Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So ...

How long do you listen to someone screaming and moaning about a scrape on the knee before you send them to their room?

"How would you act if you had broken your leg?" I ask.

"Because you are delivering broken leg level hysterics." I add.


BsOnlyToots said...

LOL I have to admit at first I thought you were talking about MR. F! I swear the men make little things seem worse! BUT i do agree about the kids whining getting old! Alex fell the other day off his scooter and scraped his knee .. then we went to the beach, that brought on a whole new set of whining and crying ... UGH!

Mrs Furious said...

"I have to admit at first I thought you were talking about MR. F!"
Bwahahaha... that is hilarious!

Kid is a total wuss. Seriously every tiny thing is blown out of proportion. I try to be empathetic but I've only got so much patience after awhile!

inkelywinkely said...

just a couple minutes... when it gets long enough that it exceeds the amount of pain, that is whining. It does not fly here.

inkelywinkely said...

Hubby said that at first he would be disappointed that his child would act like that...he then said that if they wanted that attention they would be getting it, but in a negative way.

Tell her that in some houses, you get into trouble for acting like that at that age. Oh, yeah...we do that whole "giving you something to cry about" line around these parts. :D

Kelly said...

My daughter does that. She gets a little scrape on her arm and she acts like her arm has been amputated with no anesthesia...drives me nuts!!!

Mrs Furious said...

"Tell her that in some houses, you get into trouble for acting like that at that age."
LOL... I'll see how that plays ;)

Kid used to be even worse... if she had a BandAid she would literally act like that limb was broken. She thought her legs could not bear weight if she had one on her knee. It was ridiculous. I mean imagine a 4 year old who couldn't support their own weight (and really believed she couldn't use them) for the duration of the healing process. Ugh.

Elizabeth said...

Dad would just tell me that they'd have to amputate. Tickling would ensue, I'd forget about the bandadge. (or at least realize that I could indeed use that limb... even if I was slightly annoyed that I hadn't been coddled out of my bad mood.)

I remember this distinctly.

michelline said...

Tori is like that. But Libby isn't. When Tori says something hurts, my first thought is whatever. When Libby says something hurts, my first thought is ER! Which ended up happening this week. Libby was running and her knee popped and she fell. It swelled and the doctor told us to take her to the ER. They thought she might have dislocated her knee so sent us to a Pediatric Orthopedic specialist this morning. Luckily, no dislocation, but it tried to,so the ligaments are all stretched. Poor kid. However, she thinks her knee brace and crutches are cool :)

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