Monday, May 11, 2009

Things You May Have Missed

This weekend started with me trying to get some time (sans kids) to get some sewing done. Kid came and sat right next to me and rested her elbows on the material that I was trying to sew (at that very moment) and said "Don't you wish you could have a sewing room?" Ah... yes... one with a lock on it.

A little while later Baby started shouting "And Mine" and running around and appeared carrying her wooden mixer and put it up just as I had my machine. And my heart melted. Such a good idea... it really does look like a sewing machine. Now if she hadn't needed to sit right next to me and stick her pudgy little hands UNDER the needle as I was sewing, things would have gone more smoothly. Amazingly no injuries... unless you count my heart attack.

On Mother's Day I did what most moms do... I refused to mother. When you set out to have a day like that you might want to choose a location that can't be accessed from outside. Because nothing is as relaxing as you planned it would be when your children are standing 5 feet away from you banging on the glass of your windows... and alternately staring at you or spying on you.

Kid was really the only one on her game this weekend.

She's old enough to know it is Mother's Day and she was into it. It was kind of hard to explain to her that what I REALLY wanted for Mother's Day was for her to not lie in my bed mooching off my cinnamon roll while I tried to read the rest of my Amish romance novel. Don't worry she got over it when she realized she could spy on me.


inkelywinkely said...

Doesn't look so bad....

Curtains on the inside is a good idea. :)

Christy said...

Looks much like my day. I woke up to at least one kid and a dog on my back.

julie said...

So true, so true...

katieo said...

that spying picture cracks me up!!

I love Baby bringing her mixer next to your sewing machine. My boys LOVE it when I sew. Machine + sharp object + noise = great fun.

P.O.M. said...

Happy belated mother's day. Doesn't sound too relaxing though.

Kiki said...

I went to church with my mom, then out to breakfast...followed by the most frustrating four hours of my life at the store where EVERY mom I wished a "Happy Mother's Day" to....wished me one back. Really????

The spying picture is super funny...Kid is awesome!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh... I'm sorry that happened. We went out to eat and the waitress (older) said Happy Mother's Day and I thought about it and decided "how do I know if she's a mom?" and replied "Thank you".

Must. Get. Curtains.

Thankfully Canine stayed out of my bed yesterday. He woke me up this morning licking his ass this morning. Yum.

I'm assuming your are referring to the not mothering on Mother's Day.

Yes sewing is quite the attraction around here too.
I do kind of love how *great* they think I am at it too ;)

thanks :)

julie said...

That's exactly what I am referring to!

Deb said...

I spent mine on a plane, wrangling two children, a husband and five pieces of luggage (my husband has to pack two bags -- why?) Seriously, I need a do-over for the past two Mother's Day holidays. When the wee bitty one weans, I am SO out of here for the weekend. Alone. And I intend to spend the weekend in bed, reading, under clean hotel room sheets. I think I'll pick up Amish romance novels then. They sound like the perfect decadent Mother's Day treat.

Happy Mother's Day (belated), Mrs. F.

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