Friday, March 5, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

It's that time again.

Sorry I've been kind of MIA this week. Things are getting down to the nitty gritty before Mr F leaves. Add to that Baby's crazy whiny, clingy phase she's sporting, and things are definitely kind of tense. We had no showings this week... although maybe that was due to the ridiculous snow situation. But it might also be that we're going to have to lower our price. I'm fine with that... just needed to be sure it was necessary before we signed up for it. Our realtor is having his realtor open house next week. If that doesn't pick up traffic we'll lower the price in April.

P.S. Did anyone watch the Marriage Ref last night? That proved to be one of the most entertaining hours of television Mr F and I have watched. We need to get on that show. They don't know what they're missing.


Gigs said...

My bitch: I had no idea how hard it would be to watch my son traverse becoming a teenager. The angst, insecurities, and social ups and downs are real, and it can be heartbreaking and infuriating. And I thought my first would be the easy one! Lord help me when my second is there too...

Also, I started to watch the Marriage Ref. But I have to say, after I saw them give the thumbs up to the guy who spent his time tanning instead of going to his kids' games and helping his wife around the house, I couldn't watch anymore. As you can imagine, that would NEVER fly at my house! Did it get better after that?

Mrs Furious said...

The judging part of the show didn't necessarily go the *right* way. Although that was the only scenario where it was so far from where it should have been. But the issues of most of the couples were pretty hilarious. Eva Longoria (who I've never really cared for) was really funny and kind of endearing. What I liked about it was that all the couples while having bickering issues we're all clearly happy couples with good marriages. There were no train wrecks on there so it remained light hearted.

Teenagers... I thought I'd really enjoy that age for parenting. BUT Kid is so moody NOW at 7 that I've changed my mind.

running2me said...

My bitch:
My boss came into work sick and goes to the bathroom to loudly puke and is now moaning in his office. Why won't he just go home??? Ugh. If I get sick, I'm going to KILL HIM.

Samantha said...

I wanted to join in this as my first bitch fest, but decided against it. I don't want my first comment to be a downer.

I love this segment in your blog! It really rocks to just vent!

Mrs Furious said...

Do it!

wtf?! Seriously... vomiting in the office?! Unless you are pregs that is unacceptable.

Mrs. Smitty said...

My period is running on anywhere from 25 to 31 day cycle. it's a crap shoot each month. This is the second damn month in a row it's tried to start early while I sit, unsuspectingly at my desk at work.

I watched the first part of the marriage ref last night. I understood their point about him being passive aggressive about the "snookie" but dude, maybe you'd get more if you lifted a manicured finger around the house bit. Just a thought.

I agree with you Mrs. F that they all seem like happy couples just with one weird bitch between them. I think it makes the show more fun that watching seriously disfunctional people.

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
Oh I could not get over how disgusting I found him. THE most unappealing man I could possibly imagine. I did think the Thanksgiving table issue was hilarious.

I'm with you on the period shit. I'm over it. Bring on menopause.

Torey said...

So, we've had a rough couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, a "friend" of ours got mad cause I kicked her out when dropped by uninvited, and called CPS (!) on us and made a totally bogus complaint. That took almost a week to straighten out, and literally it was the WORST. WEEK. OF. MY. LIFE. I've never been so stressed in my entire life. Even though I know deep down that I am a good (great?!) mother, and I'm doing the absolute best I can for my children, there was a nagging feeling that we aren't "good enough" and they were going to come in and take my kids away. My house has never been cleaner, I'll tell you that. But I'm still waking up in a panic a couple of times a night, and bursting into tears. It was literally terrifying. It made N and I a much stronger couple because we worked so well together, but it was awful. Even now when I think about it, or when Isaac asks about his buddy, or the doorbell rings, or an unknown number appears on the caller ID my stomach flips and I start to panic. Medication is needed ASAP and I can't see a doctor until March 24.

Once we were through that debacle, Gup got sick. He got sick last Saturday and on Wednesday was diagnosed with Bronchitis and Pneumonia. Great. And guess who has a cough and fever now? Beta. We're probably on a fast track to more hospital stays for her. And to top it off, she's continued to have "episodes" that no one can explain, at inconvenient times so I can't video them. She goes for a 6 hour EEG on Friday.

Which is just GREAT since my MOTHER IN LAW is coming on Thursday and staying through Saturday. Did I mention that Saturday is my BIRTHDAY? Happy Fricken Birthday to me.

Is it April yet?

Mrs Furious said...

Jesus! That takes the cake. Please remember that you can always use me as a reference if CPS contacts you again. I am still a licensed in MI and would be happy to vouch for you in an official capacity.

wootini said...

Whoa. After Torey's comment who could possibly find anything to bitch about?? That is totally unbelievable. WHO DOES THAT??? Torey, I think you should officially get to move your birthday this year, to another date of your choosing!

Torey said...

Thanks guys.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to Spring, and my kiddo's birthdays. I'm trying not to lose my mind, but it's been a battle. . .

Thanks for the support!

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