Friday, May 28, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

I'm feeling kind of stressed out and pushed to my limits today. I had to have words with our realtor whose slogan "Keeping It Simple" turns out to mean: Keeping it simple for him, not us. As in not responding to my emails or replacing our painfully empty flier box. That kind of thing can piss you off when you are going to pay 30K in realty fees.

On top of that mini drama I had to make 36 mini pineapple upside down cakes for Kid's Ocean Feast today.
She's also had the shits for two straight days worrying about her line in the presentation today. So that's been fun for everyone. She was two hours late to school yesterday because she couldn't get off the pot.

So even though it is the aforementioned Bitch Fest Friday post let's try and focus on the positives shall we? There are so many ;)....

Today is MY LAST day watching the toddler! That's good.

This weekend Mr F is coming down. That's good.

Next week Kid has school on Tuesday & Friday. That's annoying... but then she's out of school. That's good.

Next week is also my last week of sitting. That's good (although I'll miss the baby terribly).

And then hopefully someone will come and want to buy our house. That would be great.

Either way I made it. At the end of next week I will have made it to my goal of getting Kid through the end of her school year. I'll have made it through 3 months of single parenting. And then I have some options. They might not be ideal, and might involve me driving all around the country with two kids, but I won't have to clean my house every day, get up at the crack of dawn to watch other people's kids for $7/hour, and I won't be mowing my lawn in the blazing heat 3 days a week. So I have all that to look forward to. Oh... and... adult companionship.


P.O.M. said...

The good: It's friday. That's all I can come up with.

The bad: I've officially gained 10 lbs.

The ugly: I put on my favorite (aka fat jeans) and they were snug. So I did the standard knee dip to "loosen" them up and....

I must get out of this rut.

trifitmom said...

i think you should do a blog tour...where you drive to other bloggers home and stay ....i live near the beach so we could do that. plus you can relive cleaning your house for showings since we are on the market.....and we could watch guidos in belmar...really could u think of anything more fun

HC said...

The only bitch I have is that I'm not currently eating one of those pineapple cakes....mmmmmm....

Miss Theresa said...

Ok, my Friday Bitch 22 year old step-daughter and 18 mo. old granddaughter has moved home AND her 20 yr old sister is moving home this weekend too!! Can you say AGHHHHHH!!!!!

It was so nice having 10 months of "empty nest". It was the only time that my DH & I had alone in our whole relationship...and now they are back!!!

I'm hoping this will be short-lived, because quite honestly, I may have a mental breakdown otherwise.

Love my kids and my granddaughter, but it's nicer when they visit! It wouldn't be so bad, but my granddaughter has HUGE separation anxiety and when mommy isn't around all she does is cry (scream) "mommy"....for 4 straight hours...seriously!

But Mrs. F, if you can do what you have done, I can do this too!!!!

Thanks for listening and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Furious said...

bwahahaha... that was a good mental image.
I want to know why I'm suddenly incubated small animals in my upper arms. wtf? Why are they 2x the size? Aging, I frown upon thee.

Don't tempt me... I'll do it.
and hang in there with the showings... it is killer.

They were good.

Miss Theresa,
Yow! That is going to be rough. Maybe they won't need to stay long (hopefully).

julie said...

Here's my bitch:

The copay for my son's new RX is $40/month. Of course, the other drug at $7 didn't work quite right. Well, it worked well in some areas (he has ADHD), but his rebound was not good and he started swearing (he called jack a 'little bitch' one night. I had to leave the room to burst out laughing before I dealt with that in a proper parental way. He's tiny and officially has the cutest little voice so though it was wrong, it was really funny to hear.) I will deal with swearing at $7 a month, but not for $40 so that better stop.

That annoyed me enough, but then I got blocked in my parking space by a Fire truck and ambulance and I HAD to pick up my kids from school. Um, you can not ask a fire engine or an ambulance to move up a little so I can back out.

The store had every shampoo in the world EXCEPT the one I need to buy.

I went to Trader Joe's to pick up organic strawberries and sundried tomatoes. They had neither. I can't afford them at any other store.

I lost my favorite necklace.

None of it really matters, but it's been an annoying day.

Oh yeah, Murphy got a "Good Attitude Reward" from his teacher on the one day he is NOT on his ADHD meds.

Mrs Furious said...

"he called jack a 'little bitch' one night"
Just so you know as soon as I read that I bust out laughing. Then I felt guilty... then I read that you laughed and I felt better.
I hear ya on the meds stuff. Mr F cannot have the generic ... it doesn't work right, they don't release the same over a period of time so it's more crash and burn then slow release... and we're forking over more than 100 bucks a month to keep him on the good stuff.
lol on the reward.

julie said...

Mrs. F, if you enjoyed the "little bitch" then you will also enjoy this: Clearly Murphy had been up too late, he was crashing and being completely irrational. We insisted that he go to the bathroom before bed. He totally lost it. I was in the other room while Tom dealt with him. Finally, I go in the bathroom and tell him to just get on the toilet and pee please.

His response, "you always make me pee, you effing beast!"

Yes, I walked out of the bathroom and laughed my ass off. I mean, really, what do you do with that? With a kid who is beyond reasoning?

Naturally I had "effing beast" engraved on my Ipod.

For the record, I have NO idea where he got both the "little bitch" and the "effing beast."

These days I am not fitting in much with the moms who complain about their child telling their brother shut up or the like. My future rap star goes straight for the lil' bitch lingo.

It's hilarious, crazy, sad and frustrating all in one. And it would make for some really good blog posts. But I am not ready for that yet. I don't want to be judged or have my little boy judged. I am judging myself enough these days.

Mrs Furious said...

does it make you feel better that that almost completely describes Baby and she's only 3?! I'm either laughing or wanting to kill her, there is no in between.
And I want to know... did he say "effing" or did he say the real thing?

julie said...

The real thing, Mrs F. The real freaking thing.

Mrs Furious said...

hahahaha... my kind of kid ;)

Deb said...

Whoot! Those are all good things, and I second trifit's suggestion of a blog tour. We'll happily host you!

I can't bitch publicly about my #1 source of stress, so I'll choose to focus on the good things, as well:

- We are free of preschool for a few weeks (and by the time he returns for summer school, I'll be ready for the quiet)

- My husband bought me two gorgeous pairs of shoes today, after being off all week, which...

- Allowed me to organize my basement and almost all of my hall closets (which made me almost as happy as two new pairs of shoes)

Mrs Furious said...

I have been waiting for an update. Silence = not good I'm presuming. Shoes = good. I'm hoping this isn't a situation you have to be waiting on for long. And then, of course, that it doesn't kill you.

Kim said...

Seriously? Your paragraph about your kid having "the shits" and being late for school because she couldn't get off the pot has me ROLLING! I'm dying laughing!

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