Friday, May 14, 2010

There Ain't No Shame In Her Game

Yesterday I looked out the side door and was surprised to see a small pool of water by our garbage can.

"Where did that water come from?" I asked.

"I don't know." Baby replied.

"Did you turn the sprinkler on?" I asked.

"No." She returned.

And for a moment I tried to believe her.

Then she continued...

"There must a been a water tornado or somptin."

And then I didn't.

"Must have been." I replied and went about doing kitchen things and wondering how her new ability to turn on the hose is going to wreck havoc in my life.

Five minutes later, with her hand on the door, she called over her shoulder nonchalantly:

"Actually it was me."

No kidding.


Marie said...

OMG-hysterical! Damn water tornados! LOL!! My 3 just discovered the spicket this year, as well as how to turn it on....which resulted in a day this week I sent them out to play and them coming back in SOAKING WET. Mind you, it was 50 outside!

And baby..oh my! I want to pinch those cheeks! She is adorable!!

julie said...

Oh God, this sounds like Murphy. And Kid sounds like Jack...about how she wouldn't be able to turn the water off. May the force be with you.

Smitty said...

The goggles are a nice touch. They add a hint of total insanity to the mix.

Gigs said...

I totally thought this was going to be a "wet her pants" story! She's so adorable!

Me, Only Better said...

I also thought it was going to end with her having peed in the bucket! LOL!
She is a cutie!

sara said...

Just caught up on all your recent blog posts (and the associated commentary)...

I am so happy that you guys found such a great deal! It sounds like that rectory has some real value.

Sending positive thoughts to the FURIOUS FAMILY!


Mrs Furious said...

yikes 50! The girls totally soaked each other yesterday... now I've got mildewing clothes stinking up my laundry room... got to remember to take care of that before our showing tomorrow!

Oh that hint of total insanity is there with or without the goggles.

I can't even get into it... I almost murdered her last night. She is pushing my buttons left and right and there is no breaking her... you know?

Thankfully not a wet the pants story! She's given me a break this week on that front.

Me, Only Better,
she's lucky she's cute these days...

Mrs Furious said...

Ah you missed a lot, huh? ;)
Thanks. I hope we find out some good news soon. Kid found ANOTHER 4 leaf clover today :)

Deb said...

I laughed out loud at "And then I didn't".

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