Saturday, January 16, 2010

Moot Point

For the last 7 and a half years I have been wearing the same worn out nursing night gown. Because it is the most comfortable knit in the world... and because 7 years ago it kind of resembled a sexy black spaghetti strap dress (for real). Now it does not. I mean it is pretty much horrendous. The cross over nursing aspect is loose and falling off (I'm no longer 38F) and there is a very high chance of a very non sexy peek-a-boo boob sighting... just ask the mailman. The fabric was technically hand washable but I gave that part up 6 years ago and the machine washing has stretched out the elastic and pilled the straps.

So I've had my sights set on getting a new nightgown. One that was equally soft but maybe less risque and a lot less disgusting. It is not easy to find a nightgown that isn't made for either a retiree or for having sex. Well unless you want to fork over 100 bucks. And I don't.

Yesterday I happened upon this basic knee length Ralph Lauren knit gown at the Dillard's outlet for $8. EIGHT BUCKS PEOPLE. Seriously soft. Practically seamless. Tagless. And no huge slits for my boobs to slip out of. Non refundable.

I put it on and walked into the kitchen.

"Sweet Jesus! That is ridiculous!!" Mr F cries out.

No not because it is slightly old lady-ish.

Because the fabric, it turns out, is COMPLETELY SHEER.

So much for the less risque part.


dasnowz said...

Try karen Neuburger pajamas. Found mine for $30 or so depending on store. They are super soft, hold up well (I am on year 4 for my first one), and get softer with each washing. They are also thick enough to not be sheer.

It bothers me on the sheer thing because everything!! shirts etc are now doing it. I don't want to wear 2 or 3 shirts because someone decided sheer is in. I also want pajamas I can walk around my house in and not be embarrassed in.

Good luck finding new pajamas.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm with you on the sheer. I hate feeling like I need to add bulk by doubling up shirts but if I don't you can see everything underneath.
As for the nightgown...I just want to be able to eat breakfast without needing pasties. ;)... Is that too much to ask?

Elisa said...

ahhhh hahaha. seems like you can't help but being sexy ;-)

I personally love the cotton nightgown and pjs from Victoria's Secret, an I usually get them during the half-year sale. 2 really cute sleep shirts for 4 bucks? works for me.

Mrs Furious said...

2 for $4.. you really can't do better than that. I would never have thought I could find something practical at VS. I'll check it out.

inkelywinkely said...

Two words.

Old. Navy.

For $14 bucks each, or $20 for two, you can order online, these awesome nightgowns...I have is OLD, the other is from around Christmas. They have 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves. They have the feel of a silky soft worn cotton tee. And, they come to your knees. They also come in almost any color imaginable.

I was in the same yucky stretched out black spaghetti strap nightgown boat as you...these are the only reason it is retired.

Here is the spaghetti strap option:

Also, Victoria Secret has some awesome worn feeling cotton nightgowns that are really nice..I have one of those, but it is so ugly and faded now..yuck..and I still wear it. hahah... they are more expensive though.

This is one like I have (sooo comfy):

And, here are two more:

...just remember no one that buys their merchandise ACTUALLY looks like that, and you will be fine. It appears the top one is on sale.

inkelywinkely said...

Oh, yeah... and maybe it'll make you feel better to know that my *main* sleep shirt is an oversized men's tshirt...with paint stains all over it, and a few little holes, and a giant alligator that says "Cenla Men's Church League Softball" that I got handed to wear at someone's house after swimming in the lake all day and having sand in my crack. LOL.

It is UGLY, but it is like 40 years old and the cotton is so soft. I love it.

Mrs Furious said...

And they are not see through right?

"It is UGLY, but it is like 40 years old and the cotton is so soft."

I had a hand-me-downed old Adidas shirt like that. It had some strange man's pit stains and everything... but it was so soft and worn that it felt like velvet. I finally decided to retire it when we moved here. Still miss it...

Rah said...

Have you heard of Gillian and O'Malley at Target? I think it is awesome. I have two gowns and a pj set that is a camisole and capri pants. The material is what makes it so great-i seriously want to live in it!

inkelywinkely said...

