Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The other day I was picking up Kid at school on our way to the library with a friend of mine and our children. I like this woman a lot. We have a surprising amount in common despite our near 20 year age difference.

She's smart, talkative, sarcastic and somewhat intimidating.

When we got out of the car at pick up she asked me how my day was... and I decided the time had come to reveal something personal and quirky... my love of the Amish.

"Great" I replied somewhat uncharacteristically.

"Really?" She responded eyebrows raised.

"Yes... I got my new Amish romance novel." I said slowly and suggestively.

And that's how it started. I told her all about the books. I told her everything I know about the Amish. We went to the library and I picked out a good one for her to start with.

I was a bit nervous though (possibly even somewhat embarrassed) and apologetic... also picking out a piece of true literary genius (Big Rock Candy Mountain) to balance out the potential lowbrow-ness of the Amish novels.

All weekend I've been sucked into my latest book. And when I say sucked in... I mean it... I want to take it in the shower with me... I'm tempted to read a bit at red lights... on the treadmill... in the bathroom... while I'm cooking. Yet I worried about my friend. What was she thinking about her venture into Amish romance? Would she think less of me for suggesting it? Would it somehow alter her opinion of my intellect?

I need not have fretted so. (hey that kind of sounded a little Amish)

I saw her today at pick up. She bounded out of her car and said...

"Thanks for the crack!"


inkelywinkely said...

awesome! I know all about that crack! LOL

I have been addicted since I was in high school.

Preppy Mama said...

Now I am curious. Can you suggest something for a beginner like myself?

Robin said...

I'm on it. As soon as I get brave enough to take my kids to the library.

Mrs Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
Yes start with the Abram's Daughters series the 1st book is The Covenant. Just rent them all because you will not be able to put them down and you will NEED the next book as soon as you finish the first one.

I wish I'd known about it sooner... all those years I wasted ;)

do it.

Mrs Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
forgot to mention that they are written by Beverly Lewis.

Feener said...

now i am thinking about it. humpf wonder what my book club would say if i suggested one of these.

Feener said...


did you read this article ??

P/F said...

Sounds like you've found a great match! I wish that I could find someone here who equally loves the Foo Fighters and Real Housewives.

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... well... I love the Foo Fighters and Real Housewives.

P.O.M. said...

I took the bait.
Just placed an order on half.com for The Covenant.

Jen said...

What does it tell us that I went to reserve the Abram's Daughters books at the library, and half of them are only available in the large print edition?

wootini said...

ok... going to the library this weekend; I've been dying to read one ever since you first mentioned them.

glad your new friend liked the crack! :)


Mrs Furious said...

It tells you that old people know a good book when they see one ;)

You will not be disappointed.

Mrs Furious said...

you are going to love them!

I didn't read that article... I will after BL!
Let me know if your book club takes the bait.

Nutmeg said...

People... just so you know..

Bird-in-hand, PA? Is not a made up place.

That is a real name.

As Mrs. F would say... Believe it.

Kiki said...

I loved your recommendation of Big Rock Candy Mountain....it was similar to Grapes Of Wrath and very good.

Grace Livingston Hill, try telling people you love that author. In high school. In the 80's.

Mrs Furious said...

That is what is awesome about the books... each series is set at a different time (historically) and they are written around actual events in the changing structure of the church in those particular towns where they are set. It's fascinating.
I believe.

Mrs Furious said...

I have not read her books... but another blogger I read is obsessed with them.
I'm going to get them!

inkelywinkely said...

Now, you have to try my crack, Mrs F...I would have never thought I would be interested in this..but I couldn't put it down.

It was slow in the beginning. So slow in fact that it took my 2 years (no joke) to get past the first chapter. But, a hurricane came through, and I found it was the only book in the house I hadn't read thirty times. And I was addicted.

The Out lander series by Diana Gabaldon.

OMG..you will be having daydreams of Scottish boys for days. LOL.

Feener said...

inkelywinkely my sister has read these and loved them and told me i would love them and she is SOOOO not the type - she has her mba and law degree and is quite an academic. i was shocked when she told me abou them. she said she was mortified to go in the romance section. however someone said they are in the historical fiction ??? outlander....i think i would start there as i am a braveheart fan

Mrs Furious said...

That brings up a good point... these Amish books are not technically "romance" novels and you will not find them in the romance section. At a book store they are in the Christian fiction section and at the library in regular fiction.
I call them romance because there is always some kind of love story... but they are much more about some kind of secret/lies/cover up. So they are kind of a mystery as well.

Marie said...

I did it. I went to the library and got The Covenant. I had to tuck it between some gardening and compost books and then proceed to talk nonstop to the girls and REFUSED to look at the librarian, but it now sits on the kitchen table.

I soooo felt like I was in high school and buying condoms...the guilt, the embarrasment, the "its not for me..its for a friend"...

Mrs Furious said...

LOL. I always try to use the self checkout. And when I have to special order them... I am MORTIFIED when I have to ask the librarian for it.
I have a hilarious story about Mr F and the books... I'm decorating some cookies... I'll be back to tell it.

inkelywinkely said...

Yes, it is considered historical fiction...In fact, that is where I found it in my local library.

It is a book about time travel (so out of my element), witch craft, history, romance, war, life in the 1700s.....Oh, man, is it good!

Seriously, Mrs. F..you have to read them.

Amy said...

Perhaps I missed it but I think it's high time for a post about what you find so engaging about the Amish. Perhaps you feel you have a certain affinity for them because you can identify with them??? Or is it something else. I'd really like to know!

p.s. i think you just started yourself a bookclub XD

Mrs Furious said...

They sound crazy... I'll look for them.

Hmmm.... good question. I don't know entirely why I'm so drawn to them. I'm going to think on that and get back to you!

Claire said...

I can't believe Kiki mentioned Grace Livingston Hill!!! My favorite one of her's is Crimson Roses - I have a box under my bed filled with her books that I have collected for forever! I got so addicted to Jan Karon's Mitford series I even bought then in hardback at Barnes!!! I'm afraid to start on your Amish books!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Don't be afraid... just do it!

Andrea said...

These books are crack in fact last year I waited to read one while in labor so my mind would be distracted worked well untill I finished the book in four hours dammit.

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