Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Week in review... video edition:

Quote o' the day:
"I'm going to tell you something and I'm going to tell it to you ONE time. The oven light is meant to be used to check on something. You love to turn it on and watch things bake. You're going to burn out that light... and it will never get replaced. And that does not mesh with my temperament."

NO that was not said to one of our children.

Target fashion finds:

CUTEST shoes ever and I think they speak for themselves. But if not let me help them along with this... $12.99.

I am loving this cardigan. It is really feminine... almost elegant. It's the kind of thing that takes a regular shirt and jeans and makes it look 1000 times better and more intentional. And it is the prefect weight to transition my tissue weight shirts into Fall. $22.99


katieo said...

those shoes are perfect.

and yeah, this week has been incredibly out of control. Throw in soccer practices and games for two different kids and so. much. homework. and I can't even think straight.

That's good to hear about the weight. You look great. I have a feeling I'll be losing weight over the next couple weeks just from not having time to eat.

And good luck with all things out of your control {wink wink}.

Kiki said...

Ok, I'm heading to Target (before inventory tonight) but mine is notoriously crappy and NEVER has any of the cute stuff I see online or on you!!

I LOVE that cardigan and the freaking fun...great job finding some cuteness!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I recently started driving a little farther to a different Target and it's like the best Target EVER. Send me your sizes and I'll get 'em for you. Then maybe I'll bring them too you ;)

homework... please LORD don't ever give Kid real homework. She is supposed to start this year but they're easing into. I almost had a panic attack when the teacher mentioned it. Kid cannot "preform" on assigned tasks... I think I've mentioned the low frustration tolerance and perfectionism (don't know where she gets it!) it's horrible and crying and fits always ensue... so I'm really dreading it.

Feener said...

my hubs does the oven light thing as well eventhought you still can't see in and he leaves it on - drives me nutz.

love that cardigan

Mrs Furious said...

That and leaving the dryer open... which leaves the light on... which has been burnt out for months even though we've only had it for a year!

The cardigan is fabulous. It really is. Because of the dark color I couldn't really get it to photograph that well. Get it.

Kiki said...

What is the cardigan made of?? I have a wool/cashmere issue...I checked my Target and of course they don't have the sweater, they did have the shoes but not in my size!!!

I'll check back this week...thanks for your sweet offer!!!

Mrs Furious said...

It's a linen/rayon blend. I'll go this week and call you from the store. They had a couple of colors. Mine is a very dark teal. I got a small. Seriously I'd be happy to pick it up for you.
What is your shoe size?

Kiki said...

I loved the teal on you....but I wear black or gray a lot....I looked online and they said that they had black, but the review was that it was the teal one that you bought. So I'm wondering if they had black or gray? The shoes....I'm a 10. Gigantic, I know....thank goodness I'm 5'10" so I balance out the huge foot with a tall figure!!! Heehee, calling me from the store is sooooo something my sisters and I do, I LOVE that you offered it, you really are becoming a part of the family now!!! XO!

Mrs Furious said...

It comes in black. I remember because I had a really hard time debating between the two! Okay. I'm going to go with Baby on Thursday. I'm excited to be on the hunt! I'll call you.

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