Friday, June 12, 2009

Secrets Revealed

Shelley turned me on to Jillian Michaels radio show... and holy mother!.. finally some background info on The Biggest Loser. Guess how many calories the contestants are actually eating?
Keep in mind that they do workout 6 hours a day.

My mom guessed 2400.


8- freaking-00.

That's it.

I guess according to bariatric specialists that is the "sweet spot" for weight loss. My chin practically hit the floor. Listen to the 6/7 podcast to get the full story. BUT if you are like me and NEED TO KNOW I'll break it down for you:

Jillian breaks it down like this (for women)...

If you are OVER 60 pounds over weight = 800 calories/day

60 - 30 pounds overweight = 1200 calories/day (If you are losing from over this once you hit 60 pounds raise your calories 10% a week until you reach 1200.... about 4 weeks)

10-20 pounds to lose = 1500-1600 calories/day

vanity weight (less than 10) = use your BMR calculation as your daily allowance


julie said...

holy shit. They must chew a couple packs of that gum they keep showing on the show a day.

I am happy to see that the calories for how much I need to lose is the 1200.

Haley said...


That also might explain the subsequent rebound weight gain that so many of them end up with...

michelline said...

800 calories is what I was advised to follow after my surgery. Now that I'm trying NOT to lose anymore, I'm trying to eat 1500 or so. It's really difficult for me to eat that much!

inkelywinkely said...

Holy man alive! I am trying to stick to 1100 right now and am dying.

angie said...

what is bmr. so is it eating X amt of calories or is the netting. Like I can eat 2000, exercise off 500 and net 1500?

Mrs Furious said...

BMR is your basal metabolic rate... it is a formula based on weight & height & age that determines what your body burns just to function. You can google it and get a calculator. Mine is 1250 yours will probably be around 1300 because you are taller than I am.
When she said to go to that for vanity weight she didn't elaborate. For me that would be much less than the 1500-1600 she recommended for losing 10-20 ... so I'm not sure what she meant to do with that. I would say maybe take that number and add on your exercise burn say 300-400 and you'd get (for me) 1550-1650 and that seems about right for vanity loss.

Congrats on reaching your goal!!
is your diabetes gone now?
and do you exercise? Is that calorie limit based on exercising or not? Did he say? Just curious.

word. Imagine how scary it really is when they come home... it puts a whole different spin on it. 800 doesn't leave room for any mistakes.

In a way it makes me feel better. No more wondering why they have such huge weight drops.

Mrs Furious said...

People would not be able to live with me (because I'd be homicidal!) if I tried to go to 1100.

Staci said...

I've never heard of this.

I'm kinda upset to read those numbers though...and that they have them out there for the public to see/hear.

I was actually happy last season to hear them tell contestants to have to eat to lose. Which is SO TRUE!

I never recommend eating below 1200 mater your weight, age or activity level.

Like you said...that's a sure fire way to rebound & gain it all back & then some.

P.O.M. said...

EEKs - I thik 800 is super low. But they are just doing it for a short amount of time. Trying to get their bodies to react different to food maybe.

I try to stick to 1200 (or less) during the week. I up it on the weekends for wine intake, but I also work out a lot more on weekends.

Mrs Furious said...

she said they do it for 7 months and typically gain 8-11 pounds of muscle over that time.

under 1200? Wow you are way more hardcore than I am!

It's funny because when she was urging them to EAT what the hell we're they eating? 600?
This was new I think for this past season. Listen to the show she explains it better.

Staci said...

I think I'm gonna skip listening to it. I like Jillian but some of her ways are not my taste.

Like the lack of form she teaches the contestants while lifting...or jumping on them. Not my style. :P

Just remember if you workout you need to eat to fuel your workouts as well as your normal daily activity.
Harder workouts(more intense)= more food/fuel

Mrs Furious said...

No worries here... I never go under 1600. I eat more like 1800 on average. When I'm maintaining I eat 2000.

smellyshelley said...

Oh my goodnes, I need to finish listening to last weeks show! I've heard her say 1200 for the women and 1600 for the guys but if they have a ton to lose she will go lower. I've also heard her say they give them one higher calorie day a week - like 1800 or 2000.

smellyshelley said...

I've also heard Jillian say that a higher percentage of their contestants keep the weight off than most people who lose that amount of weight. I think by the time they go home the are eating more calories.

2kidsandtired said...

I know off topic, buy I just searched for your daily bread recipe. Do you know what or how to substitute or elimiate the powdered milk? My son is allergic and I'd like to master the homemade bread thing this summer for fun?!?! (I dont get out much I guess) I did look up the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book but don't particularly wnat a french bread. Not great for pb&j. Thanks!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Just leave it out. It'll be fine. I have forgotten it completely on several occasions.

Mrs Furious said...

Hope you don't mind the link!

Listen to that episode... it sounds like all previous season's they did the 1200/1600.

I am finding her fascinating to listen to.

inkelywinkely said...

Thing is, Mrs F, for my activity level, I need to take in only 100 so that I can get back down to my goal weight which is a bout 10 pounds lower. Praying for 20, though. LOL.

I am so tired of feeling like I could be better. My problem is I am too comfortable in my body, no matter the weight, so I could care less. But pun deserve a good role model for that crap and dh doesn't deserve a fat ass for a woman.You know?

I am trying. Today I sweated so much, I swear I lost a pound or two. I am burnt like a damned lobster. :)

It is REALLY hard to not go higher than 100, but I keep telling myself that soon enough, I will notice a change...I just haven't seen a change YET.

How many do you try to stay under?

Mrs Furious said...

Now, because I am trying to lose a couple of pounds, I try and stay under 1650. But I don't. I'm usually under 1800. But I do workout pretty much everyday so I've got a good burn going.

Amy said...

800 calories a day?! That is insane. With all that exercise? Definitely does not seem safe or healthy.

Mr Furious said...

I would have guessed 1200-1400

P.O.M. said...

I'm about to go eat (and drink) about 10,000 calories at a bbq meeting the mom!!!! But I ran 12 miles this AM, so it's all good. Now gotta figure out what the hell one wears to such an event.

Mrs Furious said...

Dying to know how it turns out. And what you wore.

Missives From Suburbia said...

OMG! 800? Crap...

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