Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Because I Know You Could Think Of Nothing Else All Day...

The girls' flower girl dresses arrived in the mail:

Navy organdy.  
(which is the bridal party color... I found out last night)
Kid's is too big & needs to be exchanged.
Baby's fits perfectly.
They have a sash that ties in the front... it's hard to see in the navy.

So, I scoured the internets to find something kind of coordinating 
but not looking like I'm in the wedding party
And found this:
Fingers crossed it fits!

P.S. fellow family members the bridal party are NOT wearing shoes.  
For what it is worth.
But they ARE wearing navy... so... maybe you shouldn't ;)

Also, could I pull THIS off for the welcome dinner?
I vote it falls under "cool, go for it" and not "I work at ChiChi's" 
but that could just be my wishful thinking... 


Lauren T said...

I love embroidered Mexican dresses...a few caveats, though. The fabric on that one is a 70/30 cotton-poly blend that is going to be pretty flimsy and thin. If you are particular about fabric quality, you might not like the look. In my opinion, the heavy embroidery looks better on 100% cotton fabric...but that's one person's opinion, so take it with a grain of salt! Also, you will likely want to hem the dress to a shorter length; the 3/4 length can look a little matronly because the dress is bell-shaped.

Mrs Furious said...

Do you have a resource for ordering them? I see what you mean, and Baby has had two of these and one is 100% cotton & one is not. I def want the cotton!

Jaime said...

We just got back from Cabo (San Jose del Cabo actually) and watched a lovely wedding on the beach at our resort while we were there.

Guests wore everything from fancy cocktail dresses (too fancy IMO)to cute sundresses. One or two women had wedges or heels on, but mainly they have cute sandals.

Personally I think the nice thing about a beach wedding is that you can wear what makes you comfortable. This wedding was just before sunset so the direct sun was gone and everyone wasn't sweating their asses off.

It probably matters if the bridal party is going fully dressed up...which it sounds like yours the guests dress would be elevated as well.

Love the floral dress you've posted!

Mrs Furious said...

This wedding is also at sunset, so I'm happy to hear it won't be sweltering! It's at the Rancho Pescadero.... just in case that is where you were!
It is my brother's wedding... which... actually means we know nothing about it! He is wearing shorts & a gingham shirt but I assume her dress must be pretty formal for those to be the flower girl dresses. I just ordered gold flat sandals.

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