Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas... It's A Wrap

After a week and a half of posts, believe me, I'm ready to move on from Christmas... and I'm sure you are too (especially those of you who don't even celebrate Christmas!)

But there are things that have been left unsaid (and unseen!) so here we go...

The Furious Christmas Wrap Up:

So What did Kid and Baby get in their stockings?
Kid: Wooden Jailhouse (so she wants to lock people up in a jail... what?!?... that doesn't mean anything)
Baby: 4 new pacies (you should have seen her shoving them all in her mouth... huge hit!)

When Your Best Friend is The Home Editor at Martha Stewart Living What Does She Give You For Christmas?
#1 personalized LL Bean Totes... yes mine says "Mrs Furious" and Mr F got "Mr Furious"

#2 filled with these adorable knit animals and books for the kids

#3 and ALL of this for the Mrs... Yes that is my face gracing the cover of all the Kathy Smith DVDs (God I love her!)

#4 Mr F got his HUGE tote filled with Audubon Bird Prints (for our living room), Life.Doc, Photo Album, and Graphic Stationary... Mr F is looking forward to filling up this bag when he goes to the library for his weekly fix of HUNDREDS of Cds and Magazines (no I'm not exaggerating)

When Kid Asks For A Furby EVERY Year For Christmas (even though she got one 2 years ago) What Do You Do?Like the genius that I am... you find it at the bottom of Kid's toy bin and give it to her again.... how did that play out? Perfectly! "Oh look... Santa must have known I lost my Furby!"

What Were The BIG Gifts To The Kids From Mr & Mrs F?
Baby: Ball Pit (seemed like a good idea at the time... but can you say broken ankle?)

Kid: Crazy expensive German wooden Stroller (guess who fits in it perfectly?)

What's That?"White Trash"
This is something our neighbors give us every year. But as of yesterday we still hadn't gotten any. Mr F was jonesing for it so badly that he went out to the store and bought all the fixins. This shit is so unbelievably good that you CANNOT stop eating it. You just want to shove your face into it and suck it up. Seriously. I cannot control myself around this. We brought some over to Christmas dinner at my brother's and then Mr F and I proceeded to eat all of it! I'm not kidding.... at dinner I wanted to hold back so I would have room for more "white trash" afterwards. When we got home I had a big hunk and then I had to pack it all up and threaten to throw it out if Mr F didn't hide it by his desk. I'm done with it. See you next year!

What Time Did Mr & Mrs F Go To Bed On Christmas Eve?
3:00 AM

Who Had To Pee In A Cup In The Car Because All The Gas Stations Were Closed On Christmas Eve?
Who do you think?!


Heather said...

Um, what's white trash? Is it white chocolate covered chex mix? If so, I heartily agree -- that shit is the CRACK of all Cracks, minus Doritos, which are legitimately CRACK.

I would write a long post about my Christmas showcase showdown fight with my brother, but my eyes are still puffy from crying and my mother's a loyal blog reader. Suffice it to say, my Christmas was just as anti-climatic as my birthday and Thanksgiving. Apparently I'm having an off year in holidays.

Mrs. Furious said...


this shit is so good you can't even describe its goodness...

For Everyone who is crazy enought to want to make this:

(I put in 1 T of peanut butter in place of the oil... and add Golden Grahams)

"White Trash"
Serves: 10
Prep. Time: 0:20

1 cup Cheerios®
1 cup corn OR rice Crispex®
1 cup pretzel sticks
1 cup peanuts OR cashews
12 oz. bag vanilla baking chips / white chocolate chips
1 Tbls. vegetable oil OR peanut oil (or Peanut Butter)

-Combine cereal, pretzels, and nuts in bowl; set aside.
-Melt vanilla chips in the microwave or in the top of a heated double boiler.
-Stir oil into melted vanilla chips.
-Pour vanilla mixture over dry mixture and stir to coat.
-Press onto waxed paper and allow to cool overnight.
-Break up into pieces before serving.

Mrs. Furious said...


and my mother's a loyal blog reader
I know how that goes... careful editing....

but of course DO tell! (me that is)

Robin said...

Great pictures! Baby is so cute in the box. I don't know why we don't just give them boxes for Christmas. Looks like y'all had a great day.

Off topic, how much does Baby weigh? She looks about the same size as Kara, but I get lots of "she's so tiny" comments, and she's only in the 5% for weight. I am wondering if it is a breastfeeding thing. Or maybe just my breast milk.

Robin said...

Forgot, Kid looks so sweet with all the stuffed animals. (nice haircut!)

Mrs. Furious said...


