Monday, January 11, 2010

This Week The Plan

I'm exhausted today.  I'm now forced to kick ass all day Sunday to get everything ready in order to make it through the week.  I mean yesterday I went grocery shopping at two stores, did several loads of laundry, cut Kid's hair, made meals, etc, and  I feel like I have no downtime to recoup from what has become a pretty exhausting life. (Plus I watched Medium, and then Mr F was talking about The Mothman Prophesies in bed, and then the neighborhood dogs starting going ape-shit, plus I had read that Asheville has 2x the crime of the national average before bed.... so I did not sleep well) This week the baby that was a no show last week is coming EVERYDAY that the other baby is here.  My stress level (which last week was non existent) went through the roof when I found out.  This is the prime example of me making passive choices that don't make me happy... or don't contribute to my families ultimate happiness.  One baby is doable... adds important income... and doesn't take away from my ability to meet Baby's needs. Two babies changes the dynamic considerably.  I need to put all my energy into the babies, and for the pay, the deficits... the energy drain, the diversion of energy from Baby... are just not worth it.  So I need to work toward being able to do something to change this... ie actually be upfront with people.

Sunday - Salmon Noodle Casserole w/peas, sauteed mushrooms, salad

Monday - Hot dogs, homemade french fries, apple slices

Tuesday -   Beef Stroganoff w/ egg noodles, broccoli 

Thursday - Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon, rice pilaf, zucchini beans & pepper saute

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas (Cook's Country 30 minute)

Diet & Exercise:
Last week I started food journalling again.  I went all the way and measured and weighed everything.  I had burnt out by the weekend after a disappointing weigh-in (sound familiar anyone?).  So I gave myself the weekend to be disgruntled that my week's efforts didn't make me magically drop 10 pounds in five days.  I'm over it.  I'm back on board.  
Last week I did several different exercise dvds and TV shows since our treadmill is in the garage and with the frigid temps I just couldn't bear to put my snowpants on in order to get my workout in.  I also wanted to try something different and see how it went.  If things change around here I will need to focus on workouts I can do on the main floor of our house where I can still be present for the kids.  Anyone have the Wii Fit and actually use it?  We don't have a Wii and it would be a pretty big financial expenditure for us to get one but if people use it and feel that they are getting a good (hardcore even) workout from it please let me know.  If Mr F moves I might want to get one so I can keep a consistent exercise program going upstairs... the treadmill will be retired until we move (and then hopefully can move it INDOORS).  Oh plus I've decided to go for 15% body fat.... which is not a thinness thing but a optimum humanness thing... and maybe just a straight up motivational challenge... we'll see.  More on that later. First I have to finish these Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses... 

That's it.  No news yet.  


smellyshelley said...

We have a Wii fit, it is okay but I wouldn't rely on it for a true workout. It is a fun family activity that can give you a bit of activity...and some of the activities might even make you sweat for a few minutes...but I think you would be disapointed if you are looking for a good workout.

Nutmeg said...

Yeah.. the wii fit (we had the wii and the wii fit was a gift) is not going to give you the kind of work out you want. there are some fun games that are associated with having a balance board, but you don't need games.

inkelywinkely said...

Sounds like you are going the easy route this week also...I need to start journaling. I have no scale, so weighing things is out of the question.

did you get the email I sent? LOL...

Monday- bbq chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes
Tuesday- chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn
Wednesday- same
Thursday- taco salad, refried beans, saffron rice
Friday- same
Saturday- sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower

P/F said...

Kickass is Cathe Friedrich. I'm not into her step routines, but she has other cardio and strength DVD's that are awesome. I have a bunch of her workouts recorded on the DVR, and it's the only reason I'm afraid to get rid of DirecTV, because I might somehow lose all of my Cathe and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad episodes.

Also, I know that you have Jillian, but I love her Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD. It's longer, and it kicks my ass. I love it. Plus, you don't need anything other than a mat.

