Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Feeling Up To It

I'm massively overwhelmed. I've got too many things going at once.

A seemingly impossible set of circumstances dangling in front of me... and it's hard not to move my worry up to meet them.

11 days.

God, help me.

I'm completely serious.

If you're there, now is the time to help me.


Mrs F


P.O.M. said...

I would come help ya... but I would probably bring wine. Then we'd be drunk and nothing would get done. Oh, and hung over the next day so that day would be shot to hell too. I guess I'm really of no help to you.

Just started new book you might like called "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." HOLY interestingness - 1800 china, bound feet, etc.

Supermom said...

I'd come over but I cannot get out of the house.

Wed ~ I go to Urologist

Thursday ~ Baby M goes for dental check-up

WOW!!! I'm already tired.

Mrs Furious said...

awesome... I need a good time warp book

Keep me updated on your schedule. I'm sitting all week but next week I'm free Wednesday.

julie said...

Just keep your eye on the prize. You will get through it. It will suck for a while though.

CM said...

Does this mean we'll be seeing you within 2 weeks? If so, beware! Aunt Alice wants to steal your children. Again.

Mrs Furious said...

me? no.
First we need buyers to come in and pay top dollar.
Mr F moves up to The Cougar's lair in two weeks though. We'll come up for Easter dinner at the club :)

SK said...

I really feel for ya. I don't know if you remember my situation, but my husband was working 2 hrs away, coming home on days off for the past 2 yrs. I can't believe we lived in limbo for that long! It was like...we started out "backwards", then one obstacle after another made it more difficult to move, then finally, I had to make it happen in a last-resort sort of way. We've been in one house for the past month now, but have had to come back to our house to bring more (and more! I won't be moving this junk ever again--Goodwill, here we come!) stuff. I am hoping that after this trip, we only have one more time to clear our workshop in the back, then get the house on the market.

It's crazy, but it seems to be the way life goes sometimes! ;)

I'm praying for you!
(haven't commented in forever, plus I closed one google acct. and opened a new one!)

gooddog said...

Thinking about you Mrs. F! Hang in there.

liz said...

This is crazy time for you. We did this same thing back in December for only a month, but it pushed me to the brink!

Just think, in only two weeks you'll have one less person to clean up after and "real" meals can become a thing of the past.

Don't underestimate the value of coffee and alcohol at times like this, in moderation of course!

One day at a're doing great!

scout0033 said...

Did you ask my mother?

Deb said...

Don't forget to make a list of all the basic crap in your fridge so you know what to replace once you get to Michigan. (Just one of my many handy-dandy tips from cross-country moves.)

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