Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gee I Wonder Why That Didn't Work

The other day Baby ran through the room and left a piece of herself behind.

Her stench.

"Go tell her I need to change her diaper." I ask Kid.

Kid runs off after her.

Kid runs back.

"She won't come." Kid says.

"Tell her she'll get a rash if she doesn't get her diaper changed." I tell her.

Kid runs off.

Kid runs back.

"She won't come. I even said this, because Dad said it and it worked...

'Mom said you need to get diaper creme on or she'll cut your head off.'

But it didn't work. She's not coming." Kid recounts.


Mr Furious said...

I NEVER said that!

(Though I did once tell Kid I wanted to run her over with the car...)

Mr Furious said...

In my defense, I thought is was a pretty innocuous joke-threat since we were in the bedroom at the time.

julie said...

OMG...I am Laughing SO HARD right now. Thank you all so much!!!

julie said...

And honestly, if it had worked I would have had to steal it.

"Murphy, come to dinner or I am going to cut your head off."

Mrs Furious said...

I'm glad someone thought it was funny!!

Geez tough crowd today ;)

inkelywinkely said...

I threaten to turn Punk into a purse all the thing I do that calms him down and he acts scared then laughs his butt off is.. if we are in the store and he acts up, "I loudly sing about how I am going to skin him and dry his skin on the wall and turn him into various accessories..he thinks it is funny and embarrasses him enough that he wants me to stop all at the same time.

I get some crazy looks, too..but I don't mind.

Deb said...

Bwah-ha-ha-ha!! That is awesome.

I have threatened to shave the dogs bald if they jack around, but I've never thought of threatening bodily harm on the kids. My dad used to occasionally toss out "You know, you could use a good beating right about now". For all of his parenting faults, acting on that threat was not one of them, and I have fought the urge to say that once or twice to my kids. Because you KNOW if I said it in jest, the big one would repeat it at preschool or something.

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