Thursday, March 11, 2010

Realtor Open House Today

A catered broker only type deal.

I've been cleaning.

Still cleaning.

Oh and just discovered Baby has tooth decay on her front teeth.


Like I need something else to worry about and handle right now.


Robin said...

Good luck!!!

And oh no! for baby!!

Robin said...

With extra exclamation points!!!!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

It's not good. Her front teeth are really hidden by her lip (vampire style). Even when she smiles you only see her canines. Well while she does brush her teeth I don't actually see the tops of her teeth. Last night she was laying down and said we forgot to brush them so I checked and it was only because she was laying down that I could see the tops. Not good. She's lost the enamel on the upper parts of both front teeth and has a cavity (maybe 2?) on one of them. Her teeth are very tight and crowded in there so I imagine it's like the worst case scenario for bacteria. Kid's teeth didn't even touch each other. I've never even had a cavity so, admittedly, I'm kind of lax about it. We brush but I'm not going crazy. Oops. I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm really upset.
Good news is Mr F can enroll with dental insurance next week. We called our old dentist and they were really nice and reassuring and got her in over Easter break while we're in town. I bought a oral b pro electric tooth brush with the extra soft heads and figure at least from now on I can be really thorough up there. I got some fluoride mouth wash which of course she's too young for but I figured I could brush it on her teeth before bed. Maybe that's all wrong? I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to stop it from progressing.

Robin said...

That really sucks. Awesome that you were able to get in with your old dentist. Did they have any advice about how to keep it from progressing too much until your appointment? I'm guessing she's not complaining about any discomfort. Hopefully that means it's not too bad.

I thought kids could start using fluoride toothpaste at age 2? Kara's been using it since she was 2.

Deb said...

I hope the whole thing went smoothly and the realtors will be back with clients o'plenty. Did you get good feedback?

I don't know if this will help on the tooth front, Mrs. F, but my kids could not have more different teeth. J has spaces and perfectly matched teeth (like his dad), and C got my big teeth that are closer together and tougher to clean (I promise her she'll grow into them, but I feel bad for her for the next 20 years). Anyway... oddly enough, it's J who gets more plaque. I brush his teeth twice a day, and every night, I take a washcloth, some grown-up toothpaste (shh...) and wipe them down. Our dentist said it's really helping and to keep it up. That might help Baby? Ugh... nothing's worse than the things that sneak up on you.

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F talked to them... so who knows what they said!... he said they said not to freak out. That they see it all the time and it will be fine.
Toothpaste... yes. She did have fluoride toothpaste. And we drink city water.
I got fluoride mouthwash. I just did it. She was not happy. I put it on a toothbrush and swabbed her teeth with it since she can't swish it around and spit it out without swallowing some. It's for kids but says 6 and up. But I'm assuming that is just because of the swallowing issue. Since you don't rinse or spit with my special method I'm figuring more will stay on her teeth. I also just got her calcium and vitamin D supplements since maybe that is part of the problem?

Mrs Furious said...

"Ugh... nothing's worse than the things that sneak up on you. "

So are you wiping them with straight toothpaste? No rinsing?

I'll try anything. I think my mouthwash trick is the same principal but since I made it up who knows?

Realtor... 28 agents came. They ate everywhere... crumbs in the bathrooms!! Of course I have another showing tonight so I just had to re-clean the damn house. He said there was some sticker shock and eye rolling re:price. WTF? We are asking barely over what we bought it for and we've improved it. Get over it. Even in this market (which A'ville is kind of exempt from) whether reasonable or not I don't think it would be a shock for someone to try and get back what they put in... at least to start. It might not work but it's hardly a shocking strategy. This has been his main nag... but isn't it always?! He gets basically the same commission whether we sell high or low. He said they were "charmed" by our house and location though. As I said to Mr F... "we only need one person who is willing to pay our asking price". I'm going hang tight. At least we finally got another showing tonight! And that wasn't from the open house.

Robin said...

Ohhhhh. I was reading too fast. I didn't see the mouthwash part. Good thinking. I agree that since she's not rinsing with it, it's probably fine.

Ugh on the real estate agents.

Deb said...

Yep, we rinse. But he can't seem to figure out how to spit (don't get me started), otherwise, I think I'd do mouthwash, too.

P/F said...

With my first two kids, I was completely tooth obsessed: brushing three times/day, using the blue mouthwash to see where any plaque may linger, timing their brushing but brushing their teeth myself to make sure that it was done right. With boy #3 things have sure changed. I send him upstairs to brush his own teeth most days and trust that he's done a good enough job.

