Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where It's At

Sorry, this is the only way I can find time to blog right now.


Brina said...

i had to laugh with you re the food-related stuff you miss - i hope everything works out great for you and hey, i'll have a virtual cocktail with you, if it's that what it takes ;)

Loralei said...

You are already many steps ahead in the game, as you've acknowledged where you might have difficulties and you've started working on a plan. I might need to start a nightly wind-down watching movies rather than harvesting my Farmville crops on Facebook!

I use Pledge Grab-its on the hardwood floors in our bedrooms for touch ups. Sometimes the vacuum just blows hair and dusty stuff around in there. (I also turn them over so I can use the other side.)

katieo said...

ok, I've done the single-parent-for-months thing (summer internships) and I've got to throw out a couple of ideas that really helped me.
-I would get out the calendar and plan stuff. ANYTHING. Although I do have some family out here, it's not as easy to just "pop over" when you have four kids. Or to ask them to babysit, etc. It was a lot easier when I had one little baby. So planning did lots of things for us: it made the time go quicker because we always had something to look forward to...even if it was just mcDonalds. It's kind of like our 31 days of awesome in december. THey might be little things but somehow having planned it makes it feel more special. You know, like an advent calendar for the rest of the time in Asheville or something like that. And plan it out for like 4 months. THEN, when the house sells and you don't get to finish it - HOORAY!
I'm trying to think back on some of the stuff we scheduled in...
-movie nights
-craft day (we did lots of these)
-peanut butter play-doh after school
-out to dinner
-any museums, parks, library storytime, shows, etc.
-We found really *really* cheap tickets on one of the smaller airlines and surprised the boys with Aaron coming home for a weekend.
-places like a big bouncehouse land or chuck e cheese we did very fact the boys asked the other day when Daddy was going to Africa so we could go to Chuck E Cheese.
-we also invited ANYONE and everyone to come visit during this time...I just made sure they knew they were here to help. I had an old college roomate come stay with us and a cousin, too while Aaron was in Ghana last time. Just having someone else (live) to talk to was really nice.
-I also planned in things just for ME (kind of like you mentioned scheduling in "you" time every day.) I would actually schedule things like haircuts and other appointments during that time so that I'd be FORCED to find a babysitter and have some ACTUAL time to myself. You know it's easier to go to the work of finding someone if you an actual appointment or something scheduled.

I know it might feel like more work (well, it is) but doing it NOW while you still have Mr. F around is crucial. My kids got so excited each day to hear what "fun" thing we were going to do...even if it was just going to 7-11 to get Slurpees. It also puts a time frame on things. (I don't know...maybe having a timeline would make it worse, lol)

Anyway. No doubt- It's going to be HARD. But it won't be hard every day all the time, you'll still have fun with the girls and the house will's just a matter of time before you're back in MI. :)

(AND you're not pregnant. Just looking on the brightside :)

(p.s. "sorry Mormons..." hahaha!!!)

Torey said...

If anyone can do this, it's you! And it will all be worth it when you're back where you're happy!!!

Good luck!

Andrea said...

word on the 24/7 solo parent gig its can make you crazy,have a cocktail if you need too!

Gigs said...

Just keep your eye on the prize. It's so obvious how relieved and excited you are about making this change, and how you feel the whole family will benefit. It will be so worth it. I hate to say it, but sometimes things actually go smoother when it's just me at home wtih the kids, and I'm certain you all will get into a routine that will work (that includes your down-time), and it won't feel so daunting. Katieo=great suggestions!

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