Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Get This

The people in here today want to make an offer...


Um... no thanks.


Jenny The Bold said...

I hope you can sell that house soon and go "home" to your husband.

Just curious on this-is there a good chance that you'll be able to rent it if you can't sell it? Will there be renters available? I have no idea what sort of area you are living in.

Either way I say once school is out-I hope you pack everything up and move to where your husband is. You can take random trips back (alone!) to your current house and tend to necessary things. Just my opinion anyways!

Wishing you the best.

Mrs Furious said...

Yep that is the plan. Huge renters area here and we'll be able to rent it easily.
I'm leaving it up on the market until August and then we'll rent it. Kid gets out of school the end of next week. I'm taking a week to get organized and then we're heading out! I just need to line up some yard guys and we'll be good to leave everything as is for the summer. Of course, we hope that we get an offer soon and can just pack up and leave for good!!! Kid is out hunting more four leaf clovers ;)

gooddog said...

wth? that is nuts. what a waste of everyone's time.... mostly your's for cleaning for them.

So glad you'll be with Mr. F soon either way!

gooddog said...

that should have been "yours" with no '. pet peeve. sorry.

A Joyful Chaos said...

So frustrating that people think they can offer way less money than you are asking for.

Mrs Furious said...

total waste of time. Part of their reasoning for their offer was literally "it's out of our budget" um then why are you looking at houses in this price range? And I had totally gone all out today with a 110% cleaning!

A Joyful Chaos,
So frustrating. It's such a low ball that I can't even believe someone would make it. They have to know how much we paid 2 years ago and to think that we would just eat 60 grand on the house is crazy. The market here isn't that bad (Thank God).

Mrs Furious said...

Oh, also annoying is that they said the house is "stunning"... okay... then guess what? You have to pay for that!

Kiki said...

Obvs they think you are desperate like so many out there (which you're not) and also, that offer is kind of disrespectful and rude!

Loralei said...

I want some of what they're smokin'!

Rebecca said...

For the house we sold a year ago, our first offer was 90 thousand less than asking price. Lowballers...don't you hate them?!?!?!!!!

Unfortunately for most sellers, there are some people desperate enough to let their house go for a price like that. So, even non desperate sellers have to deal with people thinking they can get away with insulting offers.

Our realtor advised us to negotiate anyway, saying that some times an offer can still be reached...yeah, didn't work. The buyers refused to negotiate. That was even more insulting.

Hang in there! ( I know, easier said than done)

Caren Drink said...

I know someone who recently sold their property to someone whose first offer was an insulting lowball. They declined. The same people came back and made three more offers until they were in the ballpark, and now the house is sold.

I hope you get a sale soon.

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