Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hold Me

Are you as afraid of this as I am?

(I'd like to add all the usual disclaimers: #1 the rest of the house is clean and organized #2 this is our room of shame that has NEVER never worked in this house #3 recent events forced me to go through that craft/clothing closet in a hurried maniacal way resulting in what now appears before you #4 I'm afraid of paper)

What about this?

(That's baby hitting as close to me as allowed without actually hitting me.... Guess who told her to do it)

3 PM

5 PM
I'm onto the stuff that is less gratifying and more tedious (the paper)... I am losing steam

(I would like to note that that moving box has been under there SINCE WE MOVED. Ditto the two canvas bags... all of it paper work that of course I clearly don't need yet seem to have deemed necessary to keep.)
7 PM

It may not seem like there is much difference in this photo from the above... but there is. Lots of trashing and filing. That bag & box are filled with random old paperwork, checkbooks to closed accounts, art work, etc. This is where I usually give up and just clean off the desk and shove that stuff back underneath. I'm sticking it out this time.... just not today. It's now after 9, I've worked out and put the kids to bed. It's time to clean up the house before Monday AM rolls around. I'll finish this tomorrow! I swear!!


moley said...

Hey Mrs F. long time no see!

That doesn't look so bad. You can see most of the floor and the chair seat and the paperwork piles aren't 12 inches high!

I literally cannot see any carpet in the dining/play room right now or the table top for that matter. The only room that is tidy is the lounge, and that's only because the kids are at their grandmother's and I've spent 3 hrs tidying it.

I know what you mean about procrastination though - I'm currently having a cup of tea before I tackle the kitchen.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sorry, but it actually makes me feel good that I'm not the only one that gets herself in messes like this. Like Moley said, you can still see most of the floor and can actually sit its not as bad as you think.

Rah said...

I just finished cleaning out our storage/craft closet. When it took me 30 minutes to find my sewing machine, I thought it was time to organize it. We are not exactly organized around here so we will see how long it stays in this condition!

Nutmeg said...

You should see what sinus surgery, mark being on call and 30 inches of snow has wrought on our living room/dining room/kitchen. Elias is a kind hearted, sweet and loving soul, but he is a crazy maniac!

inkelywinkely said...

yay!! I am glad to see you updating!! Good luck with that room.. I can't seem to anything since I caught this stupid cold. I want to do NOTHING.

Kiki said...

Haha Heritage Dr. Pepper....I was eyeballing the Throwback Mt.Dew made w/real sugar....then I saw 180 freaking calories PER can, thought about all my hard work and walked away...wahhhhh!

Staci said...


I just cleaned out my store all your shit in here laundry room.
Found shoes that were about 4 sizes too small for the boys that they just put in their shoe bin instead of throwing away. Mind you there was holes in them...not wearable at all. :P

I feel 10# lighter just having that ONE room totally clean & decluttered. I have high hopes for my master closet....when I get the guts to start. :P I still have boxes on the top shelves from when we moved in here...6 years ago this May. So you aren't alone with the box under the desk. :)

Hope you have a great day! Can't wait to see the final after!

PS~I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of the girls on the wall. SO CUTE! Makes me think I need to go look through old pics and frame up some of the boys when they were little. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh thanks. I finally ordered a ton of prints from the last couple of years on Snapfish and ordered several 8x10s. I still don't have the rest in any albums but I filled all the frames we've had sitting around. So glad I did it and I think I spent less than $5.

Andrea said...

I like the way you store your fabric Im stealing this seems so much better than the tub on the floor dump it dig through it system I have going now.

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