I think the 15% bodyfat is a great goal. I can't wait to watch what it takes to get there. For me, I think it would involve many more 2hr workouts.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks guys. I'm going to bail on the Wii idea. Good to know!

you could be watching for a LONG time ;) It would have been easier if I hadn't gained 6% body fat over the last year and a half. Gah! I think 2 hour workouts are probably pretty realistic. Now I just have to find 2 hours...

Mrs Furious said...

Oh and funny that you mention Cathe because I actually tivo'd one of her shows and I made a note that I liked her style and that she isn't too perky or annoying... which gets old when you watch something over and over. I actually did a step show which was hilarious seeing as I don't have a step and was using two turned over toy bins. Also she is what got me re-inspired for the 15% goal. Her body is amazing in the way that I think is amazing. Totally lean but not ridiculously skinny.

Kiki said...

I love the plan and I think that you tailor it to meet your weekly needs is most important....I hope you get some rest and I may or may not be checking in obsessively to see if anything has changed about the job situation. How quickly will things happen if this goes down?

If it makes you feel any better, Sumter, SC has the #2 worst crime in the nation, so bad it's on some watch list....its about an hour from here....I'm always worried it will trickle this way.

Nutmeg said...

it's about amish... so I thought of you.

P/F said...

I was going to say something about Cathe's body being amazing, but my comment was getting too long. I love that there are examples like Cathe and Jillian out there!

Mrs. Smitty said...

I got a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I'm still trying it out but have been told that some of it is better than the Wii fit and challenging. it still has the balance games and things but also exercises. Smitty has done the yoga and said it can be harder than a class because it's so focused on your balance. It also includes a feature now where you can set up your own workout routine. This might be a better fit for you (if you are at all still interested, sorry I'm late on the debate) I'm still working my way through trying everything first.

Sam said...

Hello, you've inspired me (and that's not easy) Glad I happened in. When you have a little time, come to my blog. I'd be honored to see you there as a friend and or follower. I am now your loyal follower! Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

Missives From Suburbia said...

We have the Wii Fit. It's fine. The problem is that most of the activities are fairly short, so you have to keep pausing to restart. Not my cup of tea. Plus, it's not intense enough to make significant changes without working out for 60 minutes a day, and I don't have time for that.

On the other hand, I took off all the remaining baby weight and stripped my body fat down to 17% seven months after the last baby was born using the 30-Day Shred. I've maintained that for the past six months by working out 4-5 times a week for 20 minutes. I think you actually eat better than I do, so you would probably have even more success.

Mrs Furious said...

Dude! Are you still just doing The Shred? I got to get on that shit. I never really stuck to it.
I have this theory that it's easier to lose fat post-baby. I got down to around 18% after Baby and then gained a fair amount back after breaking my fucking ass. Now god fucking damn it... it is so hard for me to drop any body fat!
I need to know if you are maintaining with the shred. I'm doing it. Bring it!

Missives From Suburbia said...

Yep. It's all I have time for. I'm 13 months past baby delivery, and I'm actually five pounds below my pre-baby #1 weight, which I maintained through the sugar storm of the holidays. (Seriously, I was baking every night for two weeks, and I was sampling significant chunks of every kind of dough you can imagine.) I have abs. I have quads. I have rockin' hamstrings. If I have any complaints, it's that I don't get a good enough arm workout, but that's because I need to buy bigger weights.

My theory on the DVD is this: the people who complain it's not hard enough are either a) Ironman-level triathletes* or b) not pushing themselves enough. On one of the levels, there's a line Jillian says about how you should be gargling your heart. I've been there. Many times. I can honestly say I haven't been in this good of shape since I was racing half-Ironmans.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Not sure how that asterisk got in there.

By the way, I'm going to pick up one of Tracy Anderson's cardio DVDs soon. I love the results from Jillian, but I'm getting a little bored and want to do some fun dance cardio. I'll let you know how that goes.

Mrs Furious said...

alright I'm doing it.
And YES let me know about the Tracy Anderson I've been very intrigued about her workouts but wasn't sure how it would parlay to a DVD scenario. It should be a great change of pace for you since her method is like the complete opposite of Jillian's.

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