Baby weighs about 19-20 lbs. She'll be 11 mo on the 31st and she won't go back in until 12 months.... but at the ER she weighed 19.something and that is what she weighed at 9 months too (think she might have been a little dehydrated). She's in the 50th %-60th % for both height and weight, Kid was 95th% all the way until about 2.5 years now she is 75th height and 85th (oops!) weight. I fed them both the same breastmilk (haha) so it is just genetics. Kid was a totally baby fatty pants... I mean massive 3 rolls on the thighs HUGE pumpkin head... she looked like Baby if you exploded her! Interestingly Baby has been wearing 12 month clothes since 9 months and Kid wore them at 12 months (same clothes so it is not vanity sizing!)... I think Baby's torso must be longer. Okay that was way more than you wanted to know. I'll weigh her later and tell you what she weighs. Kid weighs 43 woopin' pounds if you wanted to know that... she is made of LEAD!

Danielle said...

Wow...looks like a good Christmas for the Furious Family! VERY cute pics! OK, off to make some "crack"...

Robin said...

Thanks for the info about Baby. Kara is in the 75% for height, and weighs about 18.5 pounds. She goes in for her 12 month checkup tomorrow, so we'll see. She dropped from the 25% in weight to 5% in weight from 6 months to 9 months, and the pediatrician got me all stressed out that I wasn't making enough milk. So I weaned her to formula at 10 months. Well, she didn't gain any weight, and now I am mad at myself for letting him get me all worked up and weaning her. I think she is just a slim baby. She was never fusssy, and she was sleeping through the night. You would htink that if she wasn't getting enough to eat that she would have let me know. I felt in my gut that she was fine, but weaned her anyway because I was so stressed out about it. Now that I switched her to whole milk, she is putting on a little more weight. She's drinking much more milk than formula and I'm sure it's because it tastes so much better.

Sorry to hijack your comments, I just don't have any friends who breastfed, so I didn't really have anyone to commiserate with when this happened. Man, I am pissed at my pediatrician. Depending on how the visit goes tomorrow, I may need to find a new one.

Mrs. Furious said...


thanks! Yes it was. Thankfully the Furious kids are adored by many so it wasn't too much out of pocket for us.

Seriously? Are you going to make it?! I'm not kidding that you can't stop eating it... you've been warned!

Mrs. Furious said...


19.8 lbs

I'm really sorry to hear about your weaning :(
The truth is that many (if not most peds) don't really know very much about breastfeeding.

I find, and I'm a very knowledgable b'feeder, that it is hard (even having done it all before) to ever have confidence in what you are doing and it is very easy to have b'feeding challenged and undermined. It is obviously always easier to *know* how much a baby is eating when they are drinking from a bottle.

I always think it is funny that cow's milk is fine and all cow's have the same *goodness* in their milk and yet human milk (actually made for humans) is always questioned and each mother is made to feel/question whether or not her's is *good* enough.

Having said all that you should not feel guilty about it... you did what you thought (and were told) was best for your baby and her development. She was not harmed in any way by your having weaned her at 9 months (although I am very sorry you didn't get a chance to wean her when you had planned) When we are worried about our kids it is very hard to challenge what our doctors tell us!

If you have another baby I defintely recommend calling your local LLL chapter when you have b'feeding issues. I'm not a member but I have gotten lots of help and info when I've been stressed out about different issues.

Robin said...

Thanks Mrs. F, that actually makes me feel better. It's been a couple of months but it still bothers me.

I find, and I'm a very knowledgable b'feeder, that it is hard (even having done it all before) to ever have confidence in what you are doing and it is very easy to have b'feeding challenged and undermined. It is obviously always easier to *know* how much a baby is eating when they are drinking from a bottle. Amen! I, too, am very knowledgeable about BFing. I read every book and website out there. But it is still hard to have confidence when you can't "know" how much baby is getting. Especially when she isn't putting on much weight. It was easier with Kent because he was always huge, so no one questioned me. I comfort myself with the fact that the weaning wasn't emotionally hard for Kara. Although it was (and still is) emotionally hard for me.

As far as another baby...I wish I knew. I can't decide! But if I do, I will definitely contact the LLL, and try to find a pediatrician who is more supportive.

Thanks again for the kind words, and I apologize again for hijacking your comments.

Mrs. Furious said...

" I apologize again for hijacking your comments."
Gosh Robin... no worries!

I'm just sitting here watching Kid run around like she just bought some crack on the corner! She is out - of- her- MIND!!!!

I'm sure plenty of people can relate to this and might even have some additional comments.

Haley said...

Merry Christmas (belatedly), Mrs. F! Ooooo, you got Julie and Julia -- great book! Hope you enjoy it!

Mrs. Furious said...


thanks! You to!