No, Mrs. F, they are not see through AT ALL... I can even wear them around Punk. And, if its cold, it doesn't look weird to throw on some pj pants..until bed at least.
I must second the gillian and omalley. I have some black satiny type pjs from there that are awesome... just watch it with the cotton, some of them can be not-so-soft..and that is fine in summer when you need crisp cool cotton, but when you just want to relax, especially when it's cool out, you need soft soft soft.

Marie said...

Freaking cracking up..thank god dh's not home! You could always go my route...sweatpants that are barely hanging on to life that are about 10yrs old paired with dh's "work" shirts (work as in mowing grass, changing nasty stained stretched out things). During the summer I go sans sweatpants (the shirts reach my mid-thigh).

Sigh... poor dh. He would probably be thrilled if I came home with a see-through granny nightgown. :)

Oh--and I SOOO agree about the see-through tshirts/etc.. WTF?? I want to wear ONE tshirt..come on..its summer, its hot, its sticky...why would I want LAYERS?? Half the time I buy the stupid things and don't realize until I'm in public that it was probably supposed to be layered..sigh..

Kiki said...

Gap Body is the awesomeness too...but believe it that I have Old Navy for pj's...but I don't wear them to bed, I wear them pre-bed, then take them off to sleep....too cumbersome....

As for layers...I LOVE a cami between my shirt and my skin, I feel like it keeps the clingy factor down....if you come to Gap and worry that our tee's are too see through I will tell you to throw on a's how we like it.....layered deliciousness!!

Mr.F should consider himself lucky for the peek!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've gotten some great ideas here! Your readers are THE BEST!
Can I say that I still wear a pair of maternity shorts that I bought in 1990! YES! 20 YEARS AGO! So, I understand about how great an article of clothing feels. I am not giving them up. I keep repairing the hem and use them to work out in (at HOME)

inkelywinkely said...

I had a pair of shorts that we called my moos. Yes, moos. They were cotton and had cows all over them. They were all cartoony and cutesy and comfy..they were passed down to me from a friend. I wore them forever, and they had ripped seams and paint stains and such (painted the house in them)..and one day they were gone.

Then. I asked hubby...he burned them in the yard...said they made my ass look like a cow's. LOL

Mrs Furious said...

"Can I say that I still wear a pair of maternity shorts that I bought in 1990! YES! 20 YEARS AGO! "
bwahahaha... and yet I completely understand. Also I think it is a testament to the quality of fabric that just isn't available anymore. I wear through *new* things all the time. It's really frustrating.

"but I don't wear them to bed, I wear them pre-bed, then take them off to sleep....too cumbersome...."
That is part of the problem. I don't want to feel too much fabric when I'm sleeping. I cannot sleep in PJ pants because they inevitably bunch up. I used to just sleep nude but now my life demands that I be dressed at a moments notice.

that is hilarious

I'm going to look into next time I'm there. I have to say most of the time I skip that dept of Target. I don't know why.

"Half the time I buy the stupid things and don't realize until I'm in public that it was probably supposed to be layered..sigh.."
Totally! I bought several at Target and didn't try them on until I got home and got dressed. They fit fine and such. It wasn't until later that I realized you could see my bra... not the outline... the actual bra.

Mrs. Smitty said...

My favorite is from Victoria's Secret. Don't know how long ago I got it but it's comfy, not too bulky to sleep in and come down almost to my knees. it's long sleeve and soft t-shirt like material. And not sheer! I probably got it on sale or with a gift card but if you can find some inexpensively, it's great.

Deb said...

Is this where I admit to sleeping in yoga shorts and a wife-beater? The shorts are clingy, so they don't ride up or bunch up (I HATE that). It's as close as I can get to sleeping naked which I miss very much, but feel weird doing with a baby in bed and a preschooler who might need me.

Deb said...

BTW, the nursing gown sounded hot. I'm sure your mailman was thrilled.

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! Not so much... I'm pretty sure he's gay.

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