Now I feel guilty.

Better put tooth duty back on my list.

P/F said...

Fingers Crossed for the showing.

Komal said...

I know some great pediatric dentists in the Ann Arbor area if you need some referrals:)
Also, she is a little too young for the flouride mouthwash. Swallowing is a a risk but you can also be giving her too much flouride...yes, too much and can cause flourosis.
No spacing between primary teeth is tough, lots of contact areas for bacteria to get in there but also not much room for permanent teeth to come.
Is there any discoloration in the area that you are talking about?? as long as she doesn't have any swelling or abscess in the area around those teeth she will be fine till Easter break.
The biggest cause of cavities on front teeth with kids is usually sipping on juice or milk throughout the day or sleeping with a bottle with anything but water in it. And of course, the normal, candy....Also, as much as fruits are great for kids, they have a lot of natural sugars that can still cause decay. Kind of a catch 22...
And don't be uspset or be disappointed in yourself. You didn't do anything wrong, and it can be fixed easily.
You can always take a pic and send it over if you want. If it is just enamel worn away..she may be just grinding her teeth and not necessarily decay:)
Just on a side note...vitamin D and calcium are great but don't necessarily prevent cavitites:)

Mrs Furious said...

I was thinking of send you a picture! Maybe she'll let me do it tomorrow.
Definitely losing enamel on the upper front teeth near the root end and down the crevice between them. Also a small brown spot ... cavity?... on one. It's light brown but I'm guessing that is what it is.
She's 3 and doesn't sleep with a bottle or even drink much juice... she went months without it. I think we definitely didn't do a good job of brushing off the plaque on those teeth because they are so far up under her lip and visibility is a serious issue... as with getting a brush up there. Thankfully she's fairly complaint.
So just the toothpaste and don't do the mouthwash?
I meant calcium and vitamin D for bone growth... might that make the teeth stronger?
Her gums look great. I even flossed them today and there was no bleeding or anything. It's just the two front teeth. Her other teeth seem okay (to the eye). Could this be from her pacie? She does have that in her mouth 24/7. It's not filled with anything like a bottle but maybe it's not helping the bacteria? Although it does help her produce saliva which in theory should help.

Gigs said...

My youngest still has trouble along the gum line. I think it's just hard for kids to figure out. It was a nightmare when he was in braces. We ended up brushing his teeth for him most nights just to make sure it was done properly, physically pulling his upper lip back. What a pain - he was not compliant! But these were on his adult teeth. Since these aren't Baby's permanent teeth, don't beat yourself up too much. If you can get her into better habits now, she'll be in good shape later. I don't know if you let your kids chew gum, but one of my friends had a pediatric dentist who recommended a certain gum that increased saliva production. Also, ACT has a restoring mouthwash which is supposed to restore minerals to weak spots on teeth... might just be for adults though. The pacie might be a contributor? Kev's upper teeth had a slight round to them from pacifier use (canines down, center teeth up), and that's why he had to have a first round of braces at age 9. I know it sucks, but hang in there. Hope that something good comes from the house stuff soon. We're pulling for you!

Mrs Furious said...

"the round"... yep that is exactly how hers are. It just occurred to me last week (pre decay knowledge) that maybe that was why her upper teeth are up higher. She is hardcore into her pacifier which is annoying but also I've just decided it wasn't a battle I needed to wage everyday. Plus, undeniably, there is the baby factor going on with her. We give into her MUCH more than we did with Kid. With Kid we encouraged her next step with Baby we relish her babyness too much. I'll check out that ACT and see if the ingredients are the same as what I got.
I am really disappointed in myself (although I'll point out getting her ready for bed is Mr F's responsibility... while I do Kid...just saying). But maybe this is the push we needed to pay better attention to everyone's teeth.

Gigs said...

We give in to our baby MUCH more too. Even though he's 11 ;)

Lori said...

Mrs F.,
Don't worry she still has her baby teeth. Her mouth shape will change and her new teeth will be bigger and stronger. By then you will have implemented her brushing "strategy". Just think of it as an eye opener. Every kid is different. Don't feel bad. It will be fine.
We are about to list our house and I feel your pain. So done with realtors already. Have interviewed 3 team and they all say something different! UGH...
Hang in there. It just takes one buyer right?!
Good Luck

Mrs Furious said...

"It just takes one buyer right?!"
This is what I tell myself every day.

Good luck to you guys too!

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