Friday, March 12, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

Sometimes it's crazy to me how quickly these posts come around.

Another week down.

Have you ever been just driving around, and suddenly you let out a huge exhale, and it is only then that you realize you must have been holding your breath?

That's kind of where I'm at these days.


P.O.M. said...

I've been living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks. A small suit case.

julie said...

What?! Where are all of the Bitches? C'mon people, it's Friday! I love the rants. It is such a good release!

Let's bitch? My bitch is that there's not enough response on Bitch Fest Friday today;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't have a particularly good one this Friday as things are finally looking up today. I might have been a lot more bitchy on say Monday,Tuesday, definitely Wednesday and even Thursday. Today, not so much.
The weather sucks! How's that?? LAME!

SK said...

We are renting a house for the year, and hoping that our house sells quickly (it's not on the market yet--hoping for the beginning of April). Renting...has already been interesting. At the last moment, the homeowners decided not to allow pets. My husband just KNEW that his parents would keep our 3 chihuahuas for us (it's a mom and 2 of her babies, each less than 5 lbs), so we signed the contract and got moving. My husband waited until the last minute to actually ask his parents, because he was SO confident that they would do this favor for him. They said no. We had to scramble to find someone to keep the pets until we could approach the homeowners personally, and my parents have watched them for the past 6 weeks (my parents can handle their own dog, and that's about it). Tomorrow, the homeowners are coming over to work on the exterior of the house, and we have to ask/plead to have our pets (we gave one puppy away on Wednesday, so we're down to 2). I don't know WHAT I am going to do if they are adamant about no parents are "done" watching them--I have to pick them up tomorrow no matter what...I could get over giving the other puppy away (my sons won't get over it easily, though), but my 2 year old dog...I'm just upset and frustrated.

moley said...

Lordy where to start!

My eye still hurts, I can't see properly and I face the prospect of another op in May!

Money is really tight and the business is not looking good.

Printer has just died and is uneconomical to repair so we've had to buy another one. Mr Mole was doing his usual expecting me to make a decision on which model to get and then arguing about my choice, but refusing to commit himself! God I've never met a more indecisive person

Kids have been squabbling all day and it's been raining, so I couldn't chuck them in the garden.

Nutmeg said...

I've been nauseated for two straight weeks for no reason I can fathom. I'm so behind in everything (house, work, hanging out with Elias) and I can't catch up because my body keeps beating me down. I really want to win that battle, but there's no doing.

Mrs. Smitty said...

I started my work morning with a guy who is undermining me behind my back. He's taking the info he gets from me and is passing it along to others with his own twist on reality. Luckily others have come back to me with his crap. After our convo this morning he says he needs to talk to my boss anyway, have him call his cell.

I find out he's the type of guy to call your boss and tell him that the staff is uncooperative, not willing to compromise, blah blah. Awesome. So I tell my boss about our convo, his crap he's spreading and this little tidbit. My boss tells me not to worry about it, he knows better and this guy is persona non grata.

Which leads me to my second bitch, I only have 9 1/2 more months left in this boss's term and then he's done and I have to find a new job and boss. And I doubt any of them will be as good as this one.

Torey said...

I spent last weekend at the Doc's with Beta getting a nebulizer treatment,and antibiotic SHOTS. And then again on Monday.

And then today was her 6 hour EEG.

And my mother-in-law is here.

And tomorrow is birthday.

dasnowz said...

today was last day of quarter.. Should be happy.. But it meant I had to order books for next quarter... Now I am really broke.. $94 for one English book!!another $150 for a science book. And these are used..
My spring break is 2 weeks before my kids. The day I start back to school they start theirs. We usually take some sort of trip. Camping, Disneyland or Canada...
My oldest kid is giving me massive fits. She her husband is now a convicted felon. She doesn't see anything wrong with being homeless or a felon... I don't get it...

Hope you get your house sold fast.I am hopefully relocating in 14 months. The plan is to move cross country. Wa state to Florida. Still second guessing my self on whether or not this is a good idea.

Bean Collins said...

