Saturday, October 20, 2007

Throwing In The Towel

I'm taking the rest of the week off of exercise.
I just can't do it all.
I'm exhausted and my hand pain is back.
I've got Kid's birthday party to plan for next week and I still need to hunt down Medusa costume clothes and brass wings before next weekend.
I still don't have any decent pants to wear... once you can actually pull your buttoned jeans off without unzipping them or unbuttoning them then I guess they are officially *too big*.
And there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get it all done.
Oh and I'll need to really clean the house this weekend so that I can do just a quick pick up before the party.
Arrrggghhh... I want to throw up!
Plus Kid has a three hour *makeover* party at a friend's house tonight... which eats up a fair amount of my prep time. Do five year olds need makeovers? Kid doesn't even know what makeup is. I don't know if you've ever noticed but Kid is not exactly a girly girl to begin with!
So I'm trying hard to keep our party prep low key and in perspective.
And I need pants.... I desperately need pants. I must fit that in to the weekend somehow.
Plus I must get out our Halloween decorations today... I've been putting it off too long. Did I ever mention that Kid's birthday is Halloween? Yeah... so kind of a BIG deal around here!
Oh and I have to return all my Gap stuff. If I haven't worn it in 2 weeks I'm never going to wear it.
Bwwwwaaaahhhh.... and my day is just beginning!

Progress Report:
I have decorated the house (slightly less than usual but good enough!)
I have made Kid's Party favor bags... which are working double duty as decorations.... how smart is that?!?


Michelline said...

Your decorations are too cute! I expecially like the picture frames and glass pumpkins on the mantel. And Kid's party bags are unique! What a great idea. I don't have the energy to decorate for Halloween. Because the weekend after Halloween I start pulling out all my Christmas stuff! Yay!! It's almost Christmas!!

So Kid's birthday is Halloween? What a cool birthday, although as she gets older, it'll be harder to coordinate her birthday party with other people's Halloween parties - unless you're the one who throws the annual party? We have a friend who has an annual Halloween party and we always have to coordinate Tori's birthday around it. Tori's original due date was 10/31, but she came on 10/24 instead. We have the same problem with Libby and Easter. Her birthday was actually on Easter this year, which makes it difficult for birthday parties.

So what is Kid asking for as birthday presents? What is the 5 year old crowd into these days?

Mrs. Furious said...

FYI the glass pumpkins are from Smith & Hawken.. which now they carry at Target and I've seen them there.
I collected a bunch of frames and stuff for her 1st b'day when we went ALL out. I had intended to change the pictures to current pics of that year (each year) but I was too lazy and now I love that they are all filled with her baby pictures.

We're having her party the weekend before Halloween. We pretty much alternate before or after depending on when we go to WDW. This is the first year we aren't going for her actual birthday. The kids are so little that a weekday party after school but before bed is pretty much impossible with trick-or-treating too.

Kid is big into My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop and Calvin & Hobbes right now.

I'm kind of lamenting that we can't put out all our xmas stuff because the baby is into everything. I don't even know how we'll do a tree.
We won't start that decorating until we come back from WDW though. Our easy listening "while you work" type station switches over too all christmas the day after Halloween.... Kid loves that! I do too at first... but by xmas it gets a little old ;)

katieo said...

sooo cute. All I have is a skeleton on our door, a pumpkin in our front room and some halloween plates up on the wall. lame. And I LOVE the spooky tree.

Speaking of love, Kid's party bags are awesome! So cute. And ever since my littlest started moving, I've been FREAKING out about a Christmas tree. I need one of those invisible electrical dog fence things. So I can just zap him when he gets within 2 feet.

What a stressful time right now for you! Although my kid's birthdays are in Nov. and Jan. I kind of feel like we don't ever get a beak from any festivities. (husband's b-day, halloween, b-day, thanksgiving, christmas, b-day, UGH.) Around this time of year, I'm usually like, "Why the crap didn't we have our kids in the spring?"
Good luck over the next week! (and I'm so curious how the Medusa costume will turn out. :)

Mrs. Furious said...

I've been FREAKING out about a Christmas tree.

This is our current plan... it won't look great but what can you do?... we are putting the tree in a corner with some Super Yard sections around it.
Either that or I'm not sure we can have a tree. Baby is one of those babies that eats everything, goes for cords, etc.. general trouble maker...

and tell me about it I feel like starting with school in Sept I can't come up for air until February.

Mr Furious said...

RE: The Hand Pain

Mrs. F. got out her voodoo doll and has cursed me with the same fucking thing. [Go here]

While she and Kid F did a bang-up job decorating, I was outside cursing a blue streak,doing some one-handed weeding.

This blows.

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