Monday, June 8, 2009

Cake Boss

"Just so you know I am going to be cutting the cake so I can control the size of the slices!" I announce to Mr F before dessert.

"I remember what happened with the pie... you ate it all... which is fine because it was your birthday... but... this is my cake." I continue.

Later after Mr F excused himself to the kitchen to "get Kid some more", aka cut a slice and quickly shove it in his mouth and then get Kid some more, I walked into the kitchen to see this...

"Oh My God! The cake is almost gone! No more cake for today!!" I scream out to the rest of the family who were blissfully gorging themselves on their 2nd pieces in the living room.


Shannon - said...


Cara said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

inkelywinkely said...

LOL. That is just silly. My parents could take a birthday cake and eat the entire thing in one sitting- and not gain a pound. I always have to make cakes into cupcakes, that way it last atlast a week ( I give one to each person, freeze the rest unfrosted. To have one, it has to be microwaved, then cooled and frosted. No one likes going through all that. :)It's great portion control.).

Marie said...

Happy (belated) bday! Glad you got what you wanted...AND a new butter dish--SCORE!! (hehe) The cake looked beautiful-kudos to the family!

And I wouldn't have trusted my dh..I would have been forced to devour the whole thing!!!

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