Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting With Bated Breath

Are they going to accept our offer?!!!!????!!!!!????!

Kid found a four leaf clover yesterday.

And then right after she showed it to me, when I was hauling in the groceries, we got a call for a showing.

In an hour.

The day after Mother's Day... Mr F still here (but not here to help... just here enough to have extra stuff for me to pick up)... babysitting that morning...

so the house was a bad off as it's been this whole time.

I had been letting it go until Mr F left. What was the point?... we never have showings anyway.

I thought I was going to have an actual heart attack my adrenaline was so high. I was shaking. I wasn't even sure I could actually do it all in an hour:
Put away the groceries
Stowing the pack n'play & highchair
Picking up toys
Hiding backpacks & coats
Stashing large cumbersome items in the oven
Stashing the computer
Yelling at the kids
(I did not have time to mop the floors)

But at least we had a showing. Maybe our luck is turning.

I told Kid. She said...

"But that's not what I wished for. I wished you'd give me my allowance from last week."


G in Berlin said...

We had a showing Saturday and yesterday as well. Maybe things are picking up after the Easter holidays?
Fingers crossed for us both.

lindalou said...

I'll be more nervous for you when you have 2 mortgages to pay. sorry....i will be....

Andrea said...

I started feeling really anxious for you as begen reading I hope really hope the house sells soon.

Mrs Furious said...

The mortgage isn't even going to be $600 a month. REALLY. We can't rent for anywhere near that. And, yes, we can cover both mortgages on Mr F's salary. That is why it is a great opportunity. Since it's a short sale even if they accept our offer we aren't likely to get it before August which is when we would have to be in a rental in order to get Kid in school. This is a good thing. We do hope we get it. We have lots of options financially in terms of dealing with our extra property here and are no where near a lose/lose situation. We have always had pretty significant equity in our homes and even if we had to take a loss on our current one we will be just fine... we're just trying not to take more of a loss than we have to. If we get this house it actually frees us up to cut the price on our current one more than if we don't. This new house is undervalued for the short sale and we can't buy anything like it in it's price range. It's a fantastic opportunity for us to get into the school we want at an incredible price point. And at this point we are most concerned with reuniting our family. That is a much bigger family stain than we had anticipated. The thing that most people don't understand is that we actually plan to own two homes. Our goal is to own income properties in Ann Arbor. This house is perfect for that. We can live in it until we get rid of our house here and then rent it out at a huge monthly profit... allowing us to get a house we really want once this house sells. This is part of a long term plan.

Deb said...

I love two things:

1. Kid's honesty; and

2. That you spelled bated correctly (not that I expect less from you, just from the rest of the world).

Fingers are crossed for you.

julie said...

Any word??

That is fantastic that Mr F's salary can swing both mortgages. That makes me breather easier for you. A mortgage of $600?! That is insanely low. Peeps, I live in the northeast. You can't get anything that low around here...even shacks. Seriously.

Mrs Furious said...

no word! I actually think maybe that is good. 600 is due to pretty good down payment and the fact that the house is short sale and listed way below market value. I will say most of the houses we would buy that come close to replacing our original house are 300K and that is in a very depressed market. Things aren't as cheap there as we thought they'd be.

lindalou said...

sorry to be a heckler, i'm sure you'll hate me...but It's hard to follow along when one minute you have NO money and then the next you qualify for 2 mortgages on 1 income and have a hefty downpayment on another house, before you sell this one....
And you have no money for plane tickets or your best friends wedding, but soon after put a big , expensive, fence around your house.

I've been reading for a long time and think you're adorable....just hard to follow along or believe you at times.

It's your blog, I know....it's none of my business and all of that
but i'm just voicing what maybe others may be thinking as well.

Whatever....sorry if this pisses you off...i'm just keeping it real.

Mrs Furious said...

