Monday, May 24, 2010


(bathing suits)

Kid is doing well. The virus did not ravage her the way it did Baby. She still smells of nail polish remover (ketones) and is hardly eating. I'm extremely tired. Maybe the drive. Maybe I'm fighting their virus off. Either way I dropped Kid off to school still in my PJs and that is the first time ever!

I called the showing schedulers and changed my one hour notice to a two hour notice. I need to get some control over the madness that has been the last couple of weeks. Maybe if I take better care of myself better things will come of it? We've had daily showings (please not today)... but still no offer. Frustrating. I just want to move on.

Two more weeks left of school (kind of... next week is a whacky and annoying Tuesday & Friday

Two more weeks of babysitting.

And then what?

Sleep for one.

Really hoping we get an offer before then (please) so we can have a solid plan to work towards.

Maybe we'll hear some good news on the Michigan house this week.

I need to leave soon. It feels like I'm watching something die... slowly.

Mr F is trying to come down for the long weekend. Maybe we'll get a Uhaul and start loading some things for him to drive back up.

I also probably need to hire someone to come help me pack and sort.

We'll see.


Elizabeth said...

Maybe you need to go old school and bury St. Joseph upside-down in your yard.

I'm glad to hear the girls are doing better, and I hope you fight off the evil sickness.

Mrs Furious said...

" Maybe you need to go old school and bury St. Joseph upside-down in your yard.
Oh I think it is time!
I've actually been thinking of that in the back of my mind lately. I should just do it.
I think it is possible Mr F has one (?)... some kind of saint thing. I'm off to investigate.

Kiki said...

You'd think I'd have one....

So glad you made it home okay, and that health-wise everyone is on the upswing!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL I was actually thinking "I wonder if she has one?"

Kiki said...

I don't but I totally can get you one!!!

Rah said...

My dad tried to sell his restaurant and our house and my grandparents house. None of them would sell and the stress was CRAZY (not quite as crazy as what you are going through though). So, buried the St. Joseph and all of them sold within the month!!! Coincidence maybe but he will never try to sell anything without that again in his life!!!

Mr Furious said...

I think it is possible Mr F has one


Mrs Furious said...

I'm doing it. I just need to find one. Me thinks online.

Mr F,
Dude you have some kind of saint thing on a necklace.

Surly Rob said...

If it's Mr F's, I would have to guess St Jude...

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