) BUT I always keep a half gallon of whole milk around to cook with, some foods taste weird when I use skim to cook with.

Julie said...

Hi Mrs. F! Thanks for opening the door to talk about kids and weight...I really have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but don't have time to share this week. I am running my first 1/2 marathon this weekend and I would appreciate some good thoughts for that!! Thanks! I'll revisit the weight topic next week!

michelline said...

Because we are a family with weight issues, we've always used skim milk. My kids think whole milk tastes funny :) When I bake and need whole milk, I just buy a 1/2 gallon or even a pint depending on my needs. Heaven knows none of us need those calories.

I think water for stickers is a great idea.

Torey - Positive thoughts coming your way from Florida!

Shirls said...

1/2%?? never heard of such a thing, we have 1%, 2%, homo (yes bad word = 4%) and half and half 10% so yummy in coffee ;0)

Mrs Furious said...

1/2% didn't used to be around when I was growing up. For the milk I buy the kids it isn't a choice either.
And I'm all about the 10% in coffee ;)

Oooh I'm intrigued. I'll be waiting.

good to know on the cooking with milk.

water for stickers... I"ll keep you all updated... sometimes she's easily motivated by stuff like that and sometimes not so much ;)

Thanks everyone! This really encouraged me to make the switch.

Anonymous said...


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