Friday, December 18, 2009

Eight Hours Later

Baby made it about 8 feet off the porch before she just gave up in a heap. See her head sticking out just past that bush?

Don't worry Kid came back for her and packed down a 200 foot track for her to follow back to their "fort".

Update to add:

Have you ever run through a foot of snow in your socks? Because you suddenly heard the shrieks of death coming out of your two year old?
Lost my slippers in the first 5 feet from the back steps.
Kid can only find one.
I now have hypothermia.
Oh and there was nothing wrong with her.
And, yes, "crying wolf" has now been officially defined for them.


Kiki said...

Dying. Of. Jealousy. Wishing. I. Was. There. Instead all we have is weather that is just a few degrees too warm for snow, but cold enough that when you go out in the rain you feel angry, unfettered rage. And yes, I've been in and out of the car ALL day because I'm getting ALL my Christmas shopping done in one day....grrrr!

{{sheepish}} I guess I just made your beautiful winter wonderland post into bitch fest Friday, somehow....I'm just cranky I don't have snow!

Mrs Furious said...

I agree completely! That is how "winter" is around these parts and I'm always wishing it was just a few degrees cooler and the rain would be snow. Nothing sucks more than being freezing & wet & muddy & grey. It's the pits.

Kiki said...

I am enjoying it vicariously through your great pictures!!! So great to see the girls having fun!!!

Marie said...

That looks great! I agree-snow is definitely better than cold/freezing/rainy/muddy. Yuck. We are waiting for our snow..supposed to start by noon today and go till noon tomorrow.. They are predicting (get this..) between 4" and 24" depending on the station!! Perfect weather to make cookie dough for xmas!

Me, Only Better said...

Snow is so much fun. Unless you live here, where it has been minus 30, and the snow stays forever, but it's too freaking cold to enjoy it. And then it warms up and turns to mushy snow, and then it refreezes and turns to a freaking skating rink for cars.

Hey. It's my own personal bitchfest re: snow!

wootini said...

LOL. I was just thinking this morning that wrestling 2 kids into snow gear sufficient for two feet of snow should be an Olympic sport or something.

My daughter got mad at her brother at one point & wanted to go inside... I told her, no way. If you're too cold, that's one thing, but you're not going back in just because you're mad - it was too much work to get you out here!!!

michelline said...

It hasn't snowed here in 20 years (December 1989).

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