Thursday, December 17, 2009

Randomness Of The Day

Is anyone else watching (and LOVING) Sing Off? I cannot get enough of that show! It's fantastic.

P.S. Don't tell me what happened last night... I tivo'd it and we're watching it with Kid tonight!

Last night I realized in a fit of panic that today was Kid's last day of school and we hadn't put together any teacher gifts. Of course I didn't really think about it until 9:30 PM. Unfortunately I suffer from a mental disease and it really matters to me what people think of me... especially when I don't like them! ;) While we did contribute to the pooled cash gift (as asked to do) I also want Kid to give them homemade gifts. She doesn't understand about the money and it isn't giving her the opportunity to express her feelings herself. (either is my making cookies... but... hey... it's a start). So last night I made my Gingersnaps (which are fantastic). I packaged them up like I did last year. I also put one of Kid's beeswax candles in the gift bags and that felt PERFECT. It's something she made, and is proud of, and it is something that is both useful and meaningful to the teachers.

Then, later, because I'm a psychotic perfectionist, I was really stressing about not having a small gift for Kid to be able to give her classmates. I don't know why, it isn't like she gave them one last year. It's more a compensation for my feeling so behind in all of our Christmasiness thus far. So I enlisted Mr F to help me put together bags of "Reindeer Food" and stick them anonymously in the kids' cubbies. Another parent did this last year and Kid loved it. That family is gone and I though we'd keep the spirit alive.

Then I finished the big snowflakes for Kid's school holiday performance.

It was a long night!

Yesterday, as I collected our mail, I was also overcome with guilt about not having gotten any Christmas cards together.
While covertly shopping for stocking stuffers with Baby at Cost Plus World Market I picked up some nice discounted cards. Then today I ordered some wallet sized pictures of each of the girls... and if we work together... we might actually get those out BEFORE Christmas.

Today is my last day of babysitting until January. What a relief! While the money would be helpful, I'm just so excited to be able to enjoy the next couple of weeks with the girls and finally be able to do some holiday baking and crafting. I'm really looking forward to having our evenings together to relax and watch Christmas movies

That's it. Gotta go feed babies.


inkelywinkely said...

wow. That's alot, huh?

We were going to go to the school yesterday to bring Blaine the $5 gift we were asked to give, but then he said he didn't want anything that was $5 or less, he would rather me not buy him crap and stick to his few big gifts. that was out. Then, his teacher said that we could bring treats, and he wanted cookies, so I said I would make them..then, he decided he didn't want me to do that, he would rather I make them at home while he is off school and have them all for him. So, that was out.
Well, then he was singing in the program and they were having Christmas dinner and we could go...he said he would rather if we didn't go to the dinner, because "it's gross and he will be in a bad mood anyway because of that." He said he would like it if we could BRING him lunch instead of spending $4 each on that. that's out...and as for the program, he said he didn't want to sing, and would instead be standing there NOT doing it, so it would be a waste of time.
So, yeah...we look like big ole slacker parents that don't give a crap. It is driving me nuts, but what he wants and what makes him happy is more important than what I look like, right??
In other news, we usually don't do anything but a Christmas tree for holidays because we are against the commercialism of this time...and Punk said that he didn't understand why we did that because there is no use in it. LOL Instead, he said he would rather not have one at all, or make leaves out of paper and write things that matter about the holiday and put it on the wall, that way it helps us be in holiday spirit.
We didn't get much as for gifts, and I was driving myself nuts about it, but your happiness post made me realize that I was not sticking to my convictions, but was instead more worried about what everyone thought. Punk understands why it was important to choose just a few items he really wanted and not waste our time getting all the crap that he didn't need, why couldn't I stop feeling bad about it? You know?
So, he got 6 gifts, and he will get one special one for his birthday..Next year, I will be sticking with 3-4 gifts and that is it. Period.
I will be looking forward next year to having a less stressed holiday. :)
Now, in just a few weeks, it will be birthday time....

Marie said...

First-avoiding the Sing Off..just finished up "So you think you can dance" and don't want to commit to another show yet :)

Second-your CRAZY. Let it go. Be a slacker. And you gave away the candles that you bought the supplies for and then bought the candles BACK to the school??

Third-this year we did our halloween picture for our xmas card (all of us as wizard of oz.."There's no place like home..for the holidays!"). Uploaded to walgreens and an hour later-presto! 20 cards for $13 plus stamps--DONE!

Fourth-CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Relax, sleep in, let the kids run naked and the house be a mess!! Vow not to clean again till the break is over!

Happy holidays!

Andrea said...

Yowzers thats a lot and Im trying to not stress out about christmas. I really want to see these candles!

Me, Only Better said...

Yay for last days of school and no babysitting! I am sure you will have a fabulous holiday!

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