Sunday, August 30, 2009

If This Doesn't Make You Feel Better About Your Housekeeping Nothing Will

I was over at Amy's place and I've decided to take on her "Let's Get Real 2009: Perfect People Lie" challenge. You know you can always count on me for a dose of reality... and... a dose of bad housekeeping. So I'm in.

I would like you to keep in mind that my house was IMMACULATE on Tuesday. And when I say immaculate I really mean it... I even vacuumed out the couch cushions! I'm not actually saying that to assuage my housekeeping guilt (okay maybe a little) I am saying that so you can take in the full scope of our mess making abilities. It's been less than 5 full days.

So without further ado I'll give you MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW:

Kitchen (seriously people... this is nothing):

Living Room (also maybe one of the best rooms in the house... since this picture things have taken a dramatic downward turn in there):

Family Room (this room is SO messy I needed to break it into two parts to get a shot of all the crap!... and most of this is from TODAY):

Girls' room (Keep in mind that I made their beds with new bedding THIS MORNING):

Office (Okay this room wasn't immaculate. It pretty much always looks like this.... it is the room where all things go to die.):

The bathroom and my bedroom are actually still perfectly clean... I don't want to tarnish our imperfection so I left those off ;)


Penelope Anne said...

ROF!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Your house seriously looks REALLY good compared to my hubble! Ill have to do a similar post! Thanks for this!

Kelly said...

Don't you love how you can spend hours cleaning and it only takes minutes for them to mess it up? Mine looks 10 times worse if I let it go for even a day (which I do), but we have a really small house. Thanks for being real. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's not perfect.

Elizabeth said...

I might have to do this.

The apartment's a freaking disaster area.

I tell myself it's because I 'just got back'

I 'just got back' on August 9th

I don't think your place is too bad though- lived in yes, squalid, not so much!
(I went to Amy's blog, and have been following all the links, good times!)

Elizabeth said...

oh, and hey, I keep meaning to say, I'm sorry we didn't have time for a chat when we were both Up North. It was pretty crazy times!

I got completely claustrophobic a couple times there, forgot it could be THAT crowded!

Still, it was great to see everyone. When the hell did JASPER get so damn old?

lucinda said...

Oh, I have been watching Hoarders and your house may have a few toys on the floor but it looked good to me.

Golden To Silver Val said...

LOL, I just LOVE you! Anyone with kids has been in your same situation...if they are telling the truth. As a grandma though...I do have a suggestion. This DOES work with some'll have to see if it works with yours. Buy a book of stickers at the dollar store and keep it hidden. Make up a chart on a piece of big poster board and give your oldest some chores to do. Picking up the toys is the reason why she can't put them all away when she's done. Maybe she can get baby to help...worth a try. Anyway, reward her with a sticker up on that poster board for everyone to see and it'll make her feel so proud. So many stickers and she gets a reward...maybe a movie...maybe a choose something small that she likes. If Baby helps, she gets stickers too. The main thing to remember is to not give her too many things because that's just setting it up for failure. Start out small (mainly the toys) and then add more a little at a time for twice as many stickers. I hope this will work for you. It did for my daughter but not for my son. In the meantime, your photos sure did bring back some memories of how my house used to look...usually by Friday. I was a stressed-out working mom back then. Good Luck and thanks for sharing!!

Mrs Furious said...

Are you not loving Hoarders? That show is engrossing... and always leaves me feeling pretty good about my house.

Penelope Anne,
Please do it. You know Michelle's house never looks like this ;)

Word. Seriously. I do clean ALL freaking day during the week and while things get done... laundry, cooking, dishes, etc... I feel like I spend all my day just trying to maintain. I can never get ahead of it.

Ha! I've been telling myself the same thing. Some of the stuff in the family room (under the radiator) is stuff I brought home from Up North and have still not unpacked!
And do not worry about talking UN. It was crazyville up there. Totally chaotic. And Jasper... yeah... he was pretty funny.

Golden to Silver Val,
Oh we have a chore chart and reward system. It works as a motivator sporadically for Kid. I think it will be much more motivating for Baby... she's more of an *accomplisher*. Kid has about 5 chores: feeding the dog (which she's happy to do), setting the table, making her bed, picking up toys (which we try and stay on top of on weeknights... not so much on the weekends), and helping with the laundry. She's naturally very messy and honestly the bigger the mess the more independently she was playing and for me that's worth it ;)

carla said...

I LOVE IT and now feel ENTIRELY comfortable inviting you to my mess of a domicile.

come on over!


Mrs Furious said...

One of my favorite old friends in Ann Arbor was a lax housekeeper... it was always such a relief. I don't even notice other people's mess. It just feels like home ;)

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