Oh I am totally excited about that book. I had no idea it even existed (I am a housebound loser if anyone forgot)... so right up my alley!

Chris Howard said...

"Oh look... Santa must have known I lost my Furby!"

Santa is so smart. I'll bet she won't fall for that one much longer though :).

Mrs. Furious said...

true enough. I was prepared to say "Santa must have found it for you" if she seemed suspicious... but she didn't bat an eye.

midge said...

I must 'fess up...I'm the neighbor from down the street...we made a tray of "white trash" (didn't know that was the name and I can only hope you didn't name it after us!) and promptly ate the whole thing.


If only. We didn't mail cards or make delicious goodies this year.

We'll try to think of some way to make it up to Mr. Furious! Maybe we could drop off our real trash?

MommyTime said...

I am awed by the brilliance of *regifting their own presents to your children*. That is hilarious! Glad you had such a nice Christmas.

Danielle said...

oh yes...I'm making some tonight! I had to run to the grocery store for a few ingredients. It looks delish!

Mrs. Furious said...

did you look outside your side door? I left you some!

and LOL no we didn't name it after you that is what it is officially called. I think I copied yours pretty close you'll have to try it out. There would have been more... but... we ate it!

I actually got off the treadmill in the middle of my workout and ate some of Mr F's stash... damn that stuff.... it is fucking irresistible!

and thanks for commenting ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

We actually regifted some Kid's old stuff to Baby. I didn't push it and have those as Santa gifts but I did put bows on them.
We have a pretty big stash of toys in the basement storage room from our "midnight playroom raids" . Every once in a while I pull out all the stuff she doesn't play with and see if she every mentions it (never does). If I thought of the regifting earlier I could have saved tons of money!

Mrs. Furious said...

For the love of God don't do it!!!!!!!

emmyjw said...

LOL!!! one time when we were in Chicago to go the museums when Conner was about 6 he had to pee and there were no bathrooms anywhere and it was so cold he couldn't go outside we gave him a cup in the van and he had to go so bad it splattered Rainee, you could here her for miles I'm sure.It was hard not to laugh with her being so mad and Conner looking so utterly relieved and happy.White trash is the best, I don't think I ever had it by that name,but I like it. I can't have it in the house though, too easy to eat it all.Your kids are adorable by the way. I got a LL bean bag for my b day from Nolan's mom, it just has a cursive "E" for Emily though, not quite as cool as yours...

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh God it was sooo funny (to me)..not so much to Mr F who was already a little testy after the extra hour of driving and the background noise (Baby's hysterical crying). He took Baby out of the car to see if she would calm down and kept opening the door while I yelled "turn around... turn around" and "I'm Half Naked!!!" (I don't care if he saw me although I feared a little preformace anxiety... but I was sure that this was all getting filmed on the gas station security cameras). In the end I have to say it went pretty well and I'll keep it in mind as a viable option in the future ;)

Deb said...

I'm totally confused about the cup thing. Why didn't you pee on the ground? That stuff is sterile! But then, I have a fear of peeing in cups ever since I had a hard time hitting the mark during my third trimester. (Yeah? You need more? Well YOU try peeing in a tiny plastic cup when you can't even see your hand once it disappears under your giant belly, lady!)


Robin, I faced similar pressures with my little baby (who is still only in the 3% range at 17 months), but my ped was the one who encouraged me to keep nursing. I'm sorry they made you feel you had to wean. You did what you were told was right, and your babe got a lot of good stuff from you while you nursed. That guilt you're carrying around comes from other people, so give it back and let it go.

Mrs. F, I'm sooooo not trying that white trash stuff. It looks and sounds lethal.

Mrs. Furious said...

well the only place we stopped was this gas station, it turned out to be closed, but there was lots of traffic driving by... no real place to stop on the side of the road (plus with the number of cars flying off the road that might have been a dangerous choice)... and Mr F had just finished a large fountain soda...
I assure you it was much easier than peeing in the little cups when your pregs... surprisingly easy... and yes I then dumped it outside and threw away the cup!

Amy said...

Damn. Where was the video recorder when you were yelling "turn around! turn around" and "I'm half naked!" ???

Now that would be some funny ass Furious shit!

...and white trash is the bomb. My mom makes it...hmmmm...she lives in a trailer so should hers be deemed "trailer park trash"?

(Just to clarify; my parents live in a retirement community...I wouldn't want you to actually think of me as a child of trailer park trash. They are highly respectable peoples.

Mrs. Furious said...

"Where was the video recorder when you were yelling "turn around! turn around" and "I'm half naked!" ???"
Oh believe you me I had it with me.. but I'm not sure Kid could have handled filming and rummaging for TP!

Robin said...

