Monday, February 24, 2014

Slow and Steady

Progression shots, People!

I failed to document the true "before" mostly because I just wasn't up to having to look at it.

But 3 weeks in I had the courage.

BEFORE (ish):

NOW (one month later):

I know the lighting is different... sorry.

Amazingly to me, that is only a 4 pound difference. I don't know how easily it shows in the pics but I've lost a significant amount of fat off of my torso (thank god!).  I really show every little bit of weight on my frame with my build and apple weight distribution.   I think I definitely look like I've lost weight, now.  I'm down 7 lbs since I started the beginning of January.  I had hoped I'd be able to average 1.5 lb/week but I'll take the slow and steady progress and just keep going.  It hasn't been that hard even considering the last few weeks of stress and schedule disruption with Mr F being out of town and the girls having different school breaks.  I'm averaging 25 miles a week on the treadmill and sticking close to 1300 cal/day.  It's working and I'm trying to just focus on the fact that I'm ready to commit to this and not keep beating myself up for letting it all slide to begin with.  That's probably my biggest hurdle.  But, you know, life happens.


Brenda said...

You can definitely see a difference. Great job!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks, Brenda. I'm trying.

julie said...

I can see a difference.
Plus, how awesome you have kept at it. Truly great considering this ridiculous winter.

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