Sunday, May 10, 2009


Apparently Baby forgot.

Because this morning she woke up about 2 hours early by screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing herself out of bed on her head (not accidentally).

I scooped her up and tried to snuggle her back to sleep... but... she screamed like I was trying to rip her limbs off and scuttled out of the bed and ran out of the room.

Mr F found her in the hallway.

When she saw him her screams (if possible... and yes... it was) intensified as if he whispered "now I'm going to dip you in a cauldron of burning oil" because she turned around ran back in my room and slammed the door in his face.

She ran up to the side of my bed and flung herself up.

I was lying tucked in... thinking... that Mr F was going to keep her and I would go back to bed.

She scurried up over my head and lied down. Across my neck. She weighs 30 pounds.

Amazingly she feel instantly asleep.

I lay there for a couple of minutes wondering what I should do and how long I had to wait until I could do it.

Then I realized that because I had been tucked in my shoulders were pinned down as she lay across them pulling my quilt tight under her.

I was immobilized thinking... "I can breathe", somewhat surprised that I could... but wondered how long until my windpipe crushed.

That's when the panic filled me. I flailed my arms and legs until I could get my shoulders free and pushed her off my neck.



G in Berlin said...

I thought my MD (with pneumonia and not leaving the house) was crappy, ut my husband brought me flowers from the kids and took them out to play for 2 hours. No meal service yet, but I think we will order Indian in, so I'm up on you. Hope the day gets more restful!

inkelywinkely said...

aw, Mrs. F!

I hope it gets better for you. I am having a crappy day, too, if that makes you feel any better.


Mrs Furious said...

Pneumonia! I think you have me beat... if for the sickness alone. :(

Restful? somewhat. But still no brunch. There's still hope for dinner though.

Oh sorry to hear it. Mother's Day has always been cursed for me... I should be getting used to it. ;)

Supermom said...

Happy Mother's Day !!!!

We had a great time as well. Superdad will put the pics on disk for you! You can come by and get them. ~evil laugh here~

I still think we should get bowling shirts and hot pink balls and make a league!

julie said...

I can totally imagine Baby doing that. So funny that she plopped on you and fell back asleep.

Damn, no brunch? Well, it would be really busy and overpriced on Mother's Day anyway...maybe make it a tradition that you to brunch the following Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

sara said...

That was a very action-packed and descriptive story. I could see it all happening!



Marie said...

Happy Mothers Day!!!! Dh and the girls made me pancakes, eggs, coffe and oj, came upstairs and served me in bed, and then left me ALONE to eat in utter peace. Heavenly!! We also got the garden planted and I recieved 2 blueberry bushes and a cherry tree from the girls.

My (almost) 2yo was up at midnight till 1:30 am and again at about 5am. Thankfully dh handled it and I got to sleep. (of course the other 364 days...well...)

Preppy Mama said...

I had to catch my breathe while reading this post! My son got up at the crack of dawn and refused to wish me a Happy Mother's Day until his cereal kicked in! Guess the sugar is much like my coffee!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

inkelywinkely said...

Well, has it gotten any better for you? It has for me. :)

I found out that nearly every mean bitch I went to high school with has a myspace, don't ask how I found out- it was a complete accident...anyway, they are all fat and nasty now...and I am happy. LOL.

Also found out that hubby's ex has one she doesn't know I know about that is completely public with all kinds of info and pictures on it..I have been laughing my butt off. I am sure I will feel guilty later, but right now I am enjoying it.

How did you celebrate?

Mrs Furious said...

That is hilarious. Priceless really... and definitely more entertaining than my day.

Mrs Furious said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)

I didn't get my comments for some reason today... just getting them to show up now. I'll be back. Baby is calling me (aka crying)...

Mrs Furious said...

sign me up... I've always wanted to be in a bowling league... as long as I can use that pink kids' ball I'm all set ;)

Mrs Furious said...

That is funny about the cereal... hey... I'm the same way so I guess I can cut him some slack.
Hope you had a good day.

Thank you.

"Well, it would be really busy and overpriced on Mother's Day anyway"
Yeah yeah yeah that's what they all say. ;)
I did get a cinnamon roll in bed... so things could have been worse.

You won the jackpot!
I finished the girls skirts today. Mr F's jealous. He actually said "I wish you could make my clothes." And I said "I could... they'd just have to be skirts."

Robin said...


"I could, they'd just have to be skirts." hahahaa! I can just see Mr. F running around in a skirt. Maybe he'll start a trend.

Hope your mother's day ended better than it began. :)

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