Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Couple Of Things...

#1  It is only TUESDAY... good god... I have a migraine and it is shaping up to be a long week.

#2 It is snowing and the low on Thursday is going to be -12 F... ( -35 F with windchill... people, they better be f'ing canceling school!!!)

#3 I am going to a beach destination wedding in Cabo the end of March (which I initially though... too bad it won't be in the winter when you want a warm vacation... and it turns out it probably will still be winter around here...)  But, Lord help me on the dressing situation.  I do not like to be underdressed, but the actual attire requirements are not being specified. I look best in v-neck lines.  I can pull off a reasonably short dress (but age appropriate, please).  Plus I need beach friendly shoes.  So, feel free to put something together for me.  The wedding party is in navy so maybe I should avoid that?!  Not sure.  That is a good color for me.  Evening wedding.  Really... help me (and all the other women in my family)  Give me links.

#4 I inadvertently volunteered to make bread at Baby's school on Friday... which is about 1000x worse than you are imagining because it is not a demonstration... I have to do the whole process from ingredients to finished product with groups of 6 in rotation all morning (no help, just me).  I'm a little scared.  I wish I could be the kind of person who just showed up and let whatever happen happen, but I'm an OCD planner... so.... there are a lot of logistics for me to stress about.

#5 The other day, Kid got frustrated during her math homework and went to her room to recoup.
I found her there like this:

(extra credit to the readers that can identify the book)

#6 I watched season 1 of Biggest Loser on HULU while working out last week.... holy crap... their budget has come a long way.  I mean, you just packed whatever clothes you happened to own in your team color.  It was comical to watch.  The contestants weren't even that overweight.  Now, I'm watching season 10 (which I somehow missed)... I feel like it is going to be a good one.

Sorry for the snooze fest, peeps...


katieo said...

new testament stories FTW!

(That was Luke, not me)

Loralei said...

I'm no fashion plate, but check out Land's End. I have two of the suplice sleeveless dresses, and I love them.

Not sure what you are using for a bread recipe, but try James Beard's Italian Feather bread. Mix, roll & form, let rise and bake. I never bake it as long as the recipe says...probably 1/2 the time listed. It's in Beard on Bread.

Peta Mayer said...

This would look cute http://www.shopbop.com/lace-sleeveless-neck-dress-4collective/vp/v=1/1538886887.htm?fm=search-shopbysize

shopbop can be ok, not that i've ever bought anything from there. but aren't you quite handy on the sewing machine?!

julie said...

I just noticed your new "About Me" write up. Love it.

Just remember the kids in Baby's class are too young to know if things get messed up & the process is fun. Perhaps bring a "finished' product in case something goes awry. Lastly, I do not envy you. I remember doing art projects with kids in small groups when my kids were in those grades & no matter how organized you think you are, it becomes mayhem…at least internally in my mind. And I go home exhausted. Good thing it is on a Friday.

Mrs Furious said...

ah, yes, I helped out with an art project and then managed one... and it was like HOLY CRAP these kids ain't like my kids!! ;) Oh my gosh, it was a terror. It is a k/1 and some of the K kids are actually 2 years younger than Baby. I forgot how nuts they are. Plus I am used to working with Baby who is abnormally proficient with her fine motor skills. I'm definitely brining batches of dough for a little cooking show style swap out.

Luke wins! I was wondering how recognizable that would be... it really cracked me up to go in there and find her calming herself down with it.

I'll check out the dress... I might have it from last year. LE petites does fit me pretty well.

I'll google the recipe and see how it differs. It needs to be easily mixed by hand! thanks for the recommendation.

That is totally my style. I'm can sew straight lines... kids clothes is about as far as I have challenged myself. It's on my list of things to get better at!

Loralei said...

I Googled Italian Feather Bread just to see what comes up, and they say use a mixer. I've always done it by hand--and I have 2 stand mixers. Stir it until it comes together and knead a little. I usually turn it into sausage bread.

Mrs Furious said...

I told Baby and she was a little upset... but because this fish has fake died nearly every other day for 3 straight years... she asked if I'd just leave it for a few days to be sure! Ha! It is starting to cross the line in there. I'm NOT looking forward to cleaning that tank, now.

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