Thursday, May 13, 2010

As It Turns Out

The Disney princess markers in the Target dollar bins are not washable.

It also turns out Baby is not done acting out about Mr F's departure on Tuesday.


P/F said...

Why do things like this only happen to cute outfits? Try to soak it in Oxyclean. It might not work, but it's the only thing that works when nothing else does.

Andrea said...

I have thrown those damn markers away already and found out the hard way as well and so did our pediatrician's office wall.

Rah said...

I bought 22 sets of these for the 22 students in my class. Cars for the boys and princesses for the girls. They obviously get it on the desk, their hands, and clothes at times, and I have heard it from parents:/ Threw them ALL away along with my $22!

Marie said...

Yup. Know those markers. We are now the proud owners of "painting clothes" for all of our arts and crafts activities, thanks to the nonremovable stains on said clothes!

Target dollar spot...oh how you have let us down... :(

Me, Only Better said...

Good think you are Super Rich ;)

Sorry for all the stress you have been under - I am thinking of you, even if I don't always comment!


trifitmom said...

so we are putting our house on the market next week. i have been decluttering, organizing and moving major furniture. i just wish it was done but i still have some more things to do and the damn basement is a mess. i don't know how the heck i am going to get ready for a showing with the 2 kids ??? wtf ???

Mrs Furious said...

Well you know it was the first time she'd ever worn it too... of course!
OxyClean did get the shirt almost clean. Those shorts didn't stand a chance... not after she intentionally let the markers bleed out onto them.

I can't believe they weren't washable. wtf? What kids markers are permanent these days?!

Oh that sucks! At least Santa was only out two bucks over here ;)

I still can't get over the fact that they are tiny little princess sharpies. What the hell, Target!

Me, Only Better,
Ha! Yes, what's one outfit to me?! ;)

steel yourself up. It's rough. You know I've got the 1 hour notice on showings?... don't do that to yourself. I almost had to commit suicide the other day.

Rebecca said...

I had two hour notices for showings and it was still a lot to do. On occasion I was in tears 15 minutes before I had to get out of the house.

SK said...

I won't be buying any markers from the Target $1 bins! Wow--what a downer!

We had our house on the market before I had our now-3-year-old, and we opted for the hour notice. I would scramble around, straightening up, waking little ones from NAPS, put the dirty laundry in the trunk, lol--then return an hour later to find that the people DIDN'T show! :( I was going crazy! Two months later, I found out I was pregnant, and we took the house off the market--I just couldn't take it, lol. :)

P/F said...

Oh yeah, and I just spent $15 on a set of colored permanent markers! I could have saved big bucks and kept my sons in check by buying the princess set. :)

Deb said...

Because Santa is a man.

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