Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Amends

Dear Childcare Mom,

I am so sorry about this morning. Double the punishment for you... you had to see me with my Liza Minnelli morning hair!

Turns out someone (Baby) was playing with my alarm clock and reset it for 11.
Again, I am really sorry you all had to wait out in the cold. I'll credit you back $5 for today.

Mrs F


Supermom said...

HA HA!!!

You are too funny!

Mrs Furious said...

I've never been so embarrassed in my life... including when I shat my pants on the subway.

Supermom said...

I'm sorry.


Really it wasn't that bad! We have short hair for the amazing bedhead!!! REMEMBER?!?!

The see through gown, ummm, you don't have anything that she doesn't have or hasn't seen before.

Mrs Furious said...

"you don't have anything that she doesn't have or hasn't seen before."
Are you sure? ;) (jk)

I was just totally caught off guard and it was one of those crazy adrenaline rushes I can't shake off.

julie said...

okay, now i need to hear about the subway story!

Kiki said...

Yes, subway story please because it HAS to be better than my breaking in to a Catholic church to use the potty before there was an accident of epic proportions! Luckily....God forgives!

Did you wake up like you were shot out of a cannon and are you still "off" even now, hours later??? Because that happens to me all the time....ugh!

Mrs Furious said...

Let's just say I did not know I had pooped in my pants until I got home... but everyone behind me on the stairs up out of the subway did. The good part was that I didn't know so I wasn't embarrassed in the moment. Otherwise I probably would have become homeless refusing to exit the subway car.

Yes that's exactly what happened. I am just *off*. Cannot figure out what time it is and feel like I've had 100 cups of coffee (I haven't)... I'm totally unsettled. And despite getting more sleep than usual I am exhausted. Go figure.

inkelywinkely said...

I have answered the door in a big sevendust tshirt, straight from sleep before, house a mess... TO CPS. LOL...

After rushing around and trying to pick up the toys from kids that had been there all week (babysitting), making sure punk didn't leave a turd in the toilet, and shoving the dishes off the counter into the sink, nothing will ever make me feel like such an ass..

Oh, add to that that I was sick, and it was 3 in the afternoon!! I felt like such a loser....after that, parents of kids I kept were no skin off my teeth.

Luckily, the guy told me that even with my house a mess, it was cleaner than many of the houses that he went into... did I mention that horrible day is stuck in a file somewhere FOREVER, because he took pictures of everything, hahah

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