Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Departure Post

aka Things I'm Kind Of Loving For The New House (should we get it):

This headboard for me please:

And since that is never going to happen, how about this fabric to slipcover my current headboard:

I think it will look really nice with my grey bed linens which are new and not going anywhere.

This fabric for the girls' room drapes:
I love the girls' current room and we're keeping just about everything the same that we can. I think that fabric is going to look fantastic with the wall color, the black beds, and their canopies. I think I'll also maybe get them THIS bedding sets to finally unify the beds (maybe... I'm not sure... I need to see this in person... it will hide puke stains well though)

This wallpaper for the sunroom/music room off the living room:
See it here There is only one full wall in that room so it would a good place to experiment with wallpaper... so don't worry it won't overwhelm the space.


Andrea said...

Oh how I love me some Amy Butler, how are the girls feeling all better?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh me too.

Kid is fine. 100%.
Baby was really wiped out. She has eaten a bit more today but she's still funky and maybe at 65%. Hopefully as she gets her appetite back she'll stop whining as much ;)

gooddog said...

oh I love, love, love that wallpaper! can't wait until you get to move and do it all.

Deb said...

Love all the ideas. That headboard with the bird is amazing! Where is that from?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm loving that wallpaper. It might be intense but I'm totally going for it.

Ballard Designs, which is actually where I got my upholstered headboard (and my desk, and my velvet slip covered desk chair... I'm a huge fan... everything has held up to constant use and they are well priced) Here it is. It's actually quite affordable and also comes in a white wash. But it only comes in Queen.

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