Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Week The Plan

I have not forsaken you weekly plan!

For those of you wondering about my "less internet = more life" experience... here's what I have to say... Whoa it is a hell of a lot easier to keep the house maintained when I'm not taking mini computer breaks all day! For real. It's craziness. Who knew I actually had to time to clean up the breakfast dishes in the morning?!

As of this week I am allowed 1 hour of computer time on weekdays and 15 minutes on the weekend. I have a little digital kitchen timer that I start and stop when I go on. So far I haven't ever even needed the full time allotment. It is amazing how much I can get done in less time online when I just sit down and focus on what I'm doing. I also no longer check my email first thing in the morning. Now I go about my morning (dishes and all) and don't start my day with the computer. I find this removes the temptation to just "check" something. We're also completely shutting down the computers when not in use so I can't hear the little *ding* of incoming mail (because WHO can ignore that sirens call?!).

Onto the week (some of which is in retrospect)


Sunday - pasta w/ peas & ham & parm

Monday - Chicken, black bean & corn saute w/ seasoned rice & cilantro

Tuesday - Orange & Honey glazed salmon, green beans & dill buttered egg noodles

Wednesday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Thursday - Supermom's B'day party

Friday - Kid's Kindergarten Graduation dinner out

Saturday - bbq chicken sandwiches & coleslaw

Diet & Exercise:
A funny thing happened... I went shopping and tried on some clothes. While I really haven't been losing like I think I should... I could acknowledge that I both looked thinner and fitter in the clothes I was trying on. So something is working.
I'm still food journalling and sticking to a calorie limit. I am also working out about 6 days a week. In addition to walking to get Kid (which will end this week). I have been doing slightly shorter BUT more intense treadmill workouts and following it up with 15-30 minutes of pilates. I think I'm headed in the right direction.

That's what I've got for this week!

Oh wait one more thing...
I think this is a moderate improvement. Although I really HATE looking at the back of the other drapes! My next plan (also free) is to paint stripes on them with the leftover room paint. Stay tuned.... I'm sure you're riveted.


Jess said...

I'm starting to think I should try your less internet house is rapidly degenerating into a disaster area.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, stripes would be nice. And acrylic/latex paints stick very nicely to natural fibers (like cotton, like canvas, like what your curtains appear to be!)

Mom also just made one of those bag holders... v. cute.

Mrs Furious said...

Even just concentrating my time and not really reducing it so much has made a huge difference.

Oh I'm doing it! It'll make them look a lot more intentional and a lot less like what it is.

Supermom said...

I cut back to one whole hour a day weeks ago. Omgoodness I didn't know what to do with my time.
I still use my blackberry in carpool and that doesn't count though.

How else would I be able to read and comment on blogs? Ha ha.

Kiki said...

The iPhone has kind of alleviated my laptop addiction....I'm just trying to break the need to "check" in all the time.

Mrs Furious said...

Ah carpool... that's good multitasking.

"I'm just trying to break the need to "check" in all the time."
Me too! Yesterday wasn't my best day... but... at least I'm making an effort.

Deb said...

"Who knew I actually had to time to clean up the breakfast dishes in the morning?!"

I had that SAME revelation when I stopped turning on my computer in the morning. Then, since the dishes were done, that gave me another 15 or 20 minutes of free time at nap time. I could fold clothes instead of staying up until midnight doing it. Now I go to bed at 10:30 every night. The internet is a black hole. (But I still love it passionately.)

Mrs Furious said...

10:30 is our goal bedtime too. We haven't gone to bed before 1 AM in YEARS. Jesus we're fucking exhausted.

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