My mother is a crazy alcoholic who got herself fired from her job (a job I might add that didn't support her anyway and she was already constantly needing money) for being so blind drunk at work that she couldn't unlock the front door of the business and get herself out and ended up beating on the door and window until the police were called. This is the 4th time she has done something like this at work and it was her last chance. She had been working at this place for over 10 years and was very good friends with the owner (who is a saint), obviously the reason she lasted so long there in the first place. She canceled the health insurance that my sister and I had been paying for (this woman only has one kidney and I'm sure at some point she will need one of mine). When I moved to China a few years ago I had her store some of my stuff. Only a bit; stuff from childhood, pictures from my entire life, my art supplies and drawing books etc. Everything I owned really. She had told me I could store more and then the day before I was moving she called to say I could only store a couple of plastic tubs. The day before! So I had to sell everything I owned, including my book collection which was fabulous and I had been working on for 15 years. The day before! And now, she won't answer her phone and I know that she will be losing the storage unit that my few possessions are in. I have been trying for the last 2 years to arrange to get those things (letters from my grandparents and all my photographs from my teen years and early 20s) but she never would let me come and get them. Now they will be lost. And in addition to that, I'm sure I will be on the line (along with my sister) to pay her rent and bills. I just started my own business last year and I have a mountain of school loans. I will be getting married in a year or two (hopefully) and would like to save for the wedding and a down payment on a house but that won't happen now because I can't let my mother become homeless. I feel even worse about the situation because my younger brothers are having to deal with most of it and they are still very young. It just sucks and it makes me wonder if I will end up like her in the end.

Me, Only Better said...

My bitch is not a bitch, more a sigh of exhaustion, both physical and emotional.

My sister miscarried a week ago, at 13 weeks pregnant. She lives in Vancouver, I live in Calgary. It is very sad that she lost the baby.

She decided to still come to Calgary for this pre-planned vacation with my 2.5 year old nephew. She arrived in at 4pm yesterday. At 8pm she was having severe cramping. At 9 pm she started bleeding profusely. By 9:30 we were in the ER with blood pouring down her legs. She was in surgery for an emergency d&c at 11:20 pm. She had to stay overnight at the hospital, as her hemoglobin levels were so low they thought the may have to give her blood. They figure she lost at least 2 litres of blood (8 cups). Fortunately she didn't need the blood, and I was able to bring her home at noon today.

Poor her. It was so scary and frightening - and totally unexpected. Obviously the doctors had told her she was physically fine after the miscarriage. I have never seen so much blood in my life.

Thanks for letting me unload. I needed it.

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Only Better,
Jesus! How terrifying! I am so sorry your sister had to go through that.

Bean Collins,
I am really sorry to hear about your mother and her illness. You are absolutely in a hard situation. A situation that you didn't have any control over and one you, and your siblings, do not deserve.

If you know the name of the storage unit I would call and give them your information for when she lapses payment. Hopefully they'll agree to contact you to settle the bill and collect what's stored there instead of auctioning it off. Just a thought... don't know if it will work. I was just recently listening to a This American Life about the storage unit auctions.

Also, you will not end up like your mother.

Mrs Furious said...

yikes! I'm sure that is incredibly stressful for you and the kids. I hope the owners are amenable. (P.S. that is exactly how Mr F would have handled the situation too)

I'm sorry your eye is still bothering you. Hopefully the 2nd op will fix it. It took Kid 2 and I have heard that that is more common than not (needing more than one procedure that is).

Assuming you are not pregs... right?

Mrs Smitty,
I love the have him call my cell phone bullshit. NOt exactly subtle.

Good grief your rough patch is unending! I hope Nathaniel somehow manages to pull something off for you on Saturday! Happy Birthday!

" She doesn't see anything wrong with being homeless or a felon... I don't get it... "
I don't get it either.
Good grief.

You need to start adopting my 2 day policy with clothes... which I've recently amended to 3 days. I don't even pretend anymore. If Cameron Diaz can do it so can I.

They came through for you ;)

the weather does suck. Really hoping it doesn't rain so much that we get a wet basement just in time for a showing!!

Nutmeg said...

HA I've taken two tests, despite the fact that simple biology classes would tell me I am not pregnant... granted they were both expired, but they were both negative... I guess I"ll go buy an unexpired one.

P.O.M. said...

Ha.. that works for me too. Luckily I can wear jeans on most work days (except with clients). So this means I can pack 2 jeans and several shirt and undies and I'm golden. Although I'm stuck with the same stupid shoes. So happy to sleep in my own bed tonight. yeahhhhhhhhh.

Mrs Furious said...

This just happened to me a month ago. Weird. Then I got my period and then my next one came on it's usual schedule two weeks later. Totally weird. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.
Get some fresh tests!!

I should note I do wear clean underwear ;)

inkelywinkely said...

We are so strapped for cash that I have a grocery budget of 30 bucks this week and twenty five next week. Yay! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Late to the party as usual...

They offered me my job again for next year (Theater tends to be year-to-year)

But also my Crazy Insane Bi-Polar Abusive Boss Lady.

We're all having a big meeting to 'work things out' before I decide if I'm taking the job next year.

So do I subjugate myself to probable awfulness with a crazy boss for another 9 months?

Or do I throw myself onto the mercy of this job market?

So I'm a bit depressed this week.

Mrs Furious said...

Shall I go back and find all your comments about how horrible it has been working with her? I do not think it is good for you to keep working under those psychotic conditions.

Elizabeth said...

I'm still hoping SHE doesn't come back.

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