Shall I give you a direct line to my financial advisor?
I'm pretty sure I've never once asked any reader for financial advice. Ever. It could be that due to our circumstances (most of which I do not disclose here), owning our own business, etc, that our financial situation is unusual, and that things change abruptly. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Tax refunds allowed us to *suddenly* fence our yard. Something that with kids & a dog (at the time) and property that extends to a very busy road was an imperative decision. Don't be alarmed when we go without takeout and new clothes so we can do it again in our new house... I'm sure it'll seem sudden then too.
I know this is a shocker but I don't actually blog about everything in our lives, some of it is none of anyone's business.
You did notice that I started watching kids this year... right?... might account for *suddenly* having a bit more money. Could be I set up a special ING account just for the sole purpose of saving for our move.
And when a house is dirt cheap a hefty down payment(as in over 20%... not 50%) might be easier to come by then you might expect. In fact, we just got another huge tax refund, and Mr F got some freelance work... so.... is that everything? Or do you need me to fax you my bank statements?

Rah said...

I hope you get it!! hoping, praying, anything else that will help, that you guys get this house. You definitely deserve it!

By the way-Last night, I did step aerobics per your recommendation. It was awesome-I almost died-but it was awesome none the less:)

Mrs Furious said...

And for the record nothing pisses me off more than when someone WHO DOES NOT KNOW ME accuses me of lying on the damn blog. For what purpose would I take time out of my life to write made up shit? Good fucking grief. My life is hard enough. Half the time I don't even want to blog... I just do it for the readers. Even when I'm tired, even when I feel burned out and like I have nothing to say... I still do it. To keep the community going. So if things don't add up it's probably because some details are none of your business and I leave plenty of stuff out that effects my spouse and family. Or that I spend more time writing up things that stress me out because it's a release for me... and positive things often go unnoticed in place of humor. I've never one time lied or exaggerated on here. Never once. Never will. We have enough money to do this move. The move is to further us financially... but it has been hard work and will be until we can sell this house. I've been saving every fucking penny I can and delegating them into special savings accounts to make this work. We don't have Kid's tuition anymore which instantly means several thousand dollars are freed up before we close and need our down payment. WE SOLD MR F's car... did I fail to mention that? I am not lying. I am offended.
You don't know me.

Mrs Furious said...

Yay! I'm really glad you tried it. I love it/hate it (because I think I'm going to die part of the time). I'm totally sticking with it. I've seen huge back of thighs improvement!

lindalou said...

Wow....you can't handle any criticism...
I believed your blog to be an authentic account....but you spin it and that is your perogative.

Peace out.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the clearance.

I don't *spin* my life. I write about it. What and when I want. That is not the same thing. You are implying that I manipulate my audience. And that is offensive. And as anyone who knows me in real life can attest it is also untrue.

Feel free not to read.

wootini said...

lindalou, wtf? I'll never get what it is about the internet that makes people ok with leaving such nasty comments on a stranger's blog - things I'm sure they'd never say to a stranger in real life. It's incredibly rude.

Anyway, Mrs. F, I hope you get it and kudos to you for sticking with your workout plan through all this. DH and I are on week 7 of P90X and though it is killing me, it's also fantastic and effective. Love step - I used to go to a step class ages ago before kids and moving here and it was a great workout.

dat31 said...

having known mrs f for 7 years, i know very clearly that she only tells part of her story. Not because she is trying to manipulate her readers, but because she chooses to keep some stuff private and because of other legitimate reasons. Not because she's dishonest. She can take criticism, when it is based in reality and has merit.

And you go Mrs. F. This is why I love you!


Lori said...

You don't owe anyone an explanation. No need to defend yourself. We are here because we love you.If readers can't follow, then they can move on!
Can't wait to hear about the house.
Fingers are crossed!!! :-)

Kellie said...

I read your blog because I think you're funny and REAL! I also think that you are grown-ups and can make your own financial decisions..silly me..lol! It's your blog...write what you want. Crossing my fingers that things start looking up! :)

Staci said...

Haven't posted in a while but always reading. HAD to post tonight.

Like others have mentioned, I also love & read your blog because it's REAL & I can see so much of my own CRAZY life in yours.

I'm glad you don't share everything here...like you said, somethings are no one elses business. Couldn't agree more with that statement.

So, thank you for keeping it real & sharing. I truly appreciate the time & effort it takes to keep the blog going.

Hope you hear soon & it's good news.

Have a great night!

Torey said...

Good luck Mrs. F! I can't wait to have you all back in our neck of the woods.

I'm already planning extravagant playdates during which we will discuss your future financial goals. I expect that I will be kept appraised of your current financial situation via twitter. Every penny you spend should be clearly itemized for me, your loyal blog reader to scrutinize.

Also, if you could just shoot me a copy of your 2008, 2009 and 2010 tax returns that would be awesome. I'll start your credit check just as soon as I have all the documentation. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who has a low credit score.


Kiki said...

I also have met Mrs F, had her to my house, w/ her family and never have I met a more authentic, honest and truly loving person. I dare anyone to show me a blog that COMPLETELY reveals EVERY detail of their personal life. I am married to the most amazing man, is he OCCASIONALLY an idiot? Absolutely! Do I blog about it? No. The small bits of time that he misses it is FAR outweighed by how much he loves and cares for me...

All this to say, Mrs. F, blog what you want, we love you and want only the best and brightest for you and your sweet, precious family!

Kiki said...

Torey - Hilarious!!!

Claire said...

Well - I love Torey's response - thanks for the laugh - we love you and appreciate how real you are - I'm going to end there because I keep going in a direction that wouldn't be ladylike!!! Come see us and breathe some good salty air and listen to the ocean sounds.

wootini said...

Torey, that is hilarious. The only flaw in your plan, though, is that Mrs. F has thus far avoided using Twitter. :) Maybe she'll reconsider...

Mrs Furious said...

I'm still laughing. Hilarious.

I love you guys. Thanks for the support. It helps me feel less crazy. ;)

gooddog said...

Who the hell is lindalou?
I want to find and heckle her now.
Or maybe just analyze her financial situation... because that would be my right per her thinking.

Anyway, can't wait to hear on the casa! Hope you got it!!

Big hugs.

lindalou said...

You talk about money ALL the time....but you and your supporters get FURIOUS when someone says "hey, i thought you didn't have money for your favorite coffee, and you don't have money for your childrens clothing and you can't call off babysitting for one day, cause you're that broke.

But you're really not...that's all...you have more money stashed away than you let on when you're lamenting...

Like I said...it's your blog!

You're not as bad off as you make it sound here.

Suze says women can talk about money....it's not a taboo subject....these are things my friends and I talk about...choices..

Only comments like...
way to go...good luck and....yea, you're right....are welcome on your blog....truly.

Angie said...

actually linda lou, i think you are wrong. she does take criticism as well as anyone else (no one loves it). But she (nor anyone) does not take false attacks well.

i do agree it is important to talk about money. Regardless of what they have in the bank and how there situation has changed over time, her struggles with money are real. They are frustrating. And she has been demoralized by them. That is why she blogged about them.

you made hurtful and false accusations, which is why you have received FURIOUS responses.

Gigs said...

Here are my thoughts... Whatever is posted here is how someone feels at the time...happy, overwhelmed, tired, joyous, frustrated, whatever. That is true whether or not it is a complete disclosure of future plans or reveals 100% of anyone's life situation. The feelings are always 100% real. And I actually think that makes this the most genuine kind of account.

Mrs Furious said...

it's not fun being criticized by strangers is it?

I'm savvy financially. I'm smart, astute, and incredibly responsible. When times got hard I actually CHANGED. I've made hard choices: like no takeout, new clothes, 2nd car, babysitting so that I could use this year to SAVE money for specified reasons. If I upped our spending and cut out or sacrifices I wouldn't have been saving would I? I would have been spending. And then we'd be worse off now not better. I haven't had a *stash* of money this whole time... I've been carefully building a savings account so that we could get out of this situation.

I just don't know what you are thinking. This is a blog that I write for FREE. I do it everyday. And people can be entertained by my life if they so chose. I don't get anything out of it but some support when things are bad and some happy friendship when things are good. I don't have sponsored giveaways... I actually give my own money and goodies away... because I so appreciate that people have come to know and love us and care about us. And most people have the decency to return the favor. I would NEVER leave a questioning, accusatory or critical comment on someone else's blog. What would give me the right? I respect the courage and vulnerability that it takes to openly share one's life. A writer doesn't owe me anything. It's just rude. You have nothing to do with my life and don't deserve anything from me. It's ridiculous and out of line. You have no stake in any of this.

I think you are a bit to attached to my life.

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you that was spot on. This is not a 24 hour live feed of my life. It is a place where I spend a few minutes a day sharing something that is going on. Something funny, or cute, or creative, or sad, or frustrating, or thought provoking. That's it. It's just me sharing what I'm going through in that day/moment/time. It's a real life. It's complicated and it changes. Daily.

Mrs Furious said...

"Only comments like...
way to go...good luck and....yea, you're right....are welcome on your blog....truly."

You are right.
For the record, do you know anyone who likes to get critical comments? Seriously? Who does? All anyone wants is kind, supportive comments. I'm not a masochist for crying out loud.
I don't leave critical comments on your blog. Or write critical posts about your life. I expect people to treat me the way I treat them. Just like I raise my girls to do. To mind their manners and respect other people. I'm not a celebrity, I don't get a huge financial payoff that makes it easier to swallow criticism. It's not part of my job. You can be my friend or not, but you don't have a *right* to criticize me in my own space.

Angie said...

I beg your pardon, mrs. f. i misrepresented your philosophy. did not mean too! :-)

Angie said...

Oh! And what most people here really want to know is the status of the house??!! :-)

G in Berlin said...

You go, girl! I had one of those in my blogging life too, and every time that type of attitude crops up, I try to get rid of it: Life is intense and difficult enough that I don't need random ignorant strangers being negative or -ist around my space.
The virtual world can get dramatic in a way that I think people in real life (at least mine)would be embarrassed to be to one's face. If one needs to be proactively negative, one should just stop reading, I think.

SK said...

I love your blog. But, I *don't* know you in real life, and I was also under the impression that you were having serious financial problems. (I actually thought that you were baby-sitting for spending money--I missed that you were saving the money--but I think things can be easily misunderstood on blogs, because they are only a summary or selection of what's happening!) I can understand why lindalou felt nervous for you. To me, it's like any other miscommunication that happens between humans... I am happy for you that this move is going to offer so many options for your family! :)

Mrs Furious said...

Well we were having serious financial difficulties. But we have not ever had any extra debt (no credit card, etc). So when we shored it all up we were able to actually start saving once Kid got her tuition assistance and I started babysitting. I'd have liked to have spent some of it but I have only used it for groceries and have diligently been taking any extra left over every month and putting it in pre marked ING accounts. Mr F also sold his paid for volvo last year for cash and bought a junker. That bought us a little wiggle room. Then he sold his junker which has given us cash to help pay our move. This year has been easier... no medical bills for one... and now Mr F has a new job with cheaper insurance, and paid for car insurance and gas. We haven't added anything back just saved so we could afford to move (it is not a corporate move). And the difference I have been transferring immediately to savings. Last year was BAD & HARD but I learned how to cut our living costs and I've just kept it at that ever since. Once we can finally get to MI things will be better and back to normal. I won't have to watch kids and all that jazz. No school tuition. It's a good thing. But we don't have *extra money* for anything outside the move. If we did Mr F wouldn't be living with my grandmother commuting 3 hours a day. And I would FOR SURE not be mowing my lawn and living down here with no spouse. We've made choices to make sure we can get in another house as fast as possible.

SK said...

Now I feel guilty that you left me a long comment, Mrs. F!! ;)

Thank you for elaborating, but I hope you didn't feel like I was demanding an explanation--I was just letting you know my impression.

I admire your self-control with spending and saving during this time--it is so difficult. While we were living between 2 cities and 2 houses (I think I've mentioned it went on for 2 years?! Never again!), I had us on a $60/week food budget. I had never budgeted anything before--it really opened my eyes... Since we've rented this house and moved in (a family again!), I've slacked off. We are still waiting for our house to sell and I should still be budgeting...

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