That guilt you're carrying around comes from other people, so give it back and let it go.

Thanks so much, that is good advice.

Chris Howard said...

I've never had this white trash stuff before, but it does sound pretty good even though I'm not a big fan of white chocolate.

The addictive nature of it reminds me of some stuff I had at a party a few years ago. I don't know the name or every ingredient. I just remember it had saltines, butter, sugar and chocolate. So you had these squares of butter-soaked, baked crackers covered with caramel and chocolate basically. Probably 500 calories in each bite, but I was packing those things away like there was no tomorrow.

Mrs. Furious said...

You coat dog treats in chocolate and caramel and I wouldn't be able to stop eating them!

Amy said...

Chris...this may be the recipe. My trailer park mom makes that stuff too.

Mrs. Furious said...



but it should be noted that she would never bring tuna to Christmas! ;)

Amy said...

Haha! Nope! Nevah!

Erin said...

Baby Furious is so so cute! I love her in the box - isn't that so typical? The box and the paper are the best parts of the gift. I am still floored that she walked so early - my daughter is 6 days older, and it is still going to be a while. The White Trash looks deeeeelicious!!

Mrs. Furious said...

oh she is crazy! Kid didn't walk until her b'day. If I just had the one I'd prefer the later walking... with two it is easier to have her off doing her own thing.

For Baby's b'day I think I am just going to wrap up some of Kid's old outgrown toys.

Daniela said...

We make Chex Muddy Buddies which is very much like white trash, only peanutbuttery and chocolatey. I didn't make it this year for the sheer fact that I would hide behind the couch and eat it all.

To Robin: I have a five percenter as well; she's 2 1/2 and weighs 26 pounds. She eats tiny meals all day, not to mention ice cream, buttered anything, and cheese. I keep telling my pediatrician that her sister was just as tiny until she turned three (now she's 7 and wears a girls 7, so she's on target.) She has been on PediaSure 2x a day and still didn't gain more than a half pound. Don't worry. As long as they're eating and peeing and pooping, you're good. Kids come in all different sizes and that chart also takes into account those 96 lb babies that are regularly featured on the Maury Povich show (which I keep reminding my pediatrician about as well.)

Preppy Mama said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! We have one of those ball things and those balls go everywhere!!
By the way, we love "white trash"!!! My sister makes it in massive quantities and it is seriously like crack!! You cannot get enough of it.

Mrs. Furious said...


I hear you... sadly every time I see the picture I think "maybe I could make just one more batch..."

and I'm sure Robin will appreciate your commiseration!

Preppy Mama,
It doesn't help that Kid intentionally kicks them all out anytime she goes in there ;)

"it is seriously like crack!! You cannot get enough of it"
It is so true... and I can't really figure out what it is about that makes it so addictive.

eurydice said...

merry christmas mrs. f! i'm loving those wooden gifts.

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks! We tried a few years ago to switch over to all wood. It was much harder than we thought... other than the ball pit... we didn't buy anything plastic but of course we can't control what we get. It is an expensive hobby though! ;)
Go HERE this is my favorite source. We've been collecting the Osthiemer figures and buildings... BADASS! Plus we don't mind having them in the living room because they are so beautiful. If/when you have children do yourself a favor and just start with the wooden toys.

Splaneyo said...

Just wanted to thank you for our bag of goodies, or should I say the bag of pure evil. I, of course, jumped right into that bag of sin, but Sam didn't find it until later. I warned him - it is evil - but he, of course, didn't listen. So, thank you - I think.

All joking aside, thanks for the bag of goodies, we left the morning after and just got back from Chicago. Hope all is well at your house.


PS I could have sworn I tasted Golden Grahams - did I?

Splaneyo said...

Just re-read the recipe and saw the Golden Grahams at the top. Those things are so good!

Mrs. Furious said...

funny... I was just going to link you to the recipe.

I substituted the PB in the white choc for the oil and I put in 1 C of Golden Grahams and a little less than a cup of everything else.

God that stuff is so good that I've actually been thinking of making it again... but I will NOT... since I seriously can't control myself! I've been enjoying bowl after bowl of leftover Golden Grahams instead :)

LaurenB said...

Hi Mrs. F,

The Buttoned Up team just wanted to send our thanks for mentioning our product- the Life.doc in your Christmas blog post. We hope Mr. F puts his Life.doc to good use and gets organized this New Year! Our blog on our website is relatively new ( and we would love to have you check it out! Our team feels we have organizational products that can really help your readers get organized. If you are interested in these, please email me at, and we can send you some samples.

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

Mrs. Furious said...

Lauren B,
thanks for the comment. I will email you directly. I'd be happy to try your products and will gladly endorse them if they work :)

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