Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've been slammed with migraines this week.  (in progress, actually)

I had been doing so much better with that... but... I did go back to AM coffee and there does seem to be a connection.  Or did I go back to the AM coffee because of the migraines?!  Chicken or egg?

And because this is always fun (and I don't have the brain power for anything else)

I'll recount for you the monotony of my day (you are welcome in advance):

I got up feeling unrefreshed (as per the norm).

I made breakfast (nutella paninis & eggs... yeah, you wish I was your mom).

I packed lunches.

I braided hair.

I did the carpool run. (1 hour)

I spent about 2.5 hours hammering out a health savings account fiasco. (some years this has run smoothly & others it has been a freaking nightmare.  Guess which this year is?)

I looked apathetically at the pile of shit on my counter.

I thought... "I should do something about that"... but then thought better of it.

I started a load of laundry.

I worked out (70 min!).

I put in another load of laundry.

I showered.

I put together a bag of hand-me-downs for a classmate.

I trimmed all of Kid's papers for her poster project (seriously).

I went to the bank (where I wondered if I looked suspicious: see below).

I got a hamburger from Mc Donald's when I realized I didn't eat lunch.

I ran (literally... which is a sight to behold considering my floor length black michelin man coat & admittedly strange green gnome hat, sunglasses, and scarf over my face) into the grocery store for currants (because I'm highbrow like that)...all because Baby told her class they were making bread animals with me not just bread... and I'm a sucker... and I needed eyes.

I did the carpool run. (1.5 hours)

I dropped off the hand-me-downs (in a bag I labeled with washi tape... why am I crazy?!)

I put in another load of laundry.

I helped Kid glue her poster together.
(aka I glued it... with spray adhesive which has only amplified the ol' noggin pain)

I showered Baby's butt off (which left me wondering how many years of my life I will devote to other mammal's shit removal... which made me regret that I married someone 8 years older than myself... because... THE FUTURE).

I made dinner (strangely fantastic repurposing of leftover chili into a tamale pie... when in doubt: fresh cilantro!).

I checked math homework.

I ordered Baby new winter boots because hers are cracked (wtf?!, plus do I really want to order winter  boots for MARCH?!... the answer:  NO... but I must... this winter never ever ever ends.)

I rotated all of the laundry.

I showered Kid.

I laid out clothes for tomorrow.

I officiated over a flute practicing meltdown.

I ate 2 frozen girl scout cookies, made more coffee... whimpered to myself... then sat down here.

How is it only 8:30?!

And now my head is just fucking killing me and I'm wiped out.

And wondering...

WHY I agreed to this bread making fiasco tomorrow?!!
(Oh, that's right I technically DIDN'T)

#1 There might not even be school tomorrow (due to the insane nordic whatever)(please for the LOVE OF GOD cancel school tomorrow!!!)... so I can't make all the dough tonight and refrigerate it as I had planned (for my swap out dough with the kids).  Which means Hell-on-Earth for me in the morning when I'm making breakfast, lunch, and 3 batches of dough all while simultaneously braiding hair and trying to get everyone's flute, book report poster, library books, and snow crap in the the appropriate cars.  What will Mr F be doing, you may wonder... hmm... good question.

#2 If there is school, I have to make 3 trips in from the parking lot (which is actually not that close to the freaking building! It is a good 5 minute walk) to bring all the pans and bowls and bags o' flour in while enduring -1000 degree windchill temps.
I mean... it might actually kill me.
I kind of hope it does (then I can avoid #3...).

#3  Then I get the pleasure of making bread with a pack of lunatics (and I'm sure in retrospect I'll find some glimmer of pleasure in this... if only to be through with it).  For hours.  Then clean it all up. By myself with like weird brown industrial paper towels that are NOT AT ALL absorbent.  Good times.
Have you ever tried to clean up flour with sopping wet paper towels?!
It makes paste, my friends... paste.

Ok, I need to go make muffins for breakfast.

And then cry myself to sleep.



julie said...

Where do I begin? This was funny as hell. Not in reality for you, but I can totally hear you saying this stuff.

yeah, you wish I was your mom LOl…I don't why that made me laugh so much.

And holy crap, the brown paper towels at school suck. Totally useless.

I totally do gluing and cutting stuff for M.'s projects. I've even been known to draw pictures for him for a project…I do it kind of sloppily to look like it may be something he'd draw. I'm still waiting for my grade on that project. They way I look at is he gets A's on the stuff that really matters educationally. I know he knows how to use scissors and glue so I don't care it it is me who actually does it. It beats hounding him to do it. For all those moms who don't agree with me on this, I will let borrow M. for the weekend. You will see, you will learn how it really is and no, you will never win against this kid. Jack does everything on his own. I never ever have to get after him or micromanaging his school work.

Tom asked me the other day where Murph and I were going to go to college.

How did you end doing the bread with the kids if you didn't offer it? Did Baby talk about how awesome you are as a bread baker of bread animals? Anyway, your bread animals are so adorable.

Man, I hope your migraine wasn't full-on today for bread making with first graders.

Mrs Furious said...

"Tom asked me the other day where Murph and I were going to go to college."

" They way I look at is he gets A's on the stuff that really matters educationally."
Yep. that is where I am at. Art projects?... Mr F & I do them ... she of course tells us what we're doing wrong so I guess she's "supervising" and that's legit... right? Mr F had a boss like that. I'm setting her up for a future in management!
Yeah, Kid wrote the report this time and so that is enough. We had her trace her picture and then color it in (it required an illustration)... and it took her literally from 10-5 last Sunday to f'ing color it in. Like she was preforming brain surgery it was that intense and stressful for her. So yeah, I'll put that thing together because I only have so much time I can devote to a poster board!

Yeah, Baby told them all we were making the bread animals. So yesterday at drop off they were all so excited and telling me what animal they were planning to make... and.... who is going to disappoint all those little kids?! I'm glad we did it, they were really proud of them when they came out of the oven. It was worth the extra work on my end.

I'm not sure how I got to be the bread person. Early in the year the teacher was complaining about it coming up and I said "Oh, I can help on that day" Key word : HELP. And then I got the email that bread day was this Friday. I never learn my lesson.

My migraine was abated during the day (or maybe I was just too stressed to feel it) back in full swing tonight :( It's okay I'm just going eat bread all night & watch the Bachelor.

julie said...

she's "supervising" and that's legit It is in my book. Murph doesn't even bother. I go to him and try to make him acknowledge what I've done so it doesn't seem like it's the first time he's ever seen it if someone asks him a question on it or he has to present.

the other weekend, Tom and I were both working on some vocabulary dictionary project of Murphy's…M. was there for the beginning and then when he was done with his teeny part, he left. I just looked at Tom and was like "seriously?"

I told M. on the way to school Friday morning that he has to start working hard now trying to figure out some new invention (can be as simple and wonderful as "Post-It" notes) so he can retire early (like the day after he sells it or makes a ton of money) so then he can make the choice to not leave the house ever again. I said to not tell his therapist or Developmental Ped. that I said that;). I was joking about it all, but only kind of. Really, I was trying to plant the seed and hope he takes it on as a challenge. Hey, being real here with him.

"Work hard now so you don't have to later."
In a million years, I would have NEVER thought that my parenting life advice would be that.

Kellie said...

"which made me regret that I married someone 8 years older than myself... because... THE FUTURE)."…I married 7 years older and never thought of that…thanks. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

You are welcome! ;)

"(can be as simple and wonderful as "Post-It" notes)"
At least you aren't setting the bar to